Zhang Chengyuan touched her face and said, "What do you want to do?" Iffany grew up in the United States, but her personality is much more open than that of Lim Yoon A. He is worried that she will play more special tricks.

Iffany smiled slightly. "ppa, don’t be suspicious. I didn’t want to play any tricks."
"Really? I don’t believe it, but forget it. Since you don’t want to talk about it, I won’t ask you for the time being. Anyway, I’ll know on that day. "
"Well, we’ll know that day." iffany smiled and her eyes were full of cunning.
After a while, Seohyun also came into the kitchen. She woke up when Zhang Chengyuan was talking to iffany and had simply washed up. At this time, she came into the kitchen to salute Zhang Chengyuan and see if she could help.
However, since Zhang Chengyuan moved quickly, all the things that should be cleaned up have been cleaned up, and the vegetables have also been cut and cooked. He can also take care of this kind of thing by himself, so he needs her help. If he is busy, he will let her go out and do his own thing.
Seohyun should turn around and quit, but iffany grabbed her and said, "Xiaoxian, I’m going out to wash up. Please talk to ppa first, or he will stay in the kitchen alone and chat." Then he smiled at Zhang Chengyuan meaningfully and went out.
Her smile seems to encourage him to pursue Seohyun Zhang Chengyuan. I can’t help but shake my head and think that this girl’s mind is really hard to understand. She doesn’t care how many women he has and wants to follow him.
Looked at Seohyun Zhang Chengyuan and said with a smile, "Zhu Xian, you look good today and seem to be beautiful again." Since being influenced by the original Zheng Yuanyin’s consciousness and gradually liking Seohyun, he felt that she was more and more attractive to him every time he saw her.
As for his praise that Seohyun had long been used to it, he was not as shy as he was at first. This time, he blushed slightly and immediately recovered his calm. "ppa, let me help you fry the steak so that you can save snacks without taking care of two pots at the same time." Because of saving time, Zhang Chengyuan made two dishes at the same time.
"Yes, you can help me." Zhang Chengyuan could not bear to refuse her kindness, so he gave her the spatula in his left hand and shook her hand gently-not to take advantage of her, but to tell her that he still likes her.
Seohyun’s face turned red again and immediately returned to nature again. Then, while gently flipping a steak, he asked, "ppa, you, Sister Pani and Sister Yuli are determined to be together now?" More than two months ago, Yu Li and Zhang Chengyuan were hesitant, but according to her recent observation, they seem to have stopped hesitating.
Zhang Chengyuan nodded. "You guessed right. Yu Li has really made up his mind, and I can’t find a reason to refuse them. So Zhu Xian decided. You must think I’m a playboy, right?"
"Well, it’s very playboy," Seohyun said bluntly. "But it’s hard to say whether it should be or not. After all, Sister Pani and Sister Yuli took the initiative to follow you."
"It’s good that you can understand. Well, Zhu Xian, do you still want to talk to me about our feelings in ten years?"
"ppa, I’m a little one-track-minded. You know I can’t change my mind easily." Seohyun said quietly, but she recognized her firm tone.
"I’m white, but I still hope you can change your mind one day, so I will ask you this question every once in a while. Of course, if you don’t want to promise, you can still refuse. What face should I leave for me?" He won’t become angry even if he is rejected a hundred times.
Seohyun nodded without words.
Chapter one thousand sixty-seven Li Zhien to take the college entrance examination.
At about 7: 30 in the morning, after breakfast, Zhang Chengyuan’s girls left their dormitory and immediately went to the F dormitory to visit Song Zhuan, Sulli and others. But after a few minutes, he left because Song Zhuan and others had already announced that they would accompany him when they had nothing to do.
After he left, he went to visit Li Yanxi and Go Ara nearby, but it was a pity that Go Ara was still taking photos and went out early in the morning. Fortunately, Li Yanxi was still here, so it was not a waste of time to come. Then he had to make out with her in Li Yanxi apartment for an early period, but haste makes waste, and he didn’t go too far. This was his reflection after being scolded by Song Zui more than two months ago.
