Bunches of similar mushroom clouds appeared on the top of Fengshen, and its sound was louder than the explosion of lightning. Many people’s ears were buzzing with shock.
This scene is really more spectacular, because the missile ended the entire five-story cabin, just like a huge sword cut off the five floors and left it burning like a raging fire.
When the cockpit was uprooted, the ship’s command center was destroyed, the power was cut off, the system was paralyzed, and all the lights went out. The first floor to the fourth floor were dark, and there were only a few players who were frightened and shouted to help panic.
Whole body * * mad dog dragon once again rose to the front deck, and a big black disc gun was ready.
"Hey hey! Try my Dangdang cannon! " The local dog dragon posed as "terminator Wago", shook his wet hair and pulled the trigger mercilessly.
This big gun is different from all the guns and weapons developed in front. There is no momentum at the root of a gun, and the muzzle doesn’t even flash. It is a "rush". As soon as a few wisps of smoke come out, it flies out with a milky warhead.
Mad dog dragon soon knew why the waters took this gun out of such a vulgar name as "Dangdang Gun", because after the warhead was finished, the capsule was enlarged, and as soon as it fell to the ground, the steel plate "Dangdang" bounced and jumped for about 2 seconds.
The front deck exploded, followed by a cylindrical flame, and the whole deck was immediately ignited. In the fire, there were bursts of white light, accompanied by seven players being blown up, not to mention the first three explosions, and the bodies were all over the floor. More than a dozen people squatted over their eyes.
"ouch!" Funny than the dragon, pleasantly surprised. This damn gun made me feel good ——————
He continued to "rush" to finish playing a pinball. "Capsules" jumped around in the crowd, and the scene was even more exaggerated. There was a large piece of blue and green mixed with poison gas on the deck, and many people fell into the poison gas and coughed violently.
Soon, the "scratching" in the poison gas exploded in a few small areas like firecrackers. Every time the poison gas exploded, a sword-shaped white light was stretched out in all directions and several flying swords were released.
After the flying sword was released, several streams of poison gas were released on the surface of the poison gas "click click" to beat the players in the poison gas. In fact, by this time, it is so-called that the average player has long since died, and only a master can hold on.
After the net passes, the poison gas turns into a terrible black smoke, completely covering the front deck. You can’t see clearly what’s going on inside the archer’s eagle eye skill.
There are more than 30 bodies lying directly on a projectile launching ship, not including those who flew into the water.
Mad dog dragon himself is stupid. Is this an enemy?
Brother Hua is mighty! Long live Brother Hua!
Can your warships stop my more advanced bombsight?
In fact, hundreds of players on the ship have long been confused. Because there is no root method in the cockpit to send orders, the commander also hangs up and there is no light. Many people’s first reaction is to land.
This is cheaper. Fish in troubled waters, local dogs, dragons, local dogs and dragons blend into the crowd. This cargo is running around and yelling, "Run, everyone! The boat is sinking into the water!"
In fact, people who have experienced this kind of thing personally are not strangers at all. A person is running for his life. Well, it’s okay. Let’s leave him alone. Two people are running for their lives, and the people behind them will wonder what is so terrible? But when three people are desperately fleeing, the people behind them are shaken …
Charge and rout are sometimes broadcast in the crowd like a plague. Once the climate forms, thousands of people run for their way. You really feel the panic and fright, so you will turn around and run.
Of course, teasing Bilong creates panic by exploding like a cannon flying in the sky, gun bullet flying down, and teasing Bilong straggling all over the ship. A large Fengshen is burning, showing smoke, shining, and poisonous gas bursts … There are explosions everywhere, poisonous gas everywhere, smooth and flat steel plates everywhere, potholes everywhere, and corpses everywhere are like a hell.
After a while in the first floor, the mad dog dragon quietly touched the bottom of the first floor while people were unprepared.
He knew very well that the structural designer of this destroyer would put the ammunition depot, the energy depot and the general core control system of power equipment on this side if it were not ingenious.
The bottom cabin is like a huge production car, but at the moment the bottom cabin is actually lit, which proves that the backup source has been turned on.
Mad dog dragon carefully groped in various equipment and boxes with a gun.
Although the surface is chaotic to death, it is not normal to be quiet. He is very intuitive in this respect-the bottom cabin is likely to be dangerous!
But after the Armageddon, he still has to bite the bullet and touch him inside. He must find the brake pressure control console!
Yes! That’s right!
His purpose is not to kill people. He wants to sink this warship and never give Tiankang technicians a chance to repair it!
This is a room full of iron boxes and shelves. It is very big, but the mad dog dragon stopped walking. He suddenly felt a breeze blowing from the side.
Just at this thought, a giant iron hook suddenly broke away from the crane and slid towards him.
This iron hook can hook up more than ten tons of goods. If the hook is not dead, it must be nailed to the wall. The mad dog dragon decisively rolls to the side to dodge.
As soon as he turned over, a shadow appeared in front of him. He didn’t even see the real face of the man, and the other boots almost reached his nose. The mad dog dragon quickly raised his gun and tried to block the foot first.
But the boot also has a hook, a hook hits the barrel, and the boot picks a gun and then sells it.
It’s not that the strength of this foot is too great, but that the strength of Mad Dog Dragon didn’t hit the butt and the other side came quickly. When the gun was hit by a giant hook sliding next to it, it flew "click" and I didn’t know which corner it was hit.
The shadow of a blow in the hand turned back and turned to the middle and miraculously disappeared.
Mad dog dragon’s face finally sank, and he ran into a difficult situation again, because he was a stalker and a very strong stalker to be continued.
Chapter four hundred and forty Batman wonders
The hook was swinging around the room, but the mad dog dragon didn’t move in the same place, and he didn’t pick up his gun because he knew that the stalker was probably staring at the gun and was going to pick it himself for fear of being tricked.
It happened that when this key was pressed, the sound box shook at the waist, and the mad dog dragon bowed its head and glanced at it, and its heart sank even more because this message was sent by Lan Yaotian.
"A large number of experts from Tiankang Group are coming to support you. Please evacuate in the direction of Jinhuangkou. I am on my way!"
The problem is that he can’t even get out now if he wants to. This stalker will stick to him.
Mad dog dragon is only now white or careless. There must be a master accompanying such a large warship Tiankang Group.
This master not only has extraordinary strength, but also guesses his intention and will definitely stick to the bottom cabin.
There was another strong breeze blowing from behind, and the mad dog dragon didn’t hide this time. He was ready to stand firm and turned around and roared, "Get out–"