"Get out! You just want to take advantage of me!"

"Don’t take advantage of is the king’s egg! Why is it so strange that I take advantage of you? As the saying goes, when you go out, you will pick up gold! "
"I have never heard of this sentence!"
"I just found out that if you have heard of it, there will be ghosts!" Leaf tilt said with a smile
"Well, you should go back soon. Don’t pester me. I won’t let you kiss!"
"If you don’t let me kiss you, I won’t go back. I’ll stay here. As the saying goes, I’d rather be starved to death, timid and brave!"
"You don’t play to depend on! Ye Qing, you know I’m not just anyone. Can you give me some time? " Su Yanbing is very anxious tunnel
"I left me because I gave it to you. Now I don’t give it to you. I want you to adapt to the identity of a girlfriend." Ye Qing is very firm and tunnel. He has made up his mind to kiss Su Yanbing’s delicate and charming lips this time. He has been coveted for a long time. I don’t know what it will be like to kiss!
"Then can I kiss your face?" Su Yanbing took a step back.
"Then kiss my face!"
"No, I want to kiss your lips. That’s what lovers should do! I admit I’m a little ashamed, but I’m ashamed, don’t you think? Ha ha ha ….. "Leaf satisfiedly laughed.
Chapter 337 The finals are coming.
Su Yan Bing blushed and took two steps back. She really didn’t expect Ye Qing to make such a request. You know, Ye Qing is quite respectful to her. If she doesn’t want to, Ye Qing will never force her. But now Ye Qing seems to be unwilling to give up until she gets what she wants. She hates this feeling. She hopes that everything will happen in the most natural state.
"Ye Qing, are you really such a person? Were you all in disguise before? " Su Yan bingyin trembling tunnel
Ye Qing laughed. "I’m joking. I don’t know what. I just want to tease you. But although it’s a joke, you still reject me. It seems that it is still difficult for you to accept me completely. It may take a long time. You should still not be tempted by me, right?"
Su Yanbing nodded with some guilt. "I really haven’t been tempted by you yet, but I’m willing to try to be with you. This time it’s different. This time I’m serious. I believe I can really accept you before long."
"Well, I believe I’ll go first!" Ye Qing did not hesitate to turn and slide the door and left. Su Yanbing looked at the door with great determination. She sat down and drank a glass of water, but she couldn’t help laughing at herself. She felt that what happened tonight was absurd and incredible, just like having an absurd dream.
Ye Qing would come to her again, but she relented and agreed to get back together with him. Besides, he still has a girlfriend, and it’s not that he can’t get married. Those who came for coffee once surprised her. Many rich single men showed crazy pursuit for her, but she didn’t promise to get involved in other people’s feelings this time. Although she felt that she was not a third party, she always felt a sense of guilt.
"Do I really want to go with him like this?" Su Yanbing kept asking herself, but there was no answer to this question and she didn’t want to answer it.
Su Yanbing got up and went to the bed to lie down, and then closed her eyes. She felt that she might be too impulsive tonight. She thought that Ye Qing might get involved again, so she was a little overwhelmed and rushed out to call Ye Qing back. At this time, she calmed down. She couldn’t help but feel that there was something wrong with this matter. Su Yanbing has always been above the top and won’t really look at the average man. This time, it really surprised her that she would make such a sacrifice. The most ridiculous thing is that she once took the initiative to ask Ye Qing to ask for it again. If former Su Yanbing had done this, she would never have lowered her
Ye Qing went back to his room and thought that Su Yanbing had promised to reunite with him, and his heart was excited. His goddess finally returned to him, but he was still very upset when he thought of Da Mi. How should the two girls live in peace? Do you really have to rely on your own charm as Dong Laoer said?
Ye Qing felt that her charm was not enough, which made the two girls be dead set on themselves. After all, she didn’t have a prominent family, money, house or car. Now her career is tepid and didn’t show much improvement. If she hadn’t been in contact with him for a long time, the girls probably wouldn’t have looked at him.
Big honey room Dong Laoer is sitting on the sofa with his legs crossed, and big honey is sitting on the edge of the bed. The two of them have been talking about the reorganization of the team to dig 7kg. The thing is that the two of them discuss the focus. They all agree that it is very difficult to dig 7kg. It takes at least four first-class machine gunners to attract 7kg to join, and then the salary is generous.
Dong Laoer said that he paid an annual salary of 200,000 yuan to invite 7kg, but Da Mi recognized 200,000 yuan, which is still a little too little for a player like 7kg. Anyway, if he raised his price, he might as well raise it a little higher and let his team use money to keep 7kg.