Later, when he came for a while, he spent almost all his time with his sisters, taking turns to find all the leisure sisters to comfort his love for them, but he didn’t neglect that sung yuri seldom stayed with her for four or five hours every day and would go home to sleep with her every other day. Of course, he wouldn’t touch her at this time. After all, she was about to give birth. If something happened to her because of his fooling around, wouldn’t she and her sisters resent him?
Time flies in a hurry. On November 18th, the annual national college entrance examination is coming again. Everyone in Zhangshi Villa got up early in the morning, and then gathered in the restaurant to have breakfast. Today, Li Zhien wishes and sees him off.
Park Xuan-ying, who was busy at work, also came back, but after saying some words of encouragement and wishes to Li Zhien, she left in a hurry. Now she is very nervous about filming the TV drama "Gyebaek". She is too busy to ask for leave, so she can come back in the early morning to cheer Li Zhien up.
Although she really wanted to send Li Zhien to the examination room, she could leave with regret because she really didn’t have this time. You know, when she took the college entrance examination, Li Zhien was always with her. Even when she entered the examination room, Li Zhien waited outside the examination room and waited until the afternoon exam was over and she went home with her. But now she can’t. It’s a little guilty that she did this. Fortunately, Li Zhien is considerate and complains at all.
After breakfast, Zhang Chengyuan personally drove Li Zhien to the examination room, and besides sung yuri, Lee Hyo Ri, Yu Zhuxuan, Li Zhen and Lin Zhixiu followed. Lin Zhixiu’s feelings for Li Zhien naturally don’t need to say much. If she didn’t have to deal with too many important things, she could definitely stay at the entrance of the examination room and wait for Li Zhien to come out all day today.
And Lee Hyo Ri, like Lin Zhixiu and Zhang Chengyuan, wanted to send Li Zhien as a lovely girl when she was a baby. They also tried their best to joke with her and make her happy, so that she wouldn’t be too nervous, although she didn’t seem to be so nervous.
But they all had work this morning, so they couldn’t spend more time with her. Therefore, after spending some time with Li Zhien outside the examination room, they dispersed in succession. However, Zhang Chengyuan accompanied Li Zhien, and they also had nothing to worry about.
Later, Zhang Chengyuan chatted with Li Zhien when he saw that there was still a little distance from the entrance. "Zhi En, are you disappointed that your grandmother and mom and dad didn’t come with you this morning?"
Li Zhien shook his head. "No, no, you and your sisters will come with me? I am very happy and satisfied to have you with me. "
Zhang Chengyuan said, "But it would be better if your grandmother and mom and dad also came. Well, I don’t understand why they didn’t come." They all hurt so much, how can you not come? "
Li Zhien laughed. "Brother Chengyuan actually told them not to come. Grandma is in poor health and will be tired when she runs back and forth. Mom and Dad also have their own things. It’s not good that I have delayed this little thing. They can rest assured that you and my sisters will take care of me. In addition, they are afraid that I will be excited after seeing them and affect the exam status, so I won’t come."
"It seems so," Zhang Chengyuan nodded and patted her on the head. "Ji-eun has been studying hard for more than 20 days. Are you confident now?" In the past month, Li Zhien has participated in several TV series "whasup" shooting and several music performances in which she starred. She has almost stayed at home to study her diligence. Although it is not sleepless and sleepless, it is not much different.
Li Zhien some passive sort of smile a smile "Cheng Yuan elder brother although I really want to tell you that I am confident, but my heart is really a little weak."
Although she has learned a lot of knowledge during this period and kept it clearly in her mind, in addition, she has made a lot of simulated test papers and her scores have been high, and she has achieved very good results in the last two times, but after all, her study time is too short and she has not gone through actual combat, so she has cultivated her self-confidence
Zhang Chengyuan shook his head and comforted, "This mentality of yours is normal, but it’s nothing to be strong and serious, so you can still do well in the exam. Just think that this college entrance examination is a normal practice and you need to be nervous."
Li Zhien said, "Brother Cheng Yuan doesn’t have much confidence, but I’m not so nervous about cause and effect. If I don’t care much, of course, I will take this exam seriously and I won’t do it casually." If I answer questions casually, I’m too sorry for what Zhang Chengyuan taught her these days.
