On the fierce guild is obvious to all, and after the battle of Dynasty Harbor, the fierce mad dog dragon is even more exaggerated. Many celebrities and experts know this person.

You have to be angry if you fly far away. The mad dog dragon is dressed as a future soldier, and even a man like Jiangnan Dao can turn it over. This is absolutely impossible for flying far away.
In fact, the most frustrating thing for Yuanfei is not the competition, but the attitude of the guild executives towards him.
He has felt that he is getting rusty on love crime, and love crime is increasingly valued by the rivers and mad dog dragons. Some big things in the guild are usually given to them to do, while those handed over to Yuanfei are trivial things.
This huge gap makes Yuanfei very unhappy. He still thinks that his energy is too scattered, and he has to practice and study the results. At the same time, it is unrealistic to compare the waters with the mad dog dragon.
So he simply gave up the practice and concentrated on the study of firearms and weapons.
His thinking is also very clear. You Jiang Hua want to build a port, do research in the energy field and produce all kinds of weapons and equipment. I don’t believe you are full of energy, so I will do research on firearms and weapons, which is more exclusive than your complexity.
Not to mention that flying far away in the workshop of Xixing Square has really made a lot of achievements. Now the major guilds of Loulan Empire are scrambling to find him to order various products in bulk. He may not have surpassed the waters in research, but the money is very profitable.
At the moment, the exhibition hall on the first floor of West Star Plaza is crowded with people, but there are handfuls of colorful umbrellas on the rooftop on the fifth floor. It is the so-called successful people who can negotiate here.
However, when Yuanfei saw Mad Dog Dragon smiling, his heart was upset because Mad Dog Dragon was brought by Justice Man.
Mad Dog Dragon disdained to say with smile, "I saw the m2 sniper rifle in the exhibition hall when I first came. I knew you had it when you dared to sell it."
Fei Fei also ignored him. He took out a long gun box from the cabinet and put it on the table. After a while of dazzling assembly, a delicate black gun appeared. This gun looks like mp5.
Mad dog dragon took it and looked at it carefully. "Is it a fake mk11 sniper rifle?"
You have to wear a mad dog dragon to fly far away. No matter what gun you build, you can tell you the origin when it reaches him.
"You don’t care what it refers to!" Far fly impatiently replied
The mad dog dragon sighed and put the gun down again. "This gun won’t work!"
Yuanfei was suddenly startled. "What makes you say this gun doesn’t work?" to be continued
Chapter five hundred and seventy-two Famous guns came out
Mad Dog Dragon Road "The advantage of this gun is that it is light, easy to carry and quick to shoot. Its biggest advantage is that it can shoot continuously with high precision and high speed, and it can instantly produce a lot of long-range damage in actual combat, and it is extremely hidden and difficult to be found."
There was a proud look in Yuanfei’s eyes. "You have a good eye."
Mad Dog Dragon sighed again, "But this gun has both advantages and disadvantages, because your barrel can never be made of synthetic fine steel."
It is admitted that "the combination of Cr-Cu steel and clad steel has a low carbon content and cannot be considered as a high-end metal"
Mad Dog Long Dao: "That’s right. The characteristic of this gun is to use a sniper rifle as a submachine gun to play a lot of bullets in an instant, but shooting too fast will cause the barrel to overheat and not cool, so the barrel will be ruined. If you use titanium and other synthetic fine steel to make the barrel, no one can afford it."
Yuanfei sighed, "I haven’t thought about these problems. Jiajia Company, you know that Miss Ai has put the price of gold ore at a height of 36 diamond coins and 5 grams. I’m not afraid to tell you that I have to make an appointment two days before I can find her goods."
"I depend!" Mad dog dragon was surprised. "So expensive?"
"Hot raw materials are rare!" Yuanfei silently put the gun back in the gun box.
Mad dog dragon road "is there anything better?"
Yuanfei took it out this time and it was still a relatively delicate and small pike. "How about this one?"
Mad dog dragon in hand shook "this is Beltas 95 sniper rifle? Light! "
"Light?" Far-flying doubt
Mad dog dragon road "design it yourself and see the durability yourself!" "
This gun shows a durability of 3/3, which is not only light but also easy to break.
Mad Dog Dragon continued, "You’ve been tinkering with the West Star Plaza for months and haven’t designed a better one?"
Yuanfei stared at him for a long time before he reached out his finger and said, "If people say that my horse will kick him out, don’t you dare say that."
He turned around and took out a big box from the cupboard, put it on the table, then took out an extra delicate long gun box from the box and put it on the table at last.
This time, instead of beating the horse, he solemnly said according to the box, "This gun is made of special materials, even the bullets are special. I originally had a plan. This gun is not for sale!"