If you can’t pay a higher price than Club I, you can’t keep 7kg, but once Club I bids for 30,000 annual salary, it is estimated that it won’t keep 7kg and spend a lot of money. After all, there are no other sports events in F competition to make money, and there are not so many teams whose income is not high. Many professional players can barely keep the team running, and they can hardly make money, and the team can make very little money.
In fact, the bid of club I of 20,000 is already very high, and few teams are willing to pay 20,000 yuan for a professional player. Because F professional players can create 20,000 yuan in a short time, there are few ig teams. It is a trivial matter for local teams to spend hundreds of thousands to dig corners, but they failed to dig 7kg.
On the one hand, 7kg went to the Qingcheng Competition because the conditions offered by Qingcheng were relatively good, on the other hand, it was close to home, which was a very important reason. The former 7kg joined the Sichuan Long Xing Sky Team because he just started out, and he was confused about the future, had no fame, and needed to prove that he needed salary urgently, so he had to leave his hometown. Now that he has made a name for himself, he will of course choose to stay close to home.
The only thing that can make people leave their homes is money! Businessmen have been chasing Wenzhou real estate speculators around for profit, and they have even moved abroad, and Xinjiang cake-cutting parties are all over the provinces and cities. In the final analysis, they are all trying to make money!
Dong Laoer believes that if the price is attractive enough, then 7kg will definitely leave his hometown to join their team. He is willing to bid 250,000 at most because he thinks the price is already very high and very attractive. It is simply unimaginable that playing F can get an annual salary of 250,000. You know, many small and senior managers in companies can’t get such a high annual salary now, and they are professional players playing games.
Dami advocates adding 50,000 yuan to raise the annual salary of 7kg to 30,000, and the five yuan will be paid by her. If 7kg can be dug up, the strength of the I club will rise to a very high level and the team will get a high rate of return. The team can get a lot of advertising sponsorship and other endorsement activities, and various sources of funds will benefit the team a lot.
After the two discussed it, they decided to go back to Chengdu and ask Dong Laoer to offer a high price of 7kg to attract 7kg to join. Then Dami went to lobby eevn and others to see if they could be poached.
Ye Qing got up very early the next morning. He woke people up in turn and then took everyone to dinner. Everyone set out together to watch Jiang Yuhan’s game.
In fact, the tickets for the finals have already been sold out. Fortunately, Ye Qing, they are accessible to the participating teams, and their positions are still available to sit in the front row to watch the game. At this time, the contestants of the whole city have all arrived, 7kg, which is particularly conspicuous. Because of his large size, the target will be seen at a glance.
Now 7kg has a large number of fans in the F world, many of whom are his fans, and these guys have never heard of Jiang Yuhan, the sniper god, because Jiang Yuhan retired when they came into contact with F. In their eyes, 7kg is the best sniper. They all firmly believe that 7kg will win, which is the so-called brain powder.
Ye Qing saw more than 7kg, and his eyes felt that Xiao Pang was very energetic. Looking at his appearance, he couldn’t see how powerful he really was. However, after Jiang Yuhan retired, China has unanimously recognized him as a new generation of sniper gods, so his strength is of course quite strong
It wasn’t long before the S team came, and Jiang Yuhan walked in front. Although he didn’t say anything, the audience at the scene became restless. The old fer people all knew Jiang Yuhan’s brilliant deeds. Most people who saw Jiang Yuhan’s game would become his fans after the game.
Many people in the audience shouted Jiang Yuhan’s name, and some people put up slogans that read "The world’s snipers will win!"
7kg fans were unhappy when they saw this slogan. Someone immediately ran out and got a slogan that read "7kg is really a sniper! We will always support you! "
Due to the polarization of the audience, this game is also regarded as a competition between the two top snipers. Once the winner is decided, the title of the sniper is estimated to belong to the winner, Jiang Yuhan. The pressure is still great because he can’t afford to lose, he will fall to the altar, and 7kg can’t afford to lose, because he has been blocked as a new generation of snipers. If he can’t beat Jiang Yuhan, then his title of sniper is a bit of a misnomer.
After the two teams were all here, the host was active and there were some performances. After the cut, the team members of both teams were solemnly introduced and the championship trophy was placed in the two teams’ points.
Seeing the glittering championship trophy, Ye Qing’s eyes are glowing with green light. He really wants to get the trophy, but his team has lost its qualification. I don’t know when it will reach the finals. Jiang Yuhan doesn’t care much about the champion of this competition. After all, he has won several weighty champions, and he cares more about his opponent.