Fortunately, their reasons for rewelding are still unknown, except that they don’t know why they were born in people, and they also forget that Master Fentuo is using Buddhism to reincarnate themselves and help them grow their skills. However, I still vaguely remember what happened in my previous life, but I am determined to get rid of the shackles of life and death and accumulate good deeds, and this time my mind is even more determined.

Therefore, since they can speak and act, they have been obsessed with Taoism. Usually, they read more Taoist books and Buddhist scriptures and try their best to help others. Although they were born in a rich family, they were rich and luxuriant, but they didn’t take it to heart at all. They didn’t pamper themselves, and they didn’t have shallow dandies. Instead, they were deep and quiet, and they were obsessed with learning and seeking Taoism, so they were very popular with their parents and elders.
He married a wife at the age of seventeen, and then gave birth to a child. He also went to school, took an examination of juren, and became a small official. When his parents died in his thirties, he gave up his splendor. With a lot of family wealth, his children have grown up, so he left home with his wives and concubines, and went everywhere to visit eminent monks as teachers. He never met a famous teacher for more than ten years. Later, he even asked his wives to go home and visit the Taoist temple alone.
The pain he suffered in the middle, the dangers of traveling in the wild, snakes, beasts, ghosts and thieves, is another kind of taste. Compared with the taste of being down and out in the last robbery, it is naturally different. Moreover, as time goes on, his health declines, but it is naturally more difficult to resist it. But he never loses heart, and sure enough, he pays off. At the age of 50, he finally met a practitioner.
However, the practitioner thinks that his body has declined and his body is broken, so it is very difficult for him to practice. However, he can take external skills first, increase his fortune, and then preach the Dharma and be reborn and rebuilt.
Therefore, he made a great ambition to do a hundred thousand good deeds, and it took him nearly ten years to complete it. When he went to the mountain to look for the master, he realized that the master had turned to robbery, leaving only an invitation card and a Taoist book. Fortunately, he was also a talented person. He practiced according to the knowledge taught in the book, worked hard and made progress for 30 years, and finally made Dan.
Unexpectedly, when I went out to collect herbs, I saw a ten thousand-year-old Ganoderma lucidum. For a time, monsters, good and evil factions fought for it, so I struggled for seven days and nights, preparing for the pain of fire, water, wind and thunder, cracking bones and burning muscles. In the end, I was still shallow and high, and I was burned to death by the magic fire. The pain of being refined by people made the two sisters feel uncomfortable from the Yuan God.
It was Song Changgeng who watched, and some ripples appeared in his calm heart. The two sisters were really good, and they were trapped. When they were extremely unbearable in refining, they actually showed their light and realized their own turn. Memory was restored, and their mind was certain. If they lost their pain, they immediately returned to their original appearance, eliminated this robbery, and reappeared on the wheel.
Fentuo couldn’t help but praise him at first sight. You should know that you can understand your nature in two robberies and remove the influence of spells. That’s a high qualification. The two sisters can do it, which shows that they are all extraordinary. Ben should have experienced three robberies when he came here. Three robberies should be understood. The two sisters turned out to be two robberies, and the spell should be completed.
But now the situation is very special. Not only does the Yuan God of the two sisters seem to be unable to get rid of it, but the Falun actually continues to turn, and the degree and strength are stronger. Findo will know that the evil spirits of heaven and earth are doing something wrong at first glance. The qualifications of the two sisters are too good, so it is natural to lead to a greater test. Now the operation of spells is beyond the control of Findo master.
This spell was first cast by Fentuo after learning it, so she was inexperienced. After this happened, she had no choice but to move forward along the force, although she knew that this third time must be more important than the previous two, and the pain and magic difficulties she suffered would be heavier then, but she got more abundant, even richer than Fentuo had foreseen. After all, no pains, no gains.

The fifty-sixth volume The world of mortals industry fire Chapter five hundred and fifty-three The last bullet
It’s a chapter more for yesterday’s work, so today I make up four chapters, chapters, and besides, it’s late, and the monthly ticket is still zero. It’s really pitiful. Brothers and sisters put on a facade for a ticket. It’s ugly. Brothers knocked. ]
When it was the last time, the Qin sisters knew their true colors, so they were descendants of tian hu. Fortunately, they met Song Changgeng and got married. After two choices, they finally decided to get married with their husbands. Because of their lack of skill, they all vaguely remembered what happened with the help of Master Fentuo. Although it was not very clear, the effect of magic remained unchanged, but they all basically remembered it.
However, setting up an altar for the master, replacing the past, present and future three generations with a small wheel, so that all kinds of suffering evils can be spent in the illusion, and the three generations should be cultivated with great aspirations, practiced in the future, reversed their fate, moved to the previous situation, and forgotten. This is the role of magic. If they all remember this, it will be the same as Song Changgeng.
Belonging to a bystander, the role of magic is basically gone, so under the joint action of magic and the evil spirits of heaven and earth, I can’t remember the last paragraph. What I remember is that Master Jue used Buddhism to make him reincarnate, complete his good deeds, and then join his husband’s family, as if he had met a master himself. It seems that he has turned the scene of a lifetime, and when he remembered it, he appeared a trance.
However, just remembering this half-reason made their sisters’ heart to the Tao particularly firm and sincere. Soon after they went to the fields all their lives, they lost their parents and were raised as disciples by a well-trained monk. Since childhood, they have been in an empty door and are easy to cultivate, so they got rid of their thoughts of dust, and they were very hard-working and pious. Unfortunately, things are unpredictable. When they were only ten years old, the monk died.
