Seeing the half moon left in the sky, it shines brightly, and a powerful moon essence equivalent to a full moon night shoots blue moonlight from the sky like a rotating machete.

Behind his wings, he waved a fierce red mouth, and the refined essence of the moon was immediately swallowed up by him. His blood-red body was abruptly enlarged in a circle, and his eyes were cold and radiant, staring at the descendants of the blood clan around him, grinning a dozen times. Signs of blood arrows flew out of his mouth.
Twelve descendants of miscellaneous blood were attacked by blood arrows and blown into clouds. Strangely, the blood fog didn’t blow up but floated in the water.
The secret spell of the unfamiliar blood clan was called out by Odd in a sharp voice. Although it was the first time, it seems that Odd did not make any mistakes. Twelve blood fogs kept churning under the guidance of the secret spell and soon formed a strange magic circle above his head.
This is an extremely powerful blood clan secret method, which is also a relatively advanced magic in the Rui Moer family. Generally, it can only be realized from the blood clan if it reaches the earl’s advanced blood clan.
Odd, although a knight, did not meet the requirements of understanding, but at the moment he has a sense of death. After all, he killed the Dograff family, and even if he returned to the family, he would be dead. The prince would never forgive him.
Since they are also dead, it is better to die for a mutually assured destruction consciousness that would rather die than suffer losses, and somehow let him realize the secret method of blood clan one level higher than himself.
At the same time, the high-level secret method also needs enough magic to support it. Although Odd realized the high-level secret method instantly, he didn’t have enough magic to support it himself.
In case of necessity, twelve hybrid descendants became the source of magic, and even the souls of these descendants were pulled out. With the help of soul power, Lord Odysseus finally used this high-level blood clan secret method.
It’s a bit vicious to kill one’s kin, but in this situation, Odd can’t consider so much, and even his life may not be saved. Who cares about the regulations of the Supreme Council of the Blood clan?
Although this dark magic may not be able to resist the magic of the gods, Odd did not make his own blood in the dark magic circle to launch a moment. With the help of the battle force, he has escaped from the coercion of the bronze knight Carl Dograff.
The body hurriedly turned into a tiny bloody bat and flew out quickly. I don’t know if it happened that Odd was flying in the same direction as Jinyang’s hospital.
Carl Dograff first discovered that Odd had escaped to vent his anger in his chest. He used a long-term singing spell to subdue the vampire Lord, and then slowly eliminated it. At this moment, the magic was launched in the middle of the target and even escaped from coercion, and he was a blood clan Lord. This is definitely a shame method to forgive shame.
Hurriedly roared, "Catch him and catch him alive. I’ll take him back and taste the burning soul of sacred inflammation a hundred times a day."
Five white priests who came with Carl Dograff immediately flashed their bodies. Without Carl Dograff’s order, they were not allowed to act privately.
Command a received five white figure hurriedly fly out to capture has flown out of hundreds of meters Sir Odd.
The advantage of the blood clan is that speed escape is the best for the blood clan, but although it is a shame for the nobility to escape, if everyone is dead, no matter how high the glory is, it is just a piece of paper.
All the family honor and shame have been thrown thousands of miles away by Lord Odd, and the only thing I want to do is run for my life.
Although Carl Dograff is currently bound by his own magical powers, Odd also understands that the five people behind the strength of all people are Bical Dograff, who is not weak, how much is strong and which is weak, which clearly shows that it is not worthwhile to be brave.
Chapter 26 Ten thousand resin king poison repair
Seeing that there is a black line in the sky, Odd has fled to a hundred meters in front of Jinyang’s hospital, but five white figures are getting closer and closer to him. Although the knight is good at melee, he is not good at speed, but his strength is huge to make up for the speed gap.
Seeing that I will be chased by Oder with a cold sweat on my forehead, I regret it. If I don’t leave early today as a hero, I may have been enjoying the warmth and fragrance in a beautiful woman’s quilt.
Suddenly, five guardian knights suddenly stopped, and an incredible thing happened suddenly. When Odd flew over the main building of the hospital, there was a wave, and vampires suddenly disappeared, even the darkness disappeared, as if they had never appeared.
