"Your majesty, but you will freeze like this!" Muhuan discovered that one arm of thyme devoted to the heat has been outside, and he was not touched by his heart. The thought that he had wronged him just now made him feel a little embarrassed, especially the thought that he didn’t take the opportunity to ask for himself at this moment. Muhuan’s view on thyme devoted to the heat has changed a lot, and it is true that this big stallion is not really so bad.

"Nothing, you don’t worry about Wang. Go to sleep!" Thyme devoted to Xu said, gently patting Muhuan on the back and humming an unknown tune in his mouth, coaxing her to sleep like a child.
After this ordeal and fright, Mu Huanzhen felt a little sleepy, and her sleepy voice was like magic, and her eyelids seemed to weigh a thousand pounds and soon drooped.
At this time, Muhuan has no defense against thyme devoted to the heat, and his heart gently leans against thyme devoted to the heat. He hummed a tune and fell asleep in the past.
Li Mo Xu patted the person in her arms gently until she felt that her breathing was gradually stable and long. She looked down at Muhuan and looked at her long feathered cilia face, projecting a perfect arc, small and delicate nose, and enticing people like flowers. Her red lips smelled her unique jasmine, and she felt that she couldn’t see enough and smell enough. The fire in her body couldn’t go away. It was as hard as iron, and it seemed that her blood was already in that place.
Mother, you’ve killed your son this time! What if the next child doesn’t lift it because of this? You like this girl so much that you’re not afraid you’ll never give her sex again? Li Mo Xu stared deeply at the sleeping Muhuan, trying to suppress her thoughts.
For the first time in his life, he has such a strong desire for a woman, but it happened that the beauty can’t be touched, touched or eaten. Even if she undressed, she wouldn’t have any reaction in front of herself, but this girl repeatedly let herself break the work. Is she the bane of her life? Or is it a gift from heaven?
A hundred miles around Muhuan’s arms tightened and her eyes were softer, girl, you know? Even if you are a god-given poison, I will be happy!
Snow falls. Even though the boughs and leaves are luxuriant, there has been a lot of snow on the body, but his arms Muhuan didn’t touch the snow at all. Guess the house charm fragrance has been dissipated by air conditioning for almost a hundred miles. The figure moves and wraps Muhuan back to the house, and the door and window close together with a wave of his hand.
Thyme devoted to Xu tossed her head, shook off the snow, and really dried her hair. She just hugged Muhuan and just wanted to put this girl down. I didn’t expect her hand to take the initiative to ring his waist and gently rub his chest like a kitten. Thyme devoted to Xu’s lip corner bent and hugged her gently against her forehead and closed her eyes.
The next morning, when Muhuan woke up from a deep sleep, she saw a beautiful face and felt that she was lying in the man’s arms. Recalling what happened last night, Muhuan’s face turned red. She looked at him with a guilty conscience and looked at him with amazing facial features. I couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.
God, is it interesting that you make a man look so beautiful? Aren’t men supposed to have a sense of vicissitudes and years? But at present, the ten-year-old Fang looks really handsome in a 36-degree dead angle. 36-degree dead angle is simply a fascinating Uber! If I were a rotten woman, I’m afraid I couldn’t help eating him dry and wiping him clean!
How can this tall nose look so good? It’s even better than those artificial Korean actor noses in the video! Muhuan thinking about thinking about it can’t help but reach out and touch it
The closed phoenix eye opened for a hundred miles, and the dark eyes were like a pool of autumn water, which made people lose themselves in an instant. His voice was slightly dumb and full of magnetism. "Good morning, Princess!"
"Your majesty, are you awake?" Muhuan face a red shan shan will hand back.
A hundred miles away, she grabbed her little handprint, and there was a faint ambiguity in her lips. "Does the princess feel so uncomfortable in Wang Neng?" The girl woke up the moment she opened her eyes, but she deliberately closed her eyes to see what she would do. Unexpectedly, Muhuan stared at herself for a while and couldn’t help but reach out and touch herself, which made thyme feel good. It seems that her heart is not without herself.
"Where can I touch? !” MuHuan empty heart to hand back also shrank back only to be thyme devoted to warm waist a embrace will she once again into his arms Chapter one hundred and forty-six In a dilemma!
"But the king likes to be touched by you …" Thyme devoted to the hot words is dim and obscure to the extreme, and his voice is hoarse to the extreme. Before Muhuan can react, his legs will clamp Muhuan’s body and hold his hands tightly, and turn Muhuan’s hand over and press him down. The hot and huge high spirits will once again reach her abdomen with an earth-shattering hot kiss and then kiss him.
Muhuan felt dizzy from his kiss and wanted to struggle, but she tried her best. In this overbearing kiss, Muhuan soon became soft and collapsed until the hundred miles devoted to the heat kissed her chest again. The limp and numb feeling made her unable to help but sing softly. She was scared by her own voice and got a tingle.
Did you just play the wave by yourself? Mu Huan felt his face was so hot that he couldn’t wait to find a place to disappear. Why did he become a woman?
But before she fully woke up, Bai Li Mo Xu kissed the other side of the tongue, and as soon as she licked Muhuan, she trembled all over. Somewhere, a kind of acidity spread rapidly, and Bai Li Mo Xu sucked her mouth again, making her face red, but it made Bai Li Mo Xu more excited.
