JingLong emperor see reply was QiYe heard stared Tian Shun one eye.

Zhong Zhang, the main manager, didn’t serve Tian Shun in front of the saint at the moment. He was so scared that he quickly stepped back two steps and dared not move stiffly.
Emperor Jinglong laughed in the name of "Ye Er, this thing is rare. You didn’t look at it, waiting for me to bring it to her. She must like it."
It means not to give it.
Jinglong Dila is ashamed to want treasures to make the queen happy.
But Qiye felt that it must be a good thing to let his brother go to Huang Sao to bid farewell. He didn’t know how many brains he had eased with Huang Sao, but he was avoided by Huang Sao neither soft nor hard.
"Brother, even if you personally send Huang Sao, you certainly won’t want it." Qiye is very determined to send Su Xianfei, and the two of them have to be stiff. "Anyway, if you can’t send it out and put it in the garage, it’s better to send me."
Emperor Jinglong was so embarrassed by his words that he snorted, "How do you know that maybe your wife will accept this as a good thing?"
Tao Zhuo also heard it now, and he wondered if he would ease up with the empress, did he? What did you do early?
Especially now, it’s out of his woman Su Xianfei’s affair. Tao Zhuo secretly scolded, "What a big pig’s hoof!"
Look at Ye Ge, who obviously asked Jinglong Emperor for something on purpose. She also felt that the Empress wouldn’t want it. Obviously, this is also a female favorite object, so it is better to give Ye Ge something and save him from giving it to other concubines.
"I’ll see what’s good." Qi Ye went directly to open the wooden box covered with cloth and red lacquer, and found that the surface was still locked. "Good thing. Did you return the lock key?"
Emperor Jinglong saw that his posture was not a joke, but he really wanted to go busy. "I lost my key."
But he went to the warehouse to find out the baby, and he was sure that the queen would like it. Even if Qiye said that just now, he still wanted to try it himself and give it to the queen.
Tao Zhuo didn’t resist a smile.
Emperor Jinglong didn’t want to scold his younger brother, but he began to bully the future brother-in-law of Yuhua County Lord. "Yuhua …"
Yes, I just said two words, and then I saw the ghost clever little girl laughing and revealing a few small teeth "Empress".
Emperor Jinglong cried and held his breath, but he was also angry and glaring. The little girl became more and more presumptuous. He, the emperor, even dared not send her. She is a queen who likes to mix girls.
"Bring the key." Qi Ye held out her hand to Tian Shun. Since they can give things to Huang Sao, they can only open them to Huang Sao with the key, so Tian Shun must have the key. "Xiaoshun!"
Tian Shun naturally knows the position of the King of Jin in front of the Saint. Although the King of Jin often calls himself my brother with Saint, if he calls himself my brother in front of Saint, it is not the monarch and the minister, but the brother Saint. That is the most vertical King of Jin. He dare not take the liberty to look at Emperor Jinglong.
Emperor jinglong thought about this little shun and said no, but this guy actually saw that he couldn’t give a hand.
Tian, by the way, hurried over and smiled ingratiatingly at the king of Jin. "I’ll take it out for you to watch."
This dogleg appearance makes Tao Zhuo laugh. Let’s take a look at Jinglong Emperor’s angry stare and Tian Shun’s appearance and try not to laugh.
Of course, her big appearance of watching the scene of bustle also made Jinglong Emperor cast a "dragon majesty death sight" towards her.
However, Tao Zhuo is not afraid of her following Qiye. Naturally, he seems to know too well that Emperor Jinglong is still a little cute when he talks about brothers.
She also ran to Qiye’s side and eagerly looked at what was in the box that made Jinglong Emperor so dreary.
When the box is opened, it doesn’t say that the dazzling light is refracted, but the gorgeous and exquisite colors and shapes are enough to make Tao Zhuo show amazing admiration. "Wow, it’s so beautiful! It’s so exquisite! "
Rao is her perennial contact with jewelry, jade and so on, but this pot of fairyland jade Sendai bonsai is what makes her open her eyes and watch it carefully.
Qi Ye never dreamed that it was actually this jade bonsai. When he was a child, he used to put a gift in his brother’s private library, which was said to be very rare when he was a high-impedance.
You have something to say.
"Raiders Men’s Second Life" for collection! A Yan Yao Yao da
Chapter 31 Chapter 31
"What’s this, baby? Look at the flowers and trees. This is crystal. Such small petals are so lifelike! !”
