Therefore, for Pang Yulong’s remarks, the hippocampus agrees very much. Without hesitation, he ordered the head and heart to be sincere. "It’s still the eldest brother who wants to be weeks! In that case, let’s work hard for a few more days and wait for a few more days! “

Still waiting? Fu Wei was impatient. He felt that his patience had reached the limit and he didn’t want to wait any longer!
It’s going to break down to follow this fool around with a smiling face and fawn on himself!
"What’s this? Isn’t it a little too careful to be in charge? It was just an accident. Where is the bad omen? Strike while the iron is hot! Don’t drag to one thousand again what accident-"
"Words can’t say that! I’m responsible for the lives of so many brothers. You won’t be in vain! Wait a minute! " Pang Yulong shook his head, but his attitude was more determined.
In three or four days, he can arrange everything, and three or four days is enough for him to arrange for someone to let Fu Wei die in an accident!
This man can’t stay any longer!
"Yes and yes eldest brother say yes! All right, help brother, just listen to big brother! Come on, let’s go first! Brother has to go back to accompany his sister-in-law. We can’t disturb him. Hehe, let’s go! " Hippocampus said with an ambiguous smile while saying goodbye to Pang Yulong, and took Wei and went away.
Helping Wei see Haima doesn’t support himself. He has followed him since he smiled.
I almost passed out when I learned that Cui Shaoxi of Lianzhou fell into the sea and died.
I struggled for half a ring in my heart and finally had to throw caution to the wind. I couldn’t wait to go to Liang Jin with the lid on.
Liang Jin stayed there as if he were a piece of wood and his eyes didn’t move.
As I expected, the storm swept over me, and the curse didn’t come. Third, I carefully raised my head and looked at the Lord. It seemed that he had become a living dead man who would vent his anger.
"Dagong! Archduke! Don’t scare the villain-ah! " On the 31st, I was so surprised that I was busy pulling Liang Jin’s clothes. Liang Jin suddenly came back and grabbed his collar and glared at him with a murderous look. "What did you just say?"
Three face "shua" white where still dare to say it again? Between hands Baba way "big, archduke …"
"no! Impossible! " Liang Jin suddenly let go and pushed him away. He walked around impatiently and said, "She won’t die! How could she die like this! Are you sure? Are you sure the news is reliable? Say it! What are you still doing! "
"ah? Yes! " Three call him abnormal state and upside down logical sequence words to make one leng one leng bitter face hurriedly way "Dagong even girl clothes and cui-gigolo shoes found in the sea can also be false? No matter how bold the villain is, he dare not deceive the archduke! "
I don’t know what tripped Liang Jin, and he stumbled heavily and sat down on the ground. He hated and punched him in the center of the earth.
In the past two days, these pirates have almost turned over the whole land of the return air island. If it weren’t for his hiding place, but for a cave with an opening facing the sea, I’m afraid I can’t hide the trace. What’s worse, is she a weak woman? With a pretty boy drag bottle?
It’s not impossible for her to be so fierce that she would rather die than be blackmailed by that surnamed Li!
At the end of the day, I hurt her!
If I had let Sam try to see her earlier and told her her plan, wouldn’t she have died?
In fact, he didn’t tell her before he went there, so that Fu Wei and others could best successfully kill Li Fu. Then he suddenly appeared to rescue her. Who else can he rely on except himself?
However, he didn’t expect her to escape! Actually … Found dead!
He never wanted her dead, but he killed her!
Liang Jin’s heart ached in vain, covered his chest with one hand and bowed his head and hummed for half a ring before he recovered.
He slowly let go and sat on the ground coldly. "It’s that damn gigolo that’s dragging her down! If it weren’t for that little white face, she wouldn’t have escaped alone. No, if it weren’t for that little white face, she would have escaped! "
Liang Jin gnashed her teeth. "That gigolo is dead and it’s cheap for him! Pang Yulong, Hai Ma, and Fu Wei Lao want them to break into pieces! "
Three hearts whizzed and shivered, holding their fists and bowing down, saying, "I do everything at the command of the archduke!"
Liang Jin cold hum two blue eyes solemnity teeth giggle 133 Chapter 133 Swear for a tooth for a tooth.
Third, seeing him look as if he had lost his mind, this is another state of being in someone else’s territory, let alone killing Pang Yulong and even revenging the girl, fearing that his life will be reimbursed here!
Dagong needs to vent his mind before he can carry out his revenge plan.
Of course, three dare not tell Liang Jin directly that he is mentally abnormal and needs to vent his mind, but his eyes turn out of his mind. "The archduke knows that Mrs. Pang Yulong is very happy with him, and his eyes are as precious as gold-"
If you don’t finish the sentence, see Liang Jin’s eye dew yoshimitsu coldly. "He killed my woman. Isn’t it natural for me not to kill his woman?" We’ll do it tonight! No, now! Kill him unexpectedly! "
"Da Gongying!" Three nodded. "Pang Yulong will protect this woman very well. The place where she lives is far from the main village. Even if there is any movement, it will not be known easily! Dagong, take a break and I’ll lead Dagong later! "
"Go now!" Liang Jin cold way "what rest! I’m not afraid of making a big noise. If you touch my woman, I’ll make him pay! "
Liang Jin gnashed her teeth and immediately went with San.
Three hearts dark sigh heart way, the somebody else even girl serious identity is Li Furen, although lived in our house for a while, but you didn’t even touch the somebody else’s side also bite a your woman!
You are really loyal to people and even girls …
Three, despite the condescension, and it is very otherwise, it is not worth it for Liang Jin, but now where dare to add fuel to the fire and say a word?
When honestly should lead the way.
At this time, at noon, three familiar people led Liang Jin and two other followers who followed Liang Jin and soon came to the yard where Shu Er lived.
Liang Jin’s half-squinted eyes looked very clean! Although the location of this hospital is a little off-center, the surrounding area is clean and tidy, which shows that people living here must be highly valued by Pang Yulong …
Liang Jin gave me a grimace of a grin and ordered the two men to sneak in quietly with a wave of their hands.