Zhang Chengyuan said with satisfaction, "You’re right to think so. In fact, I didn’t expect you to get a great grade in the exam, so I’m satisfied to ask you to give full play to what you’ve learned these days. Well, I’ll give you insurance for your carelessness."
"What insurance?"
"Well, keep it a secret for the time being and I’ll tell you Zhien after you finish the exam. You close your eyes now."
Li Zhien looked at Zhang Chengyuan doubtfully. She didn’t know what he wanted to sell, but she closed her eyes obediently. After a while, she felt that Zhang Chengyuan touched her head gently, and then there seemed to be something more in her mind, but she didn’t know what it was.
She couldn’t help asking, "Brother Cheng Yuan, what did you do to me?" Although she asked questions, her eyes were still closed because Zhang Chengyuan had not let her open her eyes. In addition, although she felt that there was something more in her mind, she did not panic because she knew that Zhang Chengyuan would never hurt her.
Zhang Chengyuan gently squeezed her little face and said with a smile, "Didn’t I say that I will tell you after you finish the exam? Well, Ji Eun can open his eyes."
Li Zhien opened his eyes in accordance with the words and looked at Zhang Chengyuan curiously. "Brother Chengyuan, I won’t ask what this thing is for the time being, but you have to tell me what it does?"
"Naturally, I want to tell you that if Ji-eun suddenly feels nervous after entering the examination room or feels listless or a little dizzy during the exam, you can gently call my name in your heart, and then I will put something in your mind to help you calm down or cheer up. Remember, don’t forget."
"I remember but Cheng Yuan elder brother what is so magical? Oh, I’m sorry, Cheng Yuan, but I can’t help asking again. "
Zhang Chengyuan touched her head and said, "It’s normal for no one to be curious, especially at your age, but for some reason, I can’t tell you now. Wait for a while and I will tell you after you finish the exam."
Li Zhien nodded his head and stopped asking.
Then the two chatted about some other topics. After about ten minutes, the entrance of the examination room was opened and the candidates began to enter. But Li Zhien didn’t get on the bus immediately, but waited for a few minutes to see that almost all the candidates went in before she got on the bus and walked to the examination room.
Zhang Chengyuan didn’t follow because he found some reporters near the entrance of the examination room, and he didn’t know whether it was customary to shoot the college entrance examination or whether he found out that Li Zhien would take the exam here today, so he specially came here to wait for her. No matter what, when Li Zhien appeared, they all left and asked for an interview. Fortunately, they didn’t stop Li Zhien from moving forward.
Li Zhien didn’t have the heart to deal with these reporters. He answered a few questions at random and went in. After seeing her go in, Zhang Chengyuan also drove away. He is a busy man. Naturally, he can’t stay here all day until the evening college entrance examination, but he will come to pick up Li Zhien before the college entrance examination.
After leaving, Zhang Chengyuan went home to accompany sung yuri. After lunch, he went to the film "Love Novel" to pick up Li Duohai. This film happened to be finished at noon today. Li Duohai hadn’t seen Zhang Chengyuan miss him for a long time, so he called him to pick her up. Zhang Chengyuan naturally wouldn’t refuse this request. After all, he is quite at leisure now and has two places at once to take care of sung yuri secretly, so he doesn’t have to worry about anything.
After picking up Li Duohai, Zhang Chengyuan took her to the top floor apartment of jsw company where he used to live to make love with her, and had a good time. It was nearly five o’clock in the afternoon before he drove away to meet her in Li Zhien’s examination room, while Li Duohai went to Zhang’s villa to meet sung yuri. In recent three months, because she was busy filming, she rarely visited sung yuri. Today, she naturally had to go and see it.
At about 5: 20, Zhang Chengyuan arrived near the examination room. At this time, the examination was still in progress, and it was still about a quarter of an hour away. But by this time, thousands of people had gathered outside the examination room. It was estimated that all the candidates’ relatives and friends had come to take the candidates home. Because there were so many people, Zhang Chengyuan blocked the passage near the examination room. Even if he couldn’t drive in, he simply stopped two or three hundred meters away from the examination room.