"You two future? Then I want to ask you how much is your future worth? " Master sarcastically laughed

"Young people are not afraid of poverty, afraid of fleeting time. Sir, you are indeed looking down on us at the top of the mountain. Although you see that we are small, we see at the foot of the mountain that you are not tall and out of reach, but small and unattainable for the time being. You must have made a lot of efforts to get to this point, but I believe that Erxiu and I will make no less efforts than you in the future." Tianyu’s words came from the bottom of my heart and said directly that Sir did not flinch.
"Tianyu momentum … so powerful" Two whew was said by Tianyu’s words, and his heart trembled and trembled.
It is said that the master’s momentum is already aggressive. In front of Tianyu and Erxiu, it is an unattainable Mount Everest. How can we have a fair talk with him about the momentum is the first step? If we lose to Master Yan in the momentum, Tianyu naturally has no power to speak straight.
"You dare to talk to me like that at a young age, silly bear. You are the first person!" Master said approvingly
When Tianyu and Erxiu heard Master Yan calling Tianyu a "silly bear", their faces were very wonderful. I really don’t know how this Master Yan cultivated to this state. Speaking words always makes people have unexpected places ()
But I really don’t know the names of these two young people until now.
"Master everyone has a childhood. Do you know that a cloud childhood is not like childhood? When other children are happily playing games, he has been sent home from school by you; When someone else’s child is watching the villain, he has already arranged for you to practice the piano sogeum hard; When someone else’s children have a parent-teacher conference and the parent department is present, you send someone there. Is that a parent? " Tianyu said while pursuing victory
"I’m sorry if the parent-teacher meeting is held in the cloud, I will go in person." Master Yan smiled and stared at Tianyu.
Tianyu expression froze speechless.
"These things should be imagined by yourself. Although many things are really like what you said, have you ever had children at your age? Have you ever had the feeling of being a parent? Have you ever thought about all your thoughts in the future? " Master’s smile faded away. Three consecutive "had" words said that Tianyu and Erxiu were at a loss.
"Your ya how don’t ask,’ have you ever been born again? If you ask, I will definitely refute you, but … I don’t think I can refute it, "Tianyu said in my heart.
"You don’t know that our parents in this generation are in a mood to say childhood. When I was a child, I went to the mountains to cut wood before dawn. Several brothers and sisters at home didn’t have enough to eat every day and were in the mood to play? You really don’t know when you are blessed. Childhood is too empty. I hope that if Yunyun can live a full life in the future, he must start to lay the foundation when he was a child. "Master Yan said that when he finished crossing his legs, he relaxed and leaned back.
"What you adults are not white? Childhood is a part of life, and everyone yearns for freedom. The need is not a comfortable future. Now, if the cloud is like grass in a greenhouse, once it goes to society, it will not stand the wind and rain. Is that what you want, sir? " Tianyu frown said
"How can I educate Ruoyun? It’s not your turn to tell you what to do. You are too short-sighted and greedy for fun. It is estimated that just saying’ game merchant’ is also an excuse for you to have fun." It is said that the master’s angry voice in front of Tianyu for the first time is a little loud, and at the same time, two heavy eyebrows are tight, and he is as cool as a cucumber.
Two whew beside Tianyu can’t see clearly the expression on his face, but his tone is white. He is really angered by Tianyu now.
Behind the master, the dragonfly is gone, and it looks like a face of melancholy. It seems to be very worried about what will happen next.
"So … let’s make an agreement, Sir?" Suddenly Tianyu inexplicably Yang Yang corners of the mouth.
Master said looking at Tianyu this expression, my heart sank and exclaimed, "His expression is so strange … how do I feel that he has an illusion that he sees through life and death? Even I can’t laugh so calmly … "
Tianyu is the first person born again on the earth, and his understanding of life and death has surpassed that of all people on the earth. What’s worse, after he experienced this difficulty, his mind sometimes made expressions in the same age, which is very common.
"What agreement?" Master frowned replied.
"Since you said that Erxiu and I were short-sighted, then … in five years, we each earned a million rb less in the game. I know that a million RB is nothing to you, but you just gave us three meals a month to make up for the room, and all possible bonuses were calculated. In any case, if we can’t survive 10 thousand in five years, it will be 60 thousand. Let me show you that even if we are short-sighted, we must have a longer future than you arranged for us." Tianyu noodles don’t change color as if sitting opposite at this moment is not a proud mountain peak but a negotiating partner.
This is a very direct provocation, and it is a challenge to the Lord.
Everyone in the room Tianyu pinched the staff, because at this moment, the master could find someone to coax them out.
"Five years millions? !” Two whew waves in my heart feel a sense of daydreaming.
