On the different from Li Dalong, if Li Dalong is bound to express indignation and dissatisfaction when he hears this, he will do something. However, on the special respect for his mother, he will never do anything that her mother doesn’t want.

When a mother’s heart is in her father’s heart, she will only show a sweet smile. Looking at her face, you can imagine how persistent her mother is about her father and how unforgettable her memories of the past are.
He can’t bear to destroy his mother’s mood, because he has sacrificed too much and paid too much in his life.
Later, my mother was getting older and looked much older than her actual age, and my mother gradually gave up the sanctions against Tianlong troops
Because she is too lonely and lonely, and the past is too sweet and painful, so sweet that she always thinks of her heartache that she doesn’t want to touch it, so her recollection and nostalgia are getting deeper and deeper. These things are the most likely to make a woman old and weak, even if she is full of color, she will turn white hair overnight.
On more than two years ago, a picture of sunset appeared in front of my eyes. A simple bungalow was covered with clothes and clotheslines. A white-haired woman kept coughing all day. She often sat in the courtyard and looked at the north direction of the sky star. Sometimes she bowed her head and gently stroked her lover’s bracelet. Even in the most difficult and embarrassing time, she was not willing to sell it …
How sad the years are, how painful the life is, how infatuated the woman is, but how deplorable and respectful it is.
A mother finally collapsed on the bed at dusk, looking at the underage mother’s heartache. "I still didn’t wait for the day when you brought my daughter-in-law to me. I know I can’t wait. Actually, I’m sorry that you walked alone in the future …"
Jiang Hua was in tears and suffering. His childhood has already trained his strong mind and cast the meticulous side of his character. He knows that his mother is suffering from living like this. A woman has been tortured by endless thoughts all her life. Perhaps this is the best way to get rid of it.
On her knees, she sincerely prayed to her mother that if there is a true god, she must give her the happiest life in the afterlife
"No matter what happens, you have to work hard to live and live hard in the future. You must let others know that I have a distinguished person in Jiangyan Yanyun. After I die, I will bring my ashes back to Tianxing and scatter them in the glorious city wind. One day I will be reunited with your father …"
On finally successfully completed the mother’s wishes, flew to Beauty and asked people to go to Tianxing to scatter ashes into the air.
After that, he had a long and difficult wandering life. His mother warned Xian Jianghua before his death that he should never cheat, steal or rob and walk away.
So he was born and struggled. His starting point was much higher than that of Dalong and Xiaowu. He was not worried about his livelihood.
As he was still a child, he couldn’t find a job like an adult. By chance, he came into contact with the bounty forum, so he was one step ahead of Li Dalong and others in the bounty hunter road.
He is good at hacking and constantly improving his equipment. Slowly, he has his own super-smart, a lot of advanced accessories and various tools, and a perfect spaceship modified by himself.
However, things are not as smooth as he imagined. At Watchstar, he can see his mother doing exquisite exercises in her brain. Those reactions and exercises are powerful, but he can’t do this far, because her mother really left a little early. If she can live for another five or six years, the waters will be able to shine on you and be better than the blue.
As he received the order, it became more and more dangerous. In fact, he himself realized that he needed someone with strong military value to make up for the lack of technology, otherwise he would fail.
If this level of reward fails, not only will the reward be lost, but even the life may be lost.
Is the thought of the sentence "let others know that I have a distinguished career in the misty clouds of the river" on the decision to take risks.
Young people who are eager for success will always stumble. Once, his whereabouts are unfortunately exposed, and his enemies are desperate to chase him too deep.
Unfortunately, the spacecraft was hit by an attack ray and crashed on the outskirts of Luoning Town, Camellia Star.
It’s a natural arrangement, and it seems as if his mother sheltered him. Fortunately, he didn’t die, because he met Li Dalong and Xiaowu, two people who were doomed not to watch him die. It was destiny takes a hand to meet him, and his original suffering and fate were doomed to change …
When I recall here, my bald head has cleaned the outside of the house, and many living materials have been moved from the spaceship parked in the backyard, and dinner has been prepared and placed in the yard.
When he walked back to the hospital, he found that the night had come and the stars were shining all over the sky. By the way, he played music and songs in the night and echoed in his heart.
Flying and holding back the injury;
Escaped from the hunter’s gun;
I can’t feel my feet;
My mood is cold and snowy;
Dear mother, beloved friend;
I will be firm and live well;
Even with eternal wounds;
I still have freedom;
Fly, fly in the sky;
Blow the wind;
I will not be afraid and I must be weak;
I’ll walk the wandering road myself;
Wave your wings and never look back …
….. To be continued.
Chapter three hundred and sixty Put in the new district
The Mad Dog Dragon Line appeared in the headquarters building of the Eastern Dynasty, but today it was deserted in front of the headquarters. Because the main brain system has issued an announcement, the Loulan Empire, a new block, was released today, and almost everyone went to the new district.
Don’t mention the bosses. Gladiolus sunny days, these main forces have long passed, and even Tintin fish and a few dung sticks have gone to the new district to toss.
On the love of sin Han Yingxue personally named the general and followed the large forces of the Eastern Dynasty to move over.
It is said that the Oriental Dynasty in the new area is the first income guild, and the current guild ranks 79 th and rises to 65 th, which has a faint trend of catching up with the myth of sanctuary.
This time, Mad Dog Dragon won a great victory. At present, he is still in a state of silence among ordinary players, but in the eyes of many great people, he has carefully examined this figure who is less than level 3.
Back in the Science and Technology Center, Mad Dog Dragon’s major weapons systems are replenished with energy and ammunition. At present, he has been upgraded to level 2.
Life 79 points +51 points +17 points =119 points;
Strength 7 points +5 points +57 points *4+2 points =122 points;
Constitution 767 points +49 points +11 points =926 points;
Spirit 756 points +5 points +15 points =21 points;
Science and technology intensity (62 points +42 points +662*5)*11=765 points;
Moving speed 53 points +2 points +(55 points *35)=753 points (continuous running for 14 points);
Attack power (122*15)+ weapon =13 points (night shadow 23 points, Blackhall 2 points, Qinglong 21 points)
Physical defense (926*13)+215 points =1419 points.
15 o’clock in spell resistance; Toxin resistance is 6 points, energy resistance is 2 points, and science and technology defense is 4 points;