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It’s agreed that he will find a way?

It was agreed that it was credible, but Tao Yi was still leaving. ! Too much! Or your own dad? It’s not reliable at all! Mo Jun walked slowly to Aze with a twinkle in his eyes at night. His…


"Lord, we don’t know."

Jade eyes flashing attitude stronger "guest officer, you don’t want to play in vain? A line has a line of rules. No one can break the rules. Get the gold. " Why do you want to blackmail him when he…


At the top of the mountain, a woman in a black robe turned her back on her cliff.

A drawing board floats quietly in front of a black-robed woman. The black-robed woman looked at Yuan Ye outside the mountain, holding a brush and sketching the lines and shadows. The dark fog hugged her, making people unable to see…


"Exactly, my student. I’m satisfied with your knowledge-now look at this."

The blood demon Lord handed Su Xueer a newspaper. See the newspaper headline impressively write a striking headline. "The Tower Guardian Association sent a message that the thorn bird has called!" Thorn birds call? Su Xueer suddenly came in vain….


At this time, Logan pretended to be quite surprised and said to the navy lieutenant, "Look, it’s our captain … they caught a lot of Germans!"

The lieutenant stared. "That’s the German crew, not those who attacked you earlier!" Logan pretended to look at it and waited until they got closer before saying, "Yeah, those guys aren’t wearing this kind of clothes. They probably ran away…


Ye Ran lost the mouse head and put it on the back of the chair, whining that she had to work overtime after class. She quit.

"Do you want to interview me?" Gu Lengchen eyebrows a pick fundus flashing cunning. "Old fox, believe it or not, I suffocated you with a pillow in the middle of the night." "Ha ha you dare to come to my…


The body fell to the ground and Tang Yi rolled up over there at the same time.

He can’t hesitate to kill two people, which is really a drop in the bucket for so many pursuers. Fortunately, when he ran out less than a kilometer, Tang Yi suddenly stopped. This forest is the two sets of plans…


Specific matters are naturally handled by Xu Kun.

After lunch at Yunwu Villa, Ling Tianwu went to the Su’s group. It’s a pity that Sue elegant is still too busy to pay attention to Ling Tian. Regret Ling Tian and really want to dissolve the sea of clouds…


But in these heavy pickup trucks, he is definitely not an equivalent.

Even the fledgling strength is not something he can compete with. Seeing that the ground was abruptly pushed out of a ditch, Niu Xia’s face jumped straight and his eyes stared at the man in the cab like two bells….



For a moment, several eunuchs and ladies-in-waiting in Kunning Palace quickly gathered around to carefully assist Queen Zhang Shi Shiran and walked towards the palace. Yu Guang saw Queen Zhang and her party leave, and Li Yuanqing took a sip…