"It’s just a slip of the tongue. Don’t correct those small places. Do you think Kang likes lobules?"

"Aye, isn’t this a thing?" Although the volume is still very small, it is the sundae that shows an unexpected expression. "Ah, but think about it. It’s Aaron. You spend most of your time in the Dojo. You don’t know many things. Maybe people in the center will think that Kang has a good impression on Xiaoye, but Xiaoye didn’t find it himself, or Xiaoye’s eyes are others you can’t see." The sundae continued to novel.
"Aye, it is. Suddenly I feel sorry for Kang," Aaron continued.
"Come on, give them a hand," Sunda said with a smile. What do you think of it? It’s all about wanting to see a good show. The biggest conscience of this battle center, Ah Hao, is not here now. By the way, Ah Hao is very popular among girls. It seems that after a long time of breeding, his wild atmosphere of leaning towards Xiao Yi has completely disappeared, replaced by gentle care for Poké mon, which has created a very considerate and understanding image. When Ah Hao publicly proposed to Sunda in the battle center, many girls were heartbroken, and then until now. I’m still wondering in Along. Although Kang can’t be regarded as a handsome guy like Xiaoyong, his appearance alone should be the average line, and his strength is obvious to all. Now he doesn’t even have a girlfriend, which is really puzzling. Obviously, he is not an idiot like Xiaoyong, nor is he really puzzling like Xiaoyi.
"Help? Although subjective feelings I also want to help, but this kind of thing won’t help more and more busy? I am now, even if I continue to let Xiaoye lose heart, she probably won’t listen. "Aaron continued.
"I know what I know. You’ll be in charge of Kang’s side and I’ll be in charge of Xiaoye’s side. You two men will have a heart-to-heart talk, and then I, a woman, will enlighten Xiaoye. At least let her know that Kang likes her woman. You know, after someone likes herself, even if you know that you don’t like the other person, you will gradually start to care about that person. Actually, Kang’s practice so far has been completely correct. Even if you want to start a conversation, it’s better than if two people communicate very little and say nothing," said It should be said that Sundai has always had long hair, and her face is not that kind of melon face, but that she is very mature. She used to give people the image of a big sister, and this time Aaron once again saw the big sister position being launched!
In the past 66 games in the first round, a total of five players from the center were involved and one of them was eliminated. The opponent was indeed a fairly powerful player and there was nothing to be done about it. So there were three people in the second round. Then Aaron paid special attention to whether Feng played in the first round, and then he didn’t look at the results. The trainer recommended that he probably skipped the first round like a player.
It’s already too late for the 66-match department in May, but it didn’t arrive at the tobacco and ink market until the evening. It seems that flying boat was late. Then, let’s just say that if May led three trainers in the match center to get recommended places to participate in gorgeous large-scale celebrations, two of them were brushed in the first round of performance and the second round of performance respectively, leaving one to stop in the top 8. How can I put it? This is really a very good result. After all, these three people haven’t even gone out to search for ribbon badges. Although they have been trained, they are in. It’s incredible that taking part in the contest is a novice, and it’s amazing that one of them can enter before the grand celebration. May seems to be very happy about it, too.
250 farewell match? Friends reunited?
Then, because May arrived, he became May next to Aaron in the audience, and then there was always a sundae. It seems that the lobule action mode has been accurately determined by the sundae. He always grabbed in front of the lobule and arrived at the lobule, and then Kang sat next to the lobule. Then it seems to have become a routine. Every time Kang sat next to the lobule, there would be a round of quarrels between the two people, and then in the end, it would always turn into pulling the lobule and liking Aaron, but Kang thought that lobule should not like Aaron so much. Aaron has been used to it in the past few days, and everyone in the competition center, including May, has never been surprised by this phenomenon from the beginning. Rather, it is strange that Aaron is alone, maybe there is hope for both of them, or maybe the game is going on every day. Aaron has paid special attention to the wind, and her strength is really very strong. Although it doesn’t sound like a training day for a long time in this league match, it is because she has been with mini dragon since she was a child. Let’s get up. Although mini dragon has not evolved, she is still very powerful. On the second day, her first opponent is the third player who has achieved good results in many competitions in Chengdu. However, judging from the results, it is not difficult for her to win. The competition goes on day by day and then until the top 8 battle center. There are two people left, but two people can squeeze into the top 8. Aaron also feels good when he stops at the top 16. There are three people in the top 3, and one person also enters the top 8. Then the first game of the top 8 is the wind confrontation battle center. Everyone calls him Xiaoming Da, who was the firstIt’s a pity that the goal of top four was not achieved, but in the end, the other person in the battle center also lost this time. Then the final match was against the first wind, and finally she lost and won the second place. However, for her first time in the competition, this is already quite an excellent result.