Hundred miles devoted to the heat raised his head to look good, and Feng’s eyes were full of feelings. He wanted him to put Muhuan’s hand straight up and lean his waist to kiss Muhuan’s earlobe, and the hot air was blown into Muhuan’s ear, which made her tremble again and shrink her ears, and then her neck turned red.
A hundred miles of hot body pressed Mu Huan tightly against her ear and whispered, "Can I have it, girl?"
But coincidentally, this whistle will completely awaken Muhuan. Oh, my God, what does elder sister do? Is this to keep pace with big stallion and rolled sheets? How can this be? How can I be so casual? Knowing that his lover is Leng Yuxin, knowing that he is half-thinking at this time, he wants to make such a low-level mistake foolishly? !
"Report, we can’t …" Wake up MuHuan immediately stretched out his hand to push thyme devoted to the heat, but her strength was not strong enough to make thyme devoted to the heat ready to stand there.
"What?" A hundred miles of strangers looked up at Muhuan’s eyes and saw a flash of injury. For the first time in my life, I moved my heart. For the first time, I took the initiative to become one with someone and was rejected by love. Is this a blow?
"Report forget? We are husband and wife in name. "Muhuan swallowed, and it suddenly became a little dry at this moment, which is a very legitimate reason. Why is it so difficult to say it?
"Is the name of husband and wife? !” A hundred miles away, I really want to wake this girl up with a chestnut. Where did you see that we are a nominal couple? Or have you ever heard Wang say such a thing? Do you have to tell the king that you are in his heart and he wants you?
"Your Majesty loves me, but I’m suffering to provoke me?" MuHuan feel the in the mind is a mess at this time, no matter in the mind such as trying to deny that she has to admit that she is really tempted by thyme devoted to the heat, but this man is definitely not his own good match! Not to mention that a lot of women in the government just said that Leng Yuxin was enough to give them a headache, and this man was destined to be the center of vitality struggle and wanted to escape from such a life. Now that he has decided to go and struggle with each other? I really can’t have sex, otherwise I’m afraid it’s hard to let go!
"You …" A handsome face in the heart of Baili Mo Xu immediately turned cold. "The king is your husband. This is just what you should do when you get married. How can a princess be called a provocation?"
"Your Majesty, I …" Looking at the injury in Bai Li Mo Xu’s eyes, Mu Huan felt a little uncomfortable, but he really couldn’t say that he was one of his many women. He was cruel and said what he really said. "Your Majesty never understood that if I can’t give me anything, I want to live. We are suitable for being a nominal couple!"
"Princess abandon the king? Unwilling to sleep? " A hundred miles away, I gnash my teeth and hold back a lot of words, but I can’t explain why I don’t look like myself as soon as I meet this girl. Want to be good to her, want to close the distance with her, but he was rejected so thoroughly. For the first time, he felt a deep sense of frustration in his heart, and he lay down to the side next to him with his back to Muhuan and didn’t want to see her again.
"I didn’t abandon you, my Lord. I really don’t think we are suitable. I’m too stupid and too straightforward to please people and I don’t know how to deal with many things like a bunch of women in the palace. I have thought about being quiet and I don’t want to argue with others. You are too good, so I just look up to you." Looking at Bai Li’s back, Mu Huan mumbled to explain that she didn’t know that she wanted to explain and knew that she didn’t want him to misunderstand or see him sad
"Don’t talk about Wang Du Bai anymore." Baili Mo Xu didn’t turn around, but the sound has been restored to the cold and the whole body exudes a cold that refuses people. "It’s getting late, Princess. It’s time to get up."
"Your Majesty, I’m sorry!" Mu Huan felt very painful. Did it hurt Bai Li Mo Xu to say this, and did it hurt herself?
"Are you worried? Still afraid of me? " This "I’m sorry" made Bai Li Mo Xu turn around again. This time he didn’t call himself "Wang"
"I didn’t think about it myself!" Muhuan shook his head and didn’t dare to look at his eyes. This man really likes it. Although he doesn’t seem to be good to himself, he can’t help but fall into the trap bit by bit. But do you really want to succumb to fate and share a husband with so many women? I am not reconciled! Who knows if he is on a whim or really has a little interest in himself?
Even if he really has a little interest in himself, what about it? I want to love completely, not to share something with others. Although it is "wonderful" for people in the royal family to have such an idea at this time, it is my only insistence on love.
I was confused when I met a hundred miles away, knowing that he was not suitable for me, but I still got into such a dilemma step by step.
It hurts to push his own heart, accept his own heart, and refuse to be like himself. Muhuan reality at this time is also afflicted with arms unknowingly ring his shoulder a few drops of bead tears so slide.
"What are you crying for, silly girl?" A hundred miles away from the heat, he struggled with a pain in his heart. How could he not understand? Since eavesdropping on Muhuan’s conversation with Mu Nian, he can guess Muhuan’s attitude towards himself. This girl really means that she is afraid to look at her heart. Looking at her, she will go back two steps at every step. The mood is also very complicated. There are things that he can’t force or dare to force.
"Silly girl, don’t cry." Bailimo Xu took Mu Huan’s face and reached out to wipe her tears. "You are not ready. I can wait for you when we still have time!"
"Your Majesty!" Mu Huan cried even harder. You fool said don’t bother me. Are you coming? You love Leng Yuxin so much and you want to be nice to me secretly? What am I in your heart? !