It’s obvious that they can be found in Gao. They must be powerful people with excellent vision.

Sure enough, a moment later, Yu Xin led more than a dozen players to appear in front of the Northern Suburb Bridge. The most terrible thing is that the other end of the bridge is wet and proud of the fact that the Central Plains is climbing the shore. It’s true that there were strong enemies before, and the pursuers were trapped in prison.
Mad dog dragon pulled out a huge wishful pistol "us!" to be continued
Chapter three hundred and fifty The enemy of Rapier
Seeing Mad Dog Dragon and Yan Yuhua City walking very calmly across the bridge, Yu Xin was also infected by these two daredevils. "Very good! Those who dare to take the road are really courageous. Unfortunately, this young lady wants me to be an absolute family enemy, otherwise we can become good sisters! "
Yan Yuhua Qingcheng sneered, "I didn’t see you jump out to talk like this when the Chinese third child was in ambush!"
Rain Xin said lightly, "Do you care about each other?"
Yan Yuhua Qingcheng smiled, "Cut the crap and bring it on!"
Rain Xin looked at her and said, "Everyone with swordsmen, you can still fight with the Central Plains like this. Presumably, it’s not easy to get a collar and practice. Ahan’s requirements are not high. If you promise, we will definitely let a road pass."
Mad dog dragon really couldn’t help it. "Is she worth the fragments of the sword with a diamond in her face?"
"She wants pieces?" Yan made yuhua district city smiled again. The smile was very strange. Yu Xin was already feeling bad.
Sure enough, Yan Yuhua Qingcheng was lifted by her with a wave of her hand and a strange black stone sword. "Rapier will come and get it if he has something to do here!"
The sword made of this stone is dark, but the black material is dotted with green, which makes the whole body full of a metallic texture. The body of the sword is twisted in an "S" shape, and even the tip and hilt are twisted in a very curved way. The tip is not a spike, but a bayonet is embedded with a strange blade similar to an axe blade.
Not sharp, domineering and powerful, but it gives people a strange, mysterious and terrible feeling. This sword must be a magic weapon.
Yu Xin was a little surprised. "Is this … Rapier?"
"Here it is!" Yan made yuhua district whole confident eyes swept over.
At this moment, Yu Xin was a little dull and absent-minded, but soon she returned to normal and calmed down. She waved, "Attention, everyone, be careful with her weapon!"
This sentence is suspected to be a signal of war. Three armored soldiers are holding steel shields that are bigger than people. At the front and at the back are archers and mages. A large group of people follow carefully.
Yan Yuhua Qingcheng Rapier showed a strange smile at the corner of her hand. "Can you stop it?"
Suddenly, she leaned forward in a very elegant posture, turned her backhand and waved a terrible scene. A mass of light green fog appeared in front of her. It was better to say that it was a virtual reality than a fog. air billow and air billow were like waves surging over the bridge.
Who can stop the tide when it is surging? Who can get out of the wave?
This group of air billow has a very mysterious power. A dozen people in front of it are blown away by love as soon as they touch it. Even the level 4 armored soldiers are blown away with people and shields. It looks like the wind from the sky rolled up pieces of paper and the river "plopped plopped plopped".
Yu Xin decisively turned over and air billow failed to blow her.
"It really is a leader weapon!" Rain Xin took out the needle blade, not retreating but advancing his hands like an eagle diving into the middle of the bridge.
"Looking for death!" Yan made yuhua district city also raised the sword "shua shua" in the running and waved three swords out continuously.
This time, it’s not air billow, but three black long-range sword lights, which are sickle-shaped, flat and long to form a triangle. It’s impossible to hide without amazing skill roots
Rain Xin didn’t intend to hide from her, so she had to face the strange power of sword light.
So she crossed her hands and used her skills to form a yellow pupil at the needle blade to pick up the sword light.
"Boom" a shocking explosion of the pupil on the spot.
The first sword light broke her defense skills, and at the same time shocked her two-handed weapons. She was even hit and slid backwards for more than ten meters before she could stand still.
