Ye Qing and Dong Laoer heard Su Yanbing’s words and couldn’t help but froze Dong Laoer’s first reaction. He quickly excitedly told Ye Qing, "Boss! ! You have finally completed your merits, hahaha … Congratulations, you must invite me to dinner! "

Ye Qing didn’t believe his ears a little, and he wasn’t sure what Su Yanbing meant. Instead of being as excited as Dong Laoer, he calmly asked, "Yan Bing, can you express your meaning more accurately?"
Dong Laoer was scratching his head when he heard what he said. Does it need to be more accurate? Boss, why are you so stubborn? I’m really anxious! Su Yan Bing Qiao face a red raised his fist and punched Ye Qing’s chest in a low tunnel. "Is your understanding ability not good or am I not clear enough? How can people be so straightforward when they are girls after all! "
Ye Qing suddenly burst into raptures and laughed. "You mean you want to be my girlfriend?"
Su Yan pushed him in an icy way, then got up and walked into the kitchen, turning back and saying, "I didn’t say anything. Think about it yourself!" "
Then Su Yanbing’s graceful figure entered the kitchen. Ye Qing suddenly punched Dong Laoer excitedly and said, "Does it hurt?"
Dong second is very hurt to touch his arm. "Of course it hurts! Why did you suddenly hit me? "
"I want to verify that I am not dreaming!" Ye Qing said with a smile, and then he was so excited that he squatted on the floor and did more than a dozen push-ups in a row, and then got up and gasped. "Do you think I should thank that bastard? Su Yanbing wouldn’t accept me if he hadn’t come to make trouble! "
Dong second ha ha a smile "that you still beat that guy into a pig? This is what you call building your happiness on the suffering of others. "
"I can say that he is self-defeating, and I didn’t expect to win Su Yanbing’s heart because of this incident. It’s a pleasant surprise!" Ye Qing sighed.
Dong Laoer was about to speak when he saw Su Yanbing coming out of the kitchen with two cups, so he closed his mouth. Su Yanbing put the cups on the coffee table and poured them a glass of water. "I’ll go wash first, and you two will chat first."
Say that finish Su Yanbing went into the sanitary Ye Qing and Dong Laoer each took a sip of water and put a cup. "I think we can almost go back. I want to go back and have a good aftertaste of Su Yanbing’s sentence, and with you as a light bulb, she and I can’t make any substantial progress!"
"I depend! So I’m in the way, so I’ll leave immediately. Don’t come back tonight. I’ll lock the door! ok?” Dong Laoer quickly got up and prepared to go outside. Ye Qing grabbed him and was very embarrassed. "I don’t know what my heart is beating fast. I feel a little embarrassed to face Su Yanbing. I have to go back for a day and find an excuse to date her and deepen my feelings!"
"Eldest brother, how do I feel like you’ve never been in love? Don’t be nervous or excited. When you get back, I’ll help you plan to ensure that the arrangement is in order." Dong Laoer is very serious and patted him on the shoulder and is very grateful. "Then please! I’m really a little excited and don’t know what to do. It’s like falling in love for the first time, and I’ve never taken a relationship so seriously. "
"I understand!" Dong Lao er nods to say
When Su Yanbing finished washing and came out, they left together. Su Yanbing took a charming look at Ye Qing and said, "I’ll go to see you play the game someday, okay?"
Ye Qing was overjoyed and immediately said, "Of course, we are playing at the OCT Park Plaza Gymnasium, but don’t you shop tomorrow?"
Su Yanbing waved his hand and said, "It’s not that I don’t go to the store, but that I don’t go to the store. There are actually two people who are almost busy. If I don’t go, maybe the business is not so good, but I haven’t seen you play for a long time. I will definitely support you!"
"Well, then you come directly! With your support, I believe I can win! " Leaf tilt very confident tunnel with two people together out of the Su Yan ice house.
When I arrived at the building, Dong Laoer said to Ye Qing, "Don’t look at the goddess. Once you are in love with any man, you are more dead-set than other women and very active. You didn’t ask her out, so she took the initiative to go to see your game. Boss, you are so happy!"
Ye Qing hey hey smile is very show off in an ostentatious manner tunnel "this is called sweet and bitter, and I’m going to give up. I didn’t expect a turn for the better. It’s heaven that everything comes to him who waits! This story tells us that when you encounter difficulties in your pursuit, don’t give up. Maybe the turning point is just a moment! An ancient poem to express it is’ mountains and heavy waters are suspicious, roads and willows are dark flowers and another village’ "
Dong Laoer sighed and shook his head. "Love can really turn a person into a poet! Although you didn’t write the poem … "
"I’m so excited now. I really feel like I’m going to be poetic. Why don’t I recite a song of everlasting regret for you?"
"No … I’m not interested. Can you sing instead?"
"But I’ll sing you a song" When is the Month "!"