As a result, the young children were naturally unconvinced. Within half a year, the temple’s industry was seized by foreign evil monks, and their sister-incarnated male novice monk was beaten to death, and then he was driven out of the door. Then he tasted the warmth and coldness of human feelings again. Everyone he met was afraid of the evil monk, so he said that he would raise some food and even get less than a drop of water.
Although they were prepared for poison, hungry and tortured by others, they did not lose heart from now on, let alone blame others. Instead, they regarded themselves as deserving of sin, vowed to repent everything, made a hundred thousand good deeds again, and determined to worship the world’s famous mountains and holy places, seek the right path, and must get rid of human suffering, life and death, and return to their true colors.
Being alive is an idea. When you have a firm goal in your heart, you will have a strong life potential. So when they are dying, they are still brimming with hunger, thirst and trauma, crawling around, and finally escaping from that county and going to another county, out of the sphere of influence of evil monks, and recovering their physical strength after receiving food relief.
Moreover, because no one knows them here, the good people help them to find doctors to treat them. Plus, they also know medical skills themselves, and some people help them buy medicine, so they have to save their lives. But he is sincere to the Tao, and he will be injured after he can walk a little. As a result, he travels around the world in rags and barefoot, and saves people everywhere by passing on his medical skills.
Because of his strict discipline, when raising funds, he always takes a cup of water and a meal as a measure, and he doesn’t want any more. His own clothes and things have to be made by himself, and he doesn’t fake others’ hands. When he travels around to cure diseases, he goes wherever he goes, and he will never receive any money from the patients, and he will not be treated by banquets other than water and meals.
In this way, he successively finished worshipping the famous temples in various places. Later, in order to accumulate merit. It is also to traverse the famine areas around the country. Help those poor people to treat diseases. And once or is the plague of ghost land. Or the land beyond the Great Wall where water and sand are scarce. Even more. Thirty or forty years in a row. I don’t know how much suffering there has been.
Everything in the world is fire and water, swords and soldiers, and thieves. As well as the plague of wind and sand, leopard, wolf, snake and tiger. I’ve had enough of everything. Go on a hunger strike. It’s just a few days. Often hungry and thirsty. Exhausted to death.
But supported by faith. No matter how hard it is, he still strives to forge ahead. Insist on fulfilling one’s vows. Everything is hard to endure. Risk my life for hundreds of times. As for the mountains and rivers. The harm of ghost in human heart. That’s even more trivial. Not to mention. Like this asceticism to the old. Although a hundred thousand good deeds have been accumulated. The immortal Buddha I yearned for never met.
And a few times for the rest of my life. After a thousand disasters. I’m all hands and feet, mostly disabled. Add the wind, cold, heat and humidity that have been suffered for years. All hidden diseases. Come and work together. Is to walk on crutches and knees. I can’t. Fortunately, there are a few orphan disciples around to serve and barely survive. But they have no regrets. The belief in my heart can still be erased.
Because he has always insisted on running the world. Not supported by others’ mules, horses, boats and everything. Live in a cave to hone one’s will. Is that he is physically disabled. It is difficult to travel far. Just let his disciples log with him. It took half a year to make a four-wheeled scooter. Let the disciples push him out to treat people. Usually, if you feel something, you will close your hole and practice or study medical skills.
Disciples are loyal but so hard.
Is also difficult to get, and he himself under the observation of Song Chang Gung seems to have been trapped in evil influence, or forced persistence, in order to realize the idea of childhood, or the idea vaguely understood in his heart, he was willing to suffer all kinds of hardships, as if he could not cultivate without suffering.
For example, because he was physically disabled after he was 40 years old, he saw that his accumulated good deeds were too little, and his heart was begging for an early completion of his good deeds. It turned out to be the rice and water of Dont Ask For Help’s family. Every time he was treated by a man, he just melted a pinch of cereal and wheat, and then he simply cooked it and ate it. It was really poor to outsiders, but it was simply paranoia or self-abuse to Song Changgeng.
But that’s the way it is. The more you dig and search, the less you get, and the more generous you are, the more you get. Ordinary people who dig and search for a lifetime are just full of food and clothing, while some people spend a lot of money and make friends. Although there are times when they are poor, there are times when they are rich, so is the practice. Although such penance is commendable, it is not the right way.
As far as Song Changgeng knows about the history of Buddhism, in Tianzhu, the birthplace of Buddhism, monks there can get married. After all, human beings exist to reproduce life, which is the greatest duty of living. But when they arrived in Middle-earth, Buddhism was greatly changed. The Middle-earth people took it out of context, not only did they not let people get married and have children, but they were not allowed to have intercourse with normal men and women. As a result, many same-sex and other things were born.
Later, it gradually matured after the Song Dynasty, paying attention to voluntary precepts, whether at home, becoming a monk, eating wine and meat, or having wives and concubines. As long as you have a Buddha in your heart and hold the fundamental precepts, it is the same practice. However, asceticism like Qin sisters still exists, but it is not universal. If they are all like them, they will starve to death. After all, one’s time is limited and one’s strength is limited.
How many people can you really treat in a poor day? Therefore, the embodiment of their sisters, sometimes they can’t get a full meal for a day. It is not easy to get enough food for one person, but how can they share it with the mentoring? In addition, his action was difficult, and the place where he lived was remote and sparsely populated. Whenever no one delayed medical treatment, several people lived on grass roots and bark.
However, people’s beliefs are terrible, especially when they look for one thing, which is why the ancients said that’ the three armed forces can win the handsome, but ordinary people can’t win the ambition’. This is the reason. In this way, after several years, I accidentally realized that I just got the door, and my mind gradually became transparent. As a result, the devil came to harass me, instead of tempting me with all kinds of addictions.