"I’ll come, I’ll come first!" The young man should raise his hand and say.

With the support of the old man, a great master in the later period of then, he was afraid of a bird, and he was just playing down a peg or two in front of his disciples.
Haikui stared at the old man and said faintly, "I don’t seem to have provoked you, do I?"
The old man looked at Haikui disdainfully, as if he were an ant who let him crush to death. "Why didn’t you make it?" The grass, trees and flowers here all belong to our Qingfeng Valley. How many leaves have you just knocked off us! "
Haikui snorted heavily and sneered: "Is it the king’s land under the whole world? When did this Chinese land belong to you? What a big breath, I am not afraid of the wind flashing my tongue! "
The old man didn’t expect a guy who looked like a loser to dare to teach him a lesson. He said angrily, "Donglin, break this boy’s dog leg!" " The old man glared at Haikui bitterly and ordered his disciples.
"I see, Master, don’t worry." Young people grind their fists.
He took a step forward, only a few feet away from Haikui.
The other two women stepped back a little to make room for them, while the old man stood by with negative hands and looked coldly.
Hai Kui waved his hand and grasped the bronze mirror in his hand, triggering a cruel smile at his mouth. "Just try this bronze mirror with these people."
The young man named Donglin stepped on the flying sword with a pinch of hands and grabbed it down. All the trees and branches around him shook and fell off, and he sucked them around his body!
He shouted "disease." All the fallen leaves, instantly become a sharp weapon that can hurt people and fly towards Haikui.
Hai Kui controls the reversal of the bronze mirror, with the mirror facing the youth, pressing one hand behind the bronze mirror, and Zhenyuan rushes forward quickly.
The youth looked at Haikui’s action with contempt, his face slightly raised, and his nostrils looked at Haikui. He was arrogant. With the master beside him, this boy couldn’t afford to turn over any lang flowers. All the flying leaves suddenly came in front of Haikui, but a strange scene appeared. In the bronze mirror held by Haikui in one hand, green awns flashed, and all the green leaves were knocked down and fell to the ground.
The young man looked at Master and pool with an ugly face, and felt extremely humiliated. I didn’t expect the attack to be defused by that boy. He gritted his teeth and waved, and the leaves on the leaves around him rustled down again, slowly condensing, and finally condensed into a green python, opening his mouth and spitting green snake letters, staring at Haikui mercilessly.
Haikui looked at the boa constrictor and said with a smile, "You’ll pull out all the leaves later. Qingfeng Valley, I think it’s better to call it Bald Valley in the future."
The old man’s face was as heavy as water, and he said coldly, "Donglin, kill this boy directly. I’m upset."
The young man named Donglin was worried. "Got it, Master."
When I hit a method in my hand, the green python screamed and rushed towards Haikui.
Haikui looked at it coldly, without any action, but still maintained the previous action, conveying the real force into the bronze mirror.
The python came to Haikui, suddenly pulled up high, then condescended and bit Haikui.
Just as I was about to meet Haikui, suddenly, an identical green python emerged from the mirror, and it fell on the waist of the leaf python released by the youth, instantly breaking it in half.
The young man turned green in an instant, stupefied.
The old man snorted, "Donglin, go back to retreat for three days, reflect well, and make no progress!" He no longer let his other two disciples make moves. With a wave of his hand, a hurricane rolled up the young man and he threw him aside.
The old man felt that Haikui had just punched him in the face, which made him lose face. "Boy, I wanted to waste your legs and save your life, but you are so ignorant, so leave your life today!"
Haikui sneered twice, stared at the old man and said, "Why do you all want other people’s lives so badly? Does God know?"
The old man sneered, "Because I’m better than you, I’ll kill you if I say I kill you. What do you want from me?"