The five guardian knights are very skeptical about whether it is true that they just ran in front of themselves and others. Is everything an illusion? Leading the middle-aged man wrapped in a white robe, quietly elegant light shining with cold eyes staring at the hospital main building with a little doubt.
More than ten years of combat experience told him that the high-rise building has a big problem and will never escape as easily as what he saw in front of him. The dark creature should have been swallowed up by this one in front of him.
On the surface, there is nothing special about this piece. If it is really a problem, since the eyes can’t see it, it is not that he can deal with a hesitation, an order, an unknown and a danger.
The hidden cabinet Jinyang was relieved to see that the Five Knights didn’t rush in. Six months ago, after a long period of planning and spending millions of dollars, he finally laid out a pretty good defensive position at the top of the main building.
Not long ago, when Vampire Jue Odd flew here, Jinyang was so excited that he quickly trapped Odd in the battle and ambushed him by the power of’ Zen leading the demon pestle’.
Although everything is risky, things are still going on according to Jinyang’s estimation, but I am afraid that if these five knights rush in rashly, things will be unimaginable
Jinyang Adventure Point has been estimated at most, and it can also fight with the weakest among the five people. If five people rush in rashly, it’s really stealing chickens and folding rice.
Fortunately, although the five guardian knights are powerful, they have reached the’ fourth order’, but they don’t understand the five elements of heaven and earth and the number of hexagrams. Although their ancestors once suffered great losses from monks in China, how could those ancient gentlemen and nobles in Europe tell their scandals to future generations? Many information has long been lost in the long river of history
All five knights don’t know how to carve a few stones. Putting them in a specific position can trigger the aura of heaven and earth to evolve into a battle. They can also hide their breath. Be careful. They dare not rush forward. No one knows what awaits them ahead.
If they don’t go into Jinyang, they won’t risk attacking him. He’s not a hero. He will never be stupid to attack five people who are better than himself. It’s a fool to do things there.
Cough’ and’ Cough’, in which five tiny black shirts are spared, Carl Dograff, who is still dealing with the magic circle, has a speed that is imperceptible to the naked eye. The black smoke wraps the surface of the bomb and the fire is extremely imperceptible at night.
The bullet quickly approached and was about to hit. At this moment, the five guardian knights suddenly became alert. Years of combat experience made the five people aware of the danger for the first time. The powerful holy flame burst out, and everyone had a set of green armor floating in half like five gods of war.
Broken near five people slightly twisted body strong holy power drives the body to fly out at a very fast speed, leaving a road in the air.
At the top of a high-rise building in Chinatown, the big man looked at five rounds of ammunition, and one arm that had not been lost in the middle was disappointed. It was a pity to look at the magazine. Six of the nine bullets had been dropped and three were left.
Looked at the sky radiant Carl # Doug Graaffre that honest face suddenly turned out to be a little more cold, and the heavy sniper rifle was carefully manufactured, and the distance was slowly adjusted to aim at the heart of the white figure.
The five sniper bullets were carefully modified, and the speed was extremely fast, but one of them was still missing. I was looking forward to Hades’ regret. I was a little depressed when I watched the bullets fly over my head, but at this moment, five tiny leaves approached five figures, and five people looked at the leaves flying towards their faces, full of surprises.
Suddenly, the five people smiled, and no one believed that these leaves, which were almost just picked, would do harm to their bodies after decades of exercise. Everyone was sure that these soft leaves could not break through the defense of the light, not to mention that they were harder than armor.
One by one, smiling and grasping at Ye’s head, there was no warning, and the idea of grasping Ye was as they wished, and Ye was slowly held in their hands.
There was a sudden stabbing pain from the palm of your hand to the central nervous system. Although five people have a holy power, they are still human bodies. If there is no holy power, they are just a little stronger than ordinary people.
No one saw a green light shining into their bodies from the leaves, and when they didn’t react, the green light broke through the meridians and quickly entered the internal organs, lungs and other viscera, all of which were wrapped by the green light.
Five people were frightened and hurriedly threw away their hand leaves. At this moment, they realized that these leaves were all made of bronze, but what looked so fresh in just a moment was as strange as just picking them.
