At the edge of the forest, a vague figure appeared on the ground, and the whole person was dressed in white clothes, which seemed a little sloppy.

"A proud swordsman, born with a pair of warriors," the old man whispered, and his eyes seemed full of sighs. "The youth road is rugged, but in this rugged, it seems that there is a limited life, life is death,…


"Everybody, hold on. Victory is coming. Keep consuming them. They won’t be bleeding for long!" Du Lingxiao said to his teammates

The imperial secretary of the Big Dipper has no impulse, so he firmly shows his posture and fights with the other side to consume the club. It’s really a dilemma. Everyone is complaining, and Thomas is impatient at this time….


Er Hong’s childish words were once again refuted by two great gods.

"This is a fact. You should face up to it and correct it when you have bad habits." "For example, I have always said that Anne gv was once the first in the rank list. He fucked me and studied…


Generally, trainees know that it is absolutely forbidden to eat in the practice room.

Because the practice room is like a student’s classroom for trainees, it is not allowed to eat in the classroom, which is something that every student knows. But there are exceptions to everything. Trainees can’t eat in the practice room…


And they attack after breaking the ball, but each one is more threatening!

"Oh, this game is not very easy to play!" Sun Yao said to himself, "Chelsea is really Chelsea!" In this game, the players of the Blue Army all showed high tactical accomplishment, and their strong bodies gradually eroded the advantage…


Even when I am in love with a beautiful woman, I never collapse, and I am full of energy and arrogance at once.

It’s like being attacked by a red-haired man just now, and the injury is definitely not light, but now he immediately jumps up and down, and you can’t see the appearance of being injured just now. It’s just that the…


Next is the highlight.

It is a skill for zhaojie to take out the treasure chest first. "Ghost Hand" level B skill consumes 500 magic points. Arranging a ghost hand on the ground can cool down stepping into the enemy’s imprisonment for three seconds…


How can I be afraid of a small problem, Li Yi?

"Well, you say it. I’ll just take it from Li Yi." "How is it a bit like rushing to the execution ground?" "What is this? Tell me quickly!" "Listen, I can say this but it’s very simple. You report to…


RuXiaoNan looked up and licked her mouth.

The show is finally coming. Chapter 413 Sir Zhong, please. A Update the latest chapter of Shao Qing’s pet career in Dali Temple as soon as possible! Qing Moyan took Mr. Gu, Mr. Tang and others to the ancestral temple….