A listen to this Li Hao face fierce a bow to land night but bow to Yang Ye absolutely not! Li Hao immediately wanted to refute it, but was pulled by Li Gao and then shook his head at him.

Li Hao’s face was red, his chest was undulating, he exhaled breath, and his eyes were full of resentment and anger.
I’m not going to go to Yang Ye to have a look at Li Hao’s appearance at this time, and I marched past directly.
Lu night look around Yang Ye and Li Hao again slant head to Li Gao said, "Your son bullied my brother’s girlfriend this thing can’t bear you to let your son apologize to my buddy and his girlfriend this thing is finished."
"You …" Li Hao was in a hurry. Just yu mouth was pulled by Li Gao. Li Gao shook his head and sighed, "I apologize to the public for my son. I’m sorry before."
Eye socket
Lu night looked at Li Gao and sneered, "I asked your son to apologize, didn’t I ask you to apologize?"
Li Gao’s face changed into fat and shook violently, but he immediately recovered calm and pulled a Li Hao with a sigh.
Things to such Li Hao instead of angry smile some ferocious call "good apology? Want to hear me? No problem. What’s your name, sir? " Ask nature is Yang Ye.
"Yang" Yang Ye light way
"Very good very good! Mr. Yang, today, I, Li Hao, have a dog’s eye and don’t know Taishan Mountain. It’s my fault that I offended your girlfriend. I apologize to you very, very sincerely! Sorry! " Li Hao said to Yang Ye with a ferocious face. No one heard any apology in his tone.
Yang Ye stare at this hysterical man who is not much different from his age. His mood is also uncomfortable. Make a determined effort. "I’m sorry that you always listen to me! No! Arrive! "
Li Hao one leng Li Gao one leng even spent a night on land, and the field was suddenly cold.
This is to step on the face …
Instead, Li Hao reacted, his face was ferocious, his eyes were even bigger, his eyes were cold, and a sinister breath was emitted. Yang Ye could clearly feel it.
Li Hao’s body fluctuated violently for a while, and his hands clenched fists and nails were embedded in the palm of his hand, and he was bleeding. He didn’t care at all. Suddenly, he turned his fierce eyes from Yang Ye’s face and swept to the hall to attend his party. The right hand of the guests shouted at the top of their lungs with a hammer.
"I! Li Hao! Today! Dog eyes don’t know mount tai! Hit Mr. Yang! Offended miss Qin! I Li Hao apologize to him! Beg him to leave me alone! Beg him to let me go, Li Jiafu! ! !” The voice is hoarse and broken, and it echoes in the ears and hearts of dozens of guests with thick unwilling anger; Reverberate in this luxurious hall with splendid summer melody; In this city of Z, the bright stars reverberate …
A bar in Z city
After Li Hao’s apology, Yang Ye and Lu Ye ignored all the people present, ran tandem and roared out of the hall, leaving the summer melody alone and returning to calm.
Two people driving a super run directly to find a bar to drill in.
Take a peck at the good wine and laugh at the night. "I said Yang Ye didn’t expect you to be poisonous enough, but I like it."
Yang Ye glanced at him and didn’t good the spirit said, "It’s just a Smith. It’s all because of you, Mr. Lu. Please take care of me after the light."
"Ha ha ha good say you join me …"
"fuck off"
"Er … don’t add it. By the way, you remember what you said?" Lu night didn’t care Yang Ye refused.
"Remember how to forget that you had been at ease. I’m not in a hurry," Yang Ye said over a sip of juice.
"Hey, hey, that’s good. It’s not a problem to fix me some money with other equipment attributes." Lu Ye Xi Xi laughed.
"Ok, that’s not a thing. I’ll go back so late …" Yang Ye added, sitting on the side embarrassed, Qin Yan, and she was the first time to enter a bar …
"Ah, I’m leaving …" Yang Ye walked to the door and suddenly turned back.
"Bastard reventon leave poison for you! !” Sad cry at night on land
Yang Ye where to ignore him? With Qin smoke drill reventon and gone.
Sitting in the co-pilot, Qin Yan returned to calm, but her face kept floating and blushing. She seemed to be doing something fierce. What did she want to say?
Chapter 53 ratchet woodland
Even if I don’t have a subscription in the future, I will stick to it, because I have a little dream in summer night and need a little money to realize it, but there is no income at present in summer night, which is the best hope! Everyone can rest assured that I will try my best to collect one more collection! I also hope that everyone can click and recommend votes to support fattening. What’s so annoying, qaq?
Qin Yan lowered his head, but his eyes kept glancing at Yang Ye, putting his hand on his thigh and forefinger, and kept circling this show. There was something on his mind!
"Is there anything wrong with being absent-minded?" Yang Ye asked with a smile.
"Well … I …" Qin Yan prevaricated "I … you … that … ah …" But I couldn’t say anything.
"Speak directly!" Yang Ye is quite puzzled.
"Ah … is … nothing! !” Qin Yan finally didn’t dare to say it. I’m willing to … What can’t be said tonight …
Yang Ye confused look dizzy red qin smoke finally didn’t say anything.
Woman, it’s hard to understand!
Before going straight back to the residence to sleep, Yang Ye gave a message to several new B people asking about the situation and asked them to buy a game helmet to play "Tianyu" first.
The next day, Yang Ye left the chores and re-started.
I haven’t enchanted the equipment system for a long time, and the progress has also been delayed. Several presidents have sent inquiries and asked Yang Ye to reply as soon as possible!
Lilina took it before level 3, but Yang Ye is not in a hurry to do something more important now-
A few people sent Yang Ye and Lilina to a house in the center of Rain City. This is the application agency of Rain City Store.
Yu Luo cheng Shang pu purchase association
Looking inside the door, it’s so dense that people have come before buying in shops!
Players jostle shoulder to shoulder, push and shove, and keep yelling-
"Make way … Knife guild to handle affairs make way …"
"Let the nima knife never heard! Grandpa is a’ second penis is thin into a line’. Have you heard of it? If you haven’t heard it, let it be, or you will hear it! "
"I wipe gauze crazy wu put your sword away! Poke my ass! "
"Nima, this gauze assassin, it’s really uncomfortable for you to come out and look at it in a piece of hair stealth …"
"Don’t squeeze me, don’t squeeze me … I’m a priest … I can’t walk …"
"Old power break thousand who can stop me! ! Ha ha ha ha … "
"Wocao * *! !”
Yang Ye canthus sobbed at the crowd and asked Lilina to wait for her hands in situ, and forced her to squeeze in directly with her high strength.
"Who is lying in the trough? Squeeze a ball and then squeeze it … believe it or not! Great god! " An assassin who was squeezed by Yang Ye swore. Looking back, he said that the promise war was immediately startled.
"What? A promise war? Where is it? What a fright! People? "
"The power of lying in the trough is big enough!"
"Brother Promise ~ Please bring it in!" A priest woman softly shouted.
Yang Ye canthus a lie trough ugly like this still dare to come out? If you don’t want to be so bold, you will be scared to step faster by two points.
Approaching the Association Department, Yang Yecai is white. There are many people here.
At present, the shops where the game can be bought have been marked, but there are many good lots, but no one buys not enough gold coins, but sells the house, and the old man just doesn’t sell it anyway!
Several people have tried various methods to bribe, and of course the bribe has been thrown out.