Hody rubbed his sour legs and dragged the chain to Taotao. He stretched out his hand and tried the temperature on her forehead. He frowned her pulse and muttered, "Her body is so strange. At first glance, she is far stronger than ordinary people, but the spiritual teacher is very weak, like …"

Like a piece of glass full of cracks, it may break at any time.
The girl’s body is hot and painful, and she has a high fever and nightmares.
Hody pulled out some coats from her neck stone necklace and covered her, but the coats were not too thick. It was better to make her sweat and cool down and stop her pain.
Hody squatted in front of her for a while and put his arm around her.
It’s not that he hasn’t dated a girl, nor that he hasn’t hugged a pure man of the opposite sex, but he feels a strange feeling when he hugs this girl.
It’s like a piece of jade in a glass cover. No one is allowed to touch it or even look at it.
He can usually lie on the door and secretly look at it, and he is pushed out whenever he wants to get close and observe it carefully.
It was supposed that something untouchable suddenly fell into her arms, and Hody felt that her body was softer than he thought.
Hody took a deep breath and was tied up for two days and swallowed cookies for two days. It is reasonable to say that he should try to open the chain and pay the girl’s nameplate to take her back to school, but instead of doing so, he is still holding her to help her reduce her fever.
This is too m?
Hody cursed himself in his heart. He stared at the girl’s not outstanding face and thought, Is this really her face?
If you wear a mask and touch it, you should feel the difference, right
Hody held out his hand and stopped in half again.
Although he has always suspected Zhou Yu’s identity, it is too unmanly to verify it in such a dangerous way.
He withdrew his hand.
It’s dark and quiet in the virtual dragon’s nest, and the hot body in his arms recovers its original temperature a little bit. The girl’s trembling is finally not so bad.
Huo Di was relieved but heard the girl mumbling two words "Nangong …"
He smiled angrily. "Hey, I’m the one holding you, and I’m the one helping you reduce your fever. Don’t call me by the wrong name even if you are heartless."
early morning
Hody was awakened by a slap in the face.
Taotao was caught in the rain the other day and stayed in the stuffy nest for two days.
Xuedan Branch She didn’t smoke Xuedan Branch after a while, and she was a little weak and couldn’t help but have a fever.
She was unconscious because of severe pain and high fever, and she didn’t notice Hodge’s behavior.
When I woke up, I saw Hody holding himself and realized that he might have helped her reduce her fever last night.
I didn’t intend to kick him out, but it happened that Hody was asleep and still remembered that she whispered last night and asked, "Who is Nangong?"
So he got a loud slap in the morning.
Hody rubbed his face and looked at Taotao while thinking, Am I really M? What, I was slapped by her and I’m not angry at all?
Taotao broke out in a sweat last night. There was no place to take a bath in the wild. There was water in the cave after the rain. She dipped in a towel and simply cleaned up her sweat stains.
Huodi has been staring at her, with bright eyes.
Taotao can detect his indifferent eyes without looking back and ask, "You don’t want your eyes?"
Hodge said, "Of course not."
He thinks girls are beautiful.
It’s not the face, but the sling body, the clavicle, the edges and corners, the delicate skin, and the white leisure. Even the manners are just good, and the waist looks very soft. Although she looks indifferent, she is just a lot too proud and a little timid.
Such a person, such a temperament, such an expression, how can it look like it doesn’t match this face
Thinking that Hodge couldn’t bear to scold himself.
What did you do last night when she was unable to resist? What are you pretending to be? Why don’t you check if she’s wearing a mask?
After Taotao wiped her body, Hody said, "I want to go to the bathroom."
The girl is holding the chain at one end and still at his feet at the other.
Hodiman, after last night, they should have developed some friendship in times of adversity. Even if we don’t let him go, it shouldn’t be difficult to loosen the chain and let him go out to the bathroom.
At this time, he looked at the chain and said angrily, "I don’t even have clothes now. Will I run? Zhou Yu, don’t go too far. Am I your dog? "
"Not going, right?" The girl looked at him with dark eyes.
Hodge "… I’ll go"
If he insists on taking off the chain, the girl will definitely not agree with her tough degree, and maybe even let him solve it directly on the spot.
She doesn’t care, but Hodge still wants face.
That chain is long enough for Hodge to walk out of the hole.
He solved the major event in his life and wanted to smoke, but all his things were confiscated by the girl and he had no cigarettes to smoke.
"Mr. Huo, your com is ringing." Hodge hasn’t let out enough wind, but he still obediently went back when he heard the girl’s words
The communication is from the evil spirit. At this time, the whole hunting ground is short of a student nameplate that has not been seized.
Ji Sexie heard from Kang Mo that Hody was chasing the girl named Zhou Yu into the mountain.
What did his own playboy grandson do? He scolded him and warned him not to think about female students again.
Hodge was scolded by him before gesturing in Taotao, "What can I do without catching her?"? I’d like to? "
The last sentence is that he glanced at him with peaches.
"You didn’t catch her?"
"Yes," Hodge said grumpily. "That dead girl can run away too much. I’m in the mountain of the dragon’s lair. She’s slippery and has run to the north."
After hanging up the communication, Hody knew that a golden hunting team professor would follow his direction, but they would certainly get something.
He asked, "Now you are alone in the field. Even if you don’t capture a nameplate, you can make it into the top ten by living on the spot."
Taotao "The further you go, the higher the bonus. I want more than the top ten."
Hodge: So you stripped me naked and locked me in a cave for money? Zhou Yu, aren’t you afraid that I’ll go back and complain to the principal? "
Taotao said calmly, "Mr. Huo, you haven’t given up. Since you haven’t quit the game, what’s wrong with treating your opponent like this?" Presumably, the headmaster won’t expect me to foul. "
"The headmaster didn’t sentence me? Aren’t you afraid that I will retaliate against you? " Huodixiao
"I took some photos while you were sleeping the day before yesterday. I want you to let someone in Hualing Institute know that you didn’t catch your prey in the hunting game, but you were tied up in a cave in a pair of pants, and you had to take revenge if you had to tie a chain around your toilet feet."
The girl stared at him with clear eyes without fear. "You are not afraid of being known, and I am certainly not afraid of being retaliated."
Hody "…"
Taotao stayed in the cave for a long time and felt a little stuffy.