He roughly turned over a few bamboo slips, and his spirit suddenly shocked.

I didn’t expect him to know that it was the more common ancient characters in it, not the things like paintings and characters written at the gate of Xianfu.
"It seems that this fairy house is much earlier than imagined!" I sighed in my heart, but I didn’t hesitate.
With a wave of his hand, Gankun immediately put these jade slips together with the rack into Gankun’s hand.
He judged that he had probably read one of these jade slips and shells, and most of them were alchemy and alchemy.
From the period of practicing qi to the period of forming Dan, there are all kinds of things, from Gupeiyuan to healing and making drugs, from attacking magic weapons to defensive assistance, which are far richer and more precious than Tianxuan’s real-life bird’s-eye view of the hidden room in Yunge Pavilion.
Therefore, he is too lazy to look at it one by one, and then look at it again after it is all in the hands of Gankun. After all, it is a bit urgent now.
However, in order to avoid waiting for other monks to come in and see the decoration inside, he became suspicious, so he simply put these racks away and left one in it.
Anyway, Gan Kun is big enough to pretend.
Quickly send Fang Teng with a diameter of one meter, and it will appear in front of him.
He found it strange that the attic was four stories high and there was no passage, but when he saw this farewell party, he couldn’t help wondering.
However, this sending array method is very different from those he contacted before, and it is even more complicated. Many runes and printing methods have never been seen before.
Moreover, it is a high-order lingshi specification to activate the array method lingshi trough!
This is so illogical!
After all, the distance between the buildings is just a step stone, and you can go back and forth several times, so where can you get a high-order stone?
Yang Xiu frowning heart can’t help but move immediately took out the "token".
He must be going to the building. After all, there is the secret method of the alchemy refining device on the first floor, and it’s not worse than it, is it?
And since it’s "disfigured" that I came here, of course, I won’t give up so easily if I have this place
Yes, you can’t be too rash. After all, a monk can see that there is something strange in this farewell party.
So he couldn’t help taking out this magic weapon specially designed to resist pressure during long-distance delivery.
He guessed that this array must lead to the building, so if there is danger, it is in the process of delivery.
In the process of delivery, there is a danger of pressure, so he took out this delivery token.
Take out a high-order lingshi and throw it at will, and it will fall into the four slots of the law immediately.
Immediately see law red light flashing array immediately run up.
Yang Xiu half squinting at the law in the red light is not a sigh of relief.
When the gods moved, they immediately injected aura into the token and then flicker into the red light without hesitation.
Just as he stepped into the array, he suddenly became Zheng in his heart.
But I felt that the ban outside the attic seemed to be shaking, and then a burst of Xiao Long burst.
Just as he was going to feel it carefully, he felt that his body suddenly disappeared in the red light.
Yang Xiu was wrapped in a blue light from the token, and he saw a dreamy color in front of him. Sometimes he felt dark around him, and sometimes he felt Guanghua flashing around him.
But in an instant, he suddenly felt that the blue light curtain suddenly appeared to be dangerous when he was trying his best to send tokens.
Suddenly scared Yang Xiu hurriedly kept injecting spiritual strength into the token to stabilize the protective green light.
But then there is a huge suction from the token to take the initiative to let other body spirit force out of the body in large numbers.
Yang Xiu’s face suddenly changed and he quickly took out a bottle of diluted ten thousand-year-old spirit drops in his mouth, which avoided the exhaustion of body aura and finally stabilized the green light.
Secretly relieved, at the same time, he finally thought of what this farewell party should be built. It must be a former monk. It is to select who can go to a ban.
Just like the Nanling school, it’s as small as a hundred to ten thousand! Some things can’t be seen until the foundation period, so they are placed in a special ban, like monks who can’t get in before the foundation period.
And this send-off is obviously the same principle, otherwise such a small distance from the building to the building can produce so much pressure.
After he figured it out, he was relieved to have a token and a few bottles of Wan Nianling Liquid in his hand, so he didn’t worry about what pressure could do to him.
In this way, he kept losing the aura to maintain the token’s green light. Finally, after he dropped the third drop of Wan Nianling Liquid, a black body whirlpool suddenly appeared in front of his eyes and he was involuntarily involved.
At present, there is a bright rainbow, and the feeling of weightlessness disappears suddenly. Double horns are in the field and a room about the size of the first floor appears in front of you.
But although the size is quite the same, this room is much more elegant than the one on the other side.
There is a row of wooden frames in the room next to a corner, and there are dozens of bundles of oil bamboo slips and several jade cylinders with different colors on the wooden frame surface.
Hitman, the first watch)
Chapter two hundred and sixty-nine The third floor of the attic
It is said that Yang Xiu is separated into small pieces by the bonsai with lush foliage and music in the second floor of the attic.
There is a chair net in these compartments so good that a monk can sit quietly in it.
The whole room is filled with a sandalwood-like fragrance, which makes people feel cool and refreshed, and the whole god knowledge becomes up.
And this fragrance comes from these bonsai surfaces.
I can’t believe that they have the effect of calming the brain and calming the mind, and they are still so obvious to the monks in the Dan period. If you can practice in them, you don’t have to worry about what demons they are. It seems that these bonsai are not worldly things.
He didn’t delay looking for a moment and then took action immediately.
See his hands waving these bonsai, wooden chairs, wooden frames and jade slips all moved into the hands of Gan Kun.
Now that those monks have attacked the attic and banned it, he has to speed it up, so he didn’t look at these things carefully, but he immediately emptied this floor.
Then another array sending method appeared in front of him.
But when he saw this farewell, he couldn’t help but frown
See this array LingShi groove turned out to be a very LingShi appearance! Let him speak immediately
Although he has a very lingshi, since the third floor is going to this lingshi, what will happen to the fourth floor?
He doesn’t have such natural treasures as jade and spiritual heart.
Thinking about it, but he didn’t slow down manually. As soon as his hands turned over, the extremely spiritual stone was immediately embedded into the law by him.
Anyway, since I’m here, I’m definitely going to see it. Otherwise, how can I feel at ease!
This time, with sufficient preparation, the delivery process is very smooth.
But what surprised him was that this time he had a total of less than half a bottle of Wan Nianling Liquid, which was finally on the ground again.
Let him wonder whether the value he got in the end is as precious as this small half bottle of Wan Nianling Liquid!
After all, the value of Wan Nianling Liquid is more and more clear as he builds it, and it is never worse than a natural treasure.
And no friar will give it up for exchange.
It’s one of the most important necessities to save your life when Du Jie fights the French.
It’s also that he has a spirit pool that can produce ten thousand years’ spirit fluid, otherwise he wouldn’t dare to squander it as it is now.
As soon as he came to the net in the array sending method, he felt an unusually abundant aura and five elements of force coming on his face and wrapping him tightly like a substance.
Its abundance is several times stronger than the spirit pool in his underground abode of fairies and immortals.
There is very little impurity in this aura that can be directly melted into meridians without being tempered by real fire. It is really an excellent place to practice. Even one year here is worth fifty years outside.
He looked at the room again and suddenly felt a shock.