Emperor Jinglong was praised by Tao Zhuo, saying that his face was much softer, and then he seemed to be looking for the venue. He sneered and said, "Why is the owner of Yuhua County just like arriving in Beijing from Zhuang? It’s rustic!"
Laughing at her every time she sees rustic!
This Tao Zhuo can’t bear it. As soon as he pulls Qiye sleeve, "Brother Ye listens to St. to say so, as if there are many bonsai there."
Qiye recognized the meaning in her words as soon as she looked at her brother. "Since your brother has something here, give me two more pots so that I can give them to the burning, and also show the elegance of our Qi family."
Listen to this echo of Tao Zhuo’s words. Emperor Jinglong was almost not sent back by his younger brother and said, "I don’t want this pot of love!"
I want two more pots. Just send him out directly.
Fortunately, he didn’t say this angry words, otherwise he would definitely call Tao Zhuo to abandon him and ask him to be such a big pig’s trotter love rat!
Qi Ye ignored his brother’s boasting and glaring, but bowed his head and gently asked, "Burning, do you like it?"
"I like it so much. I like it so much. Who doesn’t like it, especially the woman who refuses to get it? Look at this beautiful place. The four monarchs of Sendai Meilan Zhuju are all made of jade. How many kinds of gems have they made? I didn’t recognize some of them! "
She wowed, but that woman who refused to get this beauty made Jinglong Emperor more and more heart-wrenching. It was only in this way that he thought about himself and then personally brought this bonsai to the queen to let her have a look, and she would certainly accept it.
He really regrets that he should not have asked Tian Shun to send himself to the Qifeng Temple before now.
Thought of here, I can’t help kicking Tian Shun, the king of Jin who is "flattering". I can’t send anything out. The queen won’t open it for her to see unless she accepts it. If you read this, will you not accept it?
Tian Shun’s crawling into the command to wait on his cleverness can be described as an eye-catching, six-way-listening party. Although he is in the Jin King’s place, he also pays attention to the fact that Emperor Jinglong will see the holy imperial feet over there. Naturally, he won’t avoid it, but he is prepared not to bump into anything slightly, so he bends down to reckon with Emperor Jinglong.
Tao Zhuo is not stupid and bold. He won’t always stab Emperor Jinglong’s casual clothes. If he didn’t see the bonsai, he heard Qi Ye say, "I’ll give it to you if I like it."
"Well" Tao burning consciousness should then react "? Send me! ? This bonsai? "
She pointed to the bonsai and pointed to her nose. I can’t believe it.
Emperor Jinglong never dreamed that Qiye asked himself for this jade bonsai and then gave it to Yuhua County Lord, who covered his chest lovingly.
It is said that girls are extroverted, but this part of his family is that boys are extroverted and their elbows are deformed.
In the eyes of Emperor Jinglong, his good brother once again said, "If you like burning so much, you will naturally be given the treasure, and it will be more valuable if you appreciate it."
This makes it sound like Emperor Jinglong doesn’t appreciate bonsai, but Emperor Jinglong also cherishes and appreciates it, which is also the most precious things in his private library, or he won’t use it to please the queen.
Tao Zhuo quietly took a look at Emperor Jinglong, whose flesh hurts. "Well, then I would be disrespectful."
Emperor Jinglong glared at Joe, the Lord of Yuhua County. How did he recognize this little girl as cute and suitable for his younger brother? And when the younger brother has no affection for her, he wants to fix them up!
However, if you look at the younger brother Jing Longdi, who borrowed flowers to offer Buddha, you can’t help feeling that they really match. They are both cheeky enough to grab it!
"Eat quickly, the food is getting cold." Emperor Jinglong simply stopped looking at the bonsai and chattered about it. Two people ordered him to wait on the meal.
"It’s good that this is me." Tao Zhuo reluctantly touched a box again and didn’t dare to touch the bonsai for fear that he would break it. Suddenly he became worried. "Brother Ye, if it is broken, can you fix it?"
Qiye naturally tunnel "naturally, you can find your brother to arrange someone to fix it."
With shredded morel in his mouth, Emperor Jinglong almost dropped his chopsticks when he heard his brother’s shameless words. This is what he gave out, and he has to be responsible for the aftermath?
Listen to the younger brother and then say, "Anyway, my brother ordered a few words."
Yuhua County Master nodded and smiled happily. "Then I’m so relieved to lock it up."
Emperor jinglong once again affirmed that these two people are well matched and cheeky enough!
But who let him be a brother and a father? Can you hum "Do you two still eat or not? Didn’t you say to accompany me to dinner? "
"Brother Ye is hungry for dinner."