"I depend! Give me a break. Sing or sing a poem … "
"It’s terrible to have no culture! When is the month? It is a word. Is it better to call it "Shuidiao Tou"? When is the month? "Shuidiao is a epigraph, understand?"
"Eldest brother, how do I suddenly feel that you have become literate? The power of love is really great! "
"Roll the old has always been very culture is very culvert, ok? Will I tell you when I got 90 points in Chinese in primary school? " Leaf tilt is very show off in an ostentatious manner tunnel
"What grade is primary school?"
"One … grade one …" Ye Qing embarrassed tunnel Dong Laoer immediately laughed. "You are honest! But is it great to get a 90-point mark in the first grade Chinese? "
"Well … it seems ok. At that time, I was the only one in our class who got 90 points!"
"I depend! What class are you in? I also got double marks in my first grade, and I got 100 marks in both Chinese and math! Your class can be the first in Chinese if you get 90 points! !”
"Not angry? As far as our Chinese teacher is concerned, it is a miracle that I can get 90 points in the exam … "
Two people chatting to the outside of their residential area Ye Qing took out a cellular phone and said to Dong Laoer, "I have to call Su Yanbing to report peace."
Dong Laoer immediately said, "Just a few steps from Nima came over and reported Mao Ping-an! It’s not a long trip! "
"You care about me, I just miss her, can’t you?" Ye Qing is very awesome, and then he dialed Su Yanbing’s words, Dong Laoer Nai’s tunnel. "I can’t stand it … I’ll go first."
"Hey, are you home?" Su Yanbing’s gentle voice on the mobile phone almost melted when he heard the sound. He felt very sweet in his heart and hurriedly said, "I just called you when I got home. Will you really come to watch my game one day?"
"Well, I will definitely come and say that I will do it. You must refuel tomorrow. Don’t lose the game!" Su Yan Bing Yin has a fatal attraction. Yuzryha feels excited. He is busy saying, "Don’t worry, I will win."
"Then you go to bed early. If I go early, I will bring you a cup of coffee to help you feel refreshed when God tells you to play the game …"
"Well, I’m sure I’m the enemy after drinking your coffee!"
"Luo Luo … my coffee is not a stimulant. It’s not that bad." Su Yanbing giggled. Ye Qing felt that her smile was full of charm, and there was a kind of spirit and sweet feeling. That’s probably what a bell usually smiles. She was not loud or hoarse, but that kind of light and elegant smile made people feel very beautiful.
"Yan Bing, don’t be so hard after work. Please invite more people. You can earn less money and don’t tire people out!" Ye Qing is very authentic. He went to the coffee shop today and saw Su Yanbing still making coffee himself. I can imagine how busy Su Yanbing should be during the peak hours during the day. He must be so tired that he has nothing to rest.
Su Yanbing was a little touched by his words and quipped, "Why? Feel bad about me? "
"That’s right. I don’t want you to work so hard. When you give me some, I will definitely let you live well in the afterlife!" Leaf tilting confident tunnel
"Come on, I don’t want to rely on you. Women must be financially independent, and I like my job now. This is my career. I won’t give up on you. I’m a bit of an experienced person. Those young girls are different. They want to find a shoulder to lean on, but I want to find a shoulder to lean on. There is a qualitative difference. You should be white! And I finally firmly believe that relying on mountains and mountains will depend on everyone to run! " Su Yanbing tone became unusually serious.
Ye Xie was a little embarrassed. He suddenly felt that he still didn’t know Su Yanbing very well. How could she be curled up in your wings as a goddess? She was born in the most prosperous place, so beautiful. Of course, she would be left behind and independent without relying on people.
"I understand that I will support you to do what you like. I still don’t want you to be too tired," Ye said affectionately to Su Yanbing.
"Well, I know. I usually pay attention to rest. Don’t worry. I’m going to bed. I have to go. Oh, thank you so much today!" Su Yanbing said and hung up the phone decisively. Ye Qing was reluctant to let it go with his mobile phone. He felt a little wanting more, even if he chatted for a few words, he felt it was a kind of sweetness.
Chapter 12 All night
Ye Qing was still tossing and turning in bed in the dead of night, and he couldn’t help but feel excited. No matter which posture he changed, he felt his heart would burst out. He had never felt this way before.
After closing his eyes, he felt that he was not sleepy at all, even if he didn’t think about anything, but his spirit was getting better and better, which made him feel very depressed. Because there was a game in the day, he hoped that he could play the game in high spirits and win the game cleanly. If there was no spirit in the day, something might go wrong, and he might fall asleep directly with F.
"Isn’t it necessary for mom to be so excited about a relationship?" Ye Qing rolled over and sat up, then said to himself, tunnel, he grabbed his hair in annoyance, leaned against the bed and forced himself into a meditation state, where he thought he would fall asleep without thinking about anything.