Haikui laughed as if he had heard a nice joke, "If you want to kill me, kill me." His laughter was very long, and finally, tears flashed in his eyes, which reminded him of his sadness. "Kill, kill, kill, kill!" You all just want to kill, kill! " He remembered that he had let Tie Ao live because of compassion. Finally, he actually found the fat man to kill his parents, and the hatred in Hai Kui’s heart was aroused!
The old man listened to Haikui’s laughter, which was very harsh. This was a mockery of his red fruit. He couldn’t stand it. He reached down and grabbed something from the tree, and finally gathered in his hands.
Haikui looked at it, and it was a green mist, but it was flashing with lightning. He was surprised and asked, "Is this wooden thunder?"
The old man said in a cold voice, "Boy, you have some knowledge. With your cultivation, you can’t bear the blow of my wooden thunder!" As he spoke, the thunder and lightning in his hand rushed towards Haikui.
Although Haikui was a little surprised just now, it was because he saw lightning in the wood for the first time. Can all the five elements be used? There are also fire thunder and mines?
He still kept the original action, conveying the truth to the Xuantong mirror with one hand.
The wooden thunder came to him in an instant, and it was reflected in the Xuantong mirror that the thunder was getting closer and closer. Finally, the thunder in the mirror collided with the thunder outside the mirror.
There was a loud bang, and the two thunder collided and exploded, forming a ripple shock. Haikui’s clothes were blown noisily, and the surrounding trees were swept and instantly turned into powder. Fiona Fang was ten feet, and all the trees disappeared in a blink of an eye.
The old man looked at this scene in disbelief. "How come, how come you are all right?" He saw the mirror in Haikui’s hand. "Yes, it must be a trick. It must be a good magic weapon!"
Hai Kui said with a smile, "Old man, you have a good eye. Exactly, this is a good magic weapon. How about it? Let your magic power change. As long as I have this magic weapon, you can’t resist me!" He deliberately stimulated the old man and said sarcastically.
The old man greedily looked at the mirror in Haikui’s hand and said, "Ok, ok! In that case, my old man will take this mirror, boy, you will die today! "
Haikui’s mouth still evokes disdain. "It’s this virtue again. There is no one who is not tempted to see a good magic weapon!"
As soon as the old man turned over his right hand, a three-inch umbrella suddenly appeared in a circle. The small umbrella flashed with a little blue lightning, which looked quite beautiful. At the same time, he ordered his disciples to "flash back."
According to Master’s orders, the three men quickly dodged back and stopped after retreating for a hundred yards. The young man said to the two women next to him, "Master, too, is that guy worthy of letting him use this magic weapon?" In his mind, his master is heaven, invincible and invincible!
"Yes, make a mountain out of a molehill, but it’s good to see Master show off." One of the women echoed.
The old man slowly propped up his umbrella and said to Haikui, "There are countless people who have died under my umbrella. Today next year is your anniversary!"
Chapter 190 The dream of spring is non-trace
Haikui sneered: "What a big breath, you have to have the ability to worship me. (Phoenix Dance Literature Network) "
The old man didn’t expect Haikui to be very close to death, and he dared to tease him. He was furious in his heart. Knowing that this boy had a bad mouth, he wouldn’t argue with him. After the umbrella was completely propped up by him, he let out a loud shout, just like a drawn soldier, waiting to attack!
Seeing that Haikui’s face was still unmoved, the old man showed a vicious color on his face. He reached out and patted his umbrella, which turned round and round. The lightning on the umbrella remained the same, and countless blue fogs came towards it and were absorbed by the umbrella.
Haikui looked at it and asked, "What are you absorbing with this broken umbrella?"
The old man’s nose was almost out of breath. "Is this a broken umbrella? Your grandfather and I have an Aoki thunderstorm umbrella, which can absorb the essence of all trees between heaven and earth and turn them into thunderstorms! "
"Are you? Yes, since you want someone else’s magic weapon so much, I’ll let you have a taste of it today. " Haikui wrote lightly.
"Wow, what a big breath. You blew the cowhide." The young man in the distance said loudly to Haikui.