Rapier’s power is simply appalling, even the level 7 swordsmen have been shocked like this.
Yu Xin, of course, is also quite powerful. After the character stops, she quickly makes her stick to the ground and prey on the ground. She drills through the two sword lights behind her and catches the weapon that fell from the half, and then flies up to fight back.
The gas around the needle blade was slightly distorted, obviously accompanied by a strong gas strength. This seemingly "tiger coming out" trick is actually that she is quite skilled. Even the mad dog dragon behind Yan Yuhua City felt the change of the force field, which led to the distortion of gas, strength and breathing.
It’s true that this skill of "Unity of Fate and Fate" is really amazing. It’s no exaggeration to say that even if Mad Dog Dragon can’t get two now, he is not afraid that his attribute will be abnormal and even two will die.
Yu Xin is also confident that the blow is not something Yan Yuhua City can resist.
But she soon knew that she was wrong, and it was very wrong. The closer she got to Yan Yuhua City, the more she felt that the mysterious force of the sword was far stronger than her skills.
That sword seems to have a kind of momentum weapon that keeps repelling all around. The closer you get to people, the greater the resistance of the sword will be, and the speed will slow down accordingly, and it will be as fast as the wind.
Yu Xin is quite good. It is difficult to change someone to get close to her. At least she stabbed the needle blade out.
Of course, Yan Yuhua’s whole city is an understatement, so he waved his sword and turned it over with the blade, and then turned his backhand obliquely.
Rain Xin raised the blade and connected it hard, which made her vomit blood, which means vomiting blood in real sense. Seeing rain Xin slide backwards for more than ten meters again.
And this time, she couldn’t hold her steady. She knelt down on one knee for two seconds, and then her head jerked up, "flapping" and she spit out a big blood fog, which was obviously injured by the earthquake.
Mad Dog Dragon is not surprised that Yan Yuhua, the whole city of Rapier, can have this effect, because he saw Zhang Yuguo’s sword fragment as early as the evil horse platform. Only one of the fragments can blow up the whole staircase and forge the whole sword. Its power is unimaginable. If a sword cuts the future warrior’s uniform, he will not feel strange.
Yan made yuhua district raised my hand and seemed to send a long-range sword light. At this time, a large group of fire and blue light came up next to the bridge fence, which was the envy of the Central Plains.
Yan made yuhua district city has long been alert. This time, it didn’t wait for the envy of the Central Plains to split her backhand sword and pulled out the black sickle to fly again.
This time it’s the sound of flesh and blood cracking.
Go back to where the Central Plains came from and hear a splash. I don’t know if I’ll want to come anyway. It’s impossible.
At the moment, Yu Xin was finally shocked. Yan Yuhua City only did four tricks and seriously injured a 71-level and a 73-level swordsmen!
Can you believe it?
Can you believe that exaggerate power of this sword?
Without this, the whole city of Rapier Yan Yuhua was poisoned by gangsters like Hua Laosan, but with this, the whole city of Rapier Yan Yuhua could shake the rain and kneel down to the ground, which could make the Central Plains fall into the river from half a dozen.
Can it be said that after so many years of silence in exile, it will rise again and be proud? She was seriously injured and thought it was this.
But Mad Dog Dragon didn’t think much about it. At this moment, players are rushing towards the northern suburb bridge in droves on the distant avenue behind them. Across the bridge, three players, two soldiers, one assassin and three people quickly rushed in.
Yan Yuhua Qingcheng said, "There are many people in the back. I’ll break the back cucumber and you block the front three."
Mad dog dragon didn’t say much about raising a gun.
The first to kill was the charge soldier, who didn’t take the initiative to attack, but helped Yu Xin to retreat quickly. Another unified soldier was also a long knife man. Before he reached the knife, he raised his chopping posture and took it out first, and his throat also issued a cry of killing pigs. The so-called momentum overwhelmed the other side. That’s it
However, no matter how strong the momentum is, it will be even more awesome. It is also a matter of kneeling, not afraid that you will yell fiercely!