"Dragon housekeeper find the secret to print two contracts. You heard it just now." Master ordered the dragon housekeeper with a face of black line.
They breathe a sigh of relief at the same time.
"Yunyun is the agreement between the two brothers and me, that is, please say that you will give him back his share of’ freedom’," Tianyu said immediately.
Master Yan waved his hand in agreement.
Tianyu and Erxiu were at ease.
About ten minutes later, Dragon Butler brought two agreements and a pen to Master Yan.
The agreement is the agreement Tianyu just said.
Master Yan handed the two agreements to Li Tianyu Tianyu, signed his name, and gave the two agreements to Master Yan to signal him to sign.
At this time, the atmosphere is like the dust settled in business negotiations.
It is said that the master’s mouth is shallow with a smile. After signing two signatures, Tianyu reached forward to get back a contract. When he said that the master held the contract with both hands and a smirk.
"Young people really are young people" said the master, grabbing the two contracts with both hands and looking at them.
Tianyu and Erxiu are puzzled.
"Burst ~ hiss ~" When Tianyu and Erxiu thought about the meaning of the words of the master, the master actually tore up the contract in his hand.
"Master Yan, you!" Tianyu was speechless with anger.
Aside dragonfly is also frightened to disgrace.
"I want you to know that there is no fairness in the face of absolute strength! Society is so dark. What about contracts? Born at the grassroots level, if you want to bargain with others, you should first raise your identity to a certain level. If Yunhe and you are definitely not the same kind of people! " At some point, the master gently tore the two contracts into pieces in front of everyone, looking at Tianyu and Erxiu with a face of contempt.
The atmosphere in the room is cold from the roof to the basement.
Chapter 135 Breaking the birdcage
Two whew although can’t see the details of the picture, but can clearly hear the paper tearing ring know just signed "hope" has been said master personally torn eyes blurred up a sour heart.
Tianyu is closed his eyes and listened to the pieces of paper being torn to pieces.
Master Yan smirked and laughed a little mad.
Finally, the house was quiet, and the master had torn the contract to pieces and then threw it into the middle
In front of the four people, the contract scraps fell like snowflakes.
"Your fate is like this contract, which resists the strength in my hands and now floats in the air. Some things are absolutely changed. If the cloud is my son, this is as iron as the fact that you are not the same kind of people as him. I absolutely will not allow you to take him to the’ fun evil way’, so you can go."
Master said that through the pieces of shredded paper scattered in the middle, he looked at Tianyu and Erxiu with a cold tone and said
Tianyu slowly opened his eyes and held Erxiu without looking at the master and said gently, "Erxiu, let’s go. It’s time for us to go home."
Two whew eyes moist gently nodded after being Tianyu pulled to the corner of the house is that group of thugs.
When I got there, Tianyu and Erxiu each picked up a main chassis, but Erxiu just picked it up and put it back.
Tianyu saw this detail and said, "You got punched in the shoulder at noon, or I’ll do it." Then Tianyu put the two main chassis together and picked them up at the same time.
Two whew nodded silently and followed Tianyu carefully. Fortunately, he is nearsighted and has no astigmatism.
Master dragonfly several thugs are quietly watching them there will be the main chassis picked up slowly walked towards the door.
Just out of the mansion, Tianyu remembered something. Suddenly, he put the main chassis in his hand and turned around. Step by step, he walked towards Master Yan. Erxiu was silently waiting for Tianyu to return in situ.
Tianyu stepped on the ground contract scraps of paper, and at the same time, he took out seven red tickets from his trouser pocket and 19 red tickets from his cotton-padded pocket and a green ticket.
Finally Tianyu came to the marble table, where he looked down slightly at the sofa on the other side because of his height, sir.
Master startled dragonfly also don’t know Tianyu this is what to do.
"It suddenly occurred to me that Izumo has put 3 yuan in my place, and all our expenses are still with him these days. There are still 65 left in hand. I hope Master can say’ thank you’ to him for me and Erxiu. Please tell him that whether he will remember me and Erxiu in the future or not, we will always treat him as brothers."
Say that finish Tianyu gently put the pile of money on the marble table and then turn around and turn around to produce a small airflow, which can even drive the pieces of paper to break. Those pieces of paper like to keep Tianyu’s footsteps traveled a few steps with his sneakers.
This turn is very natural and unrestrained. There is not much attachment, and there is not much luxury. It is the brotherhood that is … Master Yan may not understand this friendship.
When Tianyu came to Erxiu’s side, he patted Erxiu’s left shoulder and said with a smile, "Let’s go, it’s time to go home. We tried our best."
Two whew also giggle nodded his head.
It’s near dusk, and it’s a little gloomy. The whole compound looks very depressed and lonely.