Sudden colic spread from the heart. Suffering from great pain, it spread to the internal organs instantly. Five people were horrified to find that the holy light of the body was gathering in the internal organs at an extremely fast speed, and it was like a huge black hole constantly sucking the holy power.
Gradually, the five people’s eyes changed from gold to light green, and the color deepened with time, and the body breath was no longer sacred. Instead, it turned out to be an absolute cold energy mixed with a foul smell than cold.
Chapter 27 Minor injuries
Hidden cabinet Jinyang slumped to the ground and sweated, and hurriedly grabbed Hades and handed me clear water. It took half a minute to throw the water bottle out, pale and panting.
"True God, if the sniper bullets hadn’t made them in shock, maybe we would have stayed here today. Hades hid these guys and went back here first. It’s already uncomfortable. I’ll meet Er and Li Sanren, and I’ll hand over the vampires to you when I get back."
Jinyang Li’s magic door secret method’ bewitched’ slightly affected the thinking of the five knights. Although there was a second, Jinyang also exhausted his mind, but the result was quite gratifying. The five knights lost their cool instantly, but the huge poison had invaded them than the poison of the ten thousand-year-old corpse king.
Hades also knew how powerful it was. He didn’t say much. He quickly put the machine gun rocket launcher into the dark room that had already been arranged, and quickly ran to the bottom of the building and disappeared into the night.
I looked at the wrist bronze bracelet, among which five bronze leaves have lost their luster and become ordinary bronze pieces. They are successful attacks on five knights. The hero lost his luster because the poison of ten thousand years of corpse king has invaded the bodies of five guardian knights.
"Have to save some have left a few can’t wave resin Wang Zong those zombies if you know I’m so their legacy will skip the Pacific Ocean directly to kill? It shouldn’t be like these thousand-year-old zombies don’t know the specific foreign routes. It seems that there was no reform when they died! "
"bang!" "bang!" "bang!" Three shots, three milli-embellishments, and black spots are rapidly flying towards Carl # Dograff. Carl is wondering why the guardian knight doesn’t continue to catch up.
But not the kui is a Vatican bronze knight, although it belongs to the lowest grade in the knight’s hierarchy, but it is also a’ fourth-order’ power. After hearing the gun, his body gently flashed and easily escaped three sniper bullets.
The powerful spirit went into the water and immediately realized that he was about to run away. Ordinary people dared to attack him. When the white light flashed, they rushed over. At this moment, a strange smell suddenly came from the opposite side, a powerful smell that had never been seen before.
Just considering the sudden disappearance of the five guardian knights, I can’t feel that they are suddenly surprised in my heart and quickly flash past. Curiosity about unknown energy and comfort of the guardian knight are better than an ordinary gunman after all.
But he never thought that ordinary guns could be so powerful? And if five knights can’t handle such a person, can he handle it?
Carl # Doug Graff entered that strange energy and immediately lost the sense of induction to the outside world. After being cut off, his heart suddenly became surprised and a little scared.
But a knight is a knight. Every knight has to go through several battles to get this title. Although he is in an unknown position, Carl Dograff immediately calmed down after only a few seconds. At this moment, he should be in a strange enchantment. If he wants to go out, he must find the boundary point of the enchantment. But he doesn’t know that this is not a magical enchantment but an ancient battle in China.
After dozens of minutes.
Carl Dograff’s door rushed out of the array and gave off a sword with super-strong holy power, which was tightly held in his right hand. Although the large array of secondary hallows was carefully arranged by Jinyang, after all, the material was insufficient or a bronze knight with secondary hallows was trapped by five methods.
However, China’s illusory appearance has suffered a lot from Jeancard Dograff.
A burst of terror and rapid shooting out, except for the fact that he has broken the battle, the whole building is ordinary people.
Although angry in my heart, I dare not take it out on ordinary people. It is also a big sin. Those dear brothers in the family are eager to see their mistakes and take their place.
I still can’t feel the breath of the five guardian knights when my mind is swept away. There are two possibilities: one is to be killed, and the other is to be cut off by the enchantment and my mind can’t notice it.
Several obscure holy power fluctuations emerged from a tree and even flashed in the tree with a holy power covering the past. Father Associates took the lead in several’ first-order’ powers and immediately woke up and saluted several people at the sight of Karl # Dograff.