"However, it’s ok to calculate that there are 15 people in the top 3 and 5 people in the top 16." Although it’s a pity that the top 4 goals have not been achieved, it’s also an acceptable result if we just talk about the results. Moreover, for talent training facilities, it’s better to cultivate a champion than not to cultivate two top 4 players and two top 8 players than not to cultivate four top 8 players. In a certain sense, the number of talents is higher than the quality of individual individuals. If we can achieve the expected goal, it will be better, but the top 3 players will take up 15.
After the closing ceremony on the last day, everyone began to pack their things and planned to return to Lvqing Town early in the morning, but Aaron was very calm.
"Aaron, you can’t leave early in the morning if you don’t pack your things," said Mr. Juan Island, who lives in a room with Aaron.
"tidy up? Ah, I am a pig brain and forgot to tell you that I will stay here for a few more days. "Aaron also realized that he seemed to have told the Taoist people and Mr. May Qianli that they really didn’t say anything about Mr. Juandao.
"Stay a few days? Do what? " Mr. juandao is very strange
"Ah, because Xiaoyong is leaving, Xiaoyong is going to travel abroad when he is, but it feels like he seems to realize what he wants to travel abroad just now! That’s why he went back to his hometown in Yanmo at this time, and it was everyone’s turn to bid him farewell, and then he planned to hold a personal competition for him. Mr. Du called my old friend Xiaoyi Xiaoyong to bid him farewell. Speaking of it, Kang should have been called, and he was also a rival with Xiaoyong in the league match, "Aaron said.
"Is this something like a party?"
"But you really forgot with Mr. Juan Island," Aaron continued
May is going to stay with Aaron, and the descendants are all here in two days.
"Yo Xiaoyong hasn’t seen each other for more than a year, so he’s still single." I was waiting for someone to have a peaceful afternoon tea when Xiaoyi suddenly held hands with Miss Herona and killed Xiaoyong at home.
"Xiaoyong, it’s been a long time," and then Miss Herona said with a perfect smile.
"Ouch! Ouch!" Although Aaron once told Xiaoyi to keep a low profile and not touch Xiaoyong’s wound, it seems to have played an anti-Aaron role, and he feels as if he is asking Xiaoyi to "bring salt". Although this is true, Aaron once joined forces to bully Aaron, and now it is indeed a good development to successfully leave and shape them into hostile forces. However, Aaron does not want the development to be too complicated, and the trouble also hopes that Miss Hilona’s purity can delay a development.
"Ah, Miss Herona, it’s been a long time. I’m so glad you can come. Then Xiao Yi can go away. You’re not welcome here." Xiao Yong’s attitude is very fresh.
"When I leave, Herona will go with me." Xiao Yi said and raised her hand holding the ground. It was already expected that Xiaoyong would say this and even wrote the play …
"It’s right to call you before you leave, and I can kill you before I leave." Xiaoyong’s fighting spirit has been completely ignited! Ah, ah, ah, there’s a lot to see! Aaron’s theatre mode has been completely inspired for a long time!
"Yes, will I be afraid of you?" Xiaoyi seems to be not afraid at all, and it is impossible for him to show cowardice because Herona is nearby.
"Oh, Xiao Yi has arrived. In that case, our so-called’ Ruoye Sanjie’ leaves Ah Hao not coming, but Ah Hao is now being held by his mother and it is impossible to come." Kang saw Xiao Yi coming and walked into the room while saying this, and then noticed that Xiao Yi and Herona were still holding hands …
"Xiaoyi, I will definitely kill you this time!" The conversation changed in an instant. No! Kang reached Xiaoyong’s side in an instant!
"Say, Hao and Sunda are all right, but what will he be caught back by his mother? I know about it, but I don’t know why. "
"Ah, for me, then Ah Hao proposed to the sundae, and then the sundae asked Ah Hao to win her before she married. Then the last consequence was that Ah Hao was hanged, and his mother was very angry and took Ah Hao back." Aaron sat on the side and said very calmly, incidentally, now May and Feng are out shopping together. Today, two people said that they don’t want a male escort, and Aaron and Xiaoyong will stay at Xiaoyong’s house. The situation is that Aaron is with May every day, and Xiaoyi is forced by force. Forced to be dragged around on the surface, the reason is to ask Xiaoyong to help carry the bag. Actually, Aaron and May are very clear, but it is better to say that Xiaoyong is not clear. Then, because of being pulled out like this, Xiaoyong’s affection for the wind seems to have declined, but he really doesn’t know what to say.
"Then because Ah Hao didn’t come to the sundae, he decided not to come either. Although it is not clear when the two of them agreed to fight again, the sundae was also carefully prepared." Aaron continued to add that if it was fast enough, he might be invited directly when he went back to the battle center. Of course, before that, Ah Hao could grow to the point where he could defeat the sundae in less than half a year. He used to be stronger than Xiao Yi at Poké mon College, but it should be no problem in terms of talent. Although Aaron still thinks it is unlikely.
"Aye, that guy is trying, too. It’s a pity that even that is much better than even Kang who has not tried hard." Xiaoyi continued with a bad smile.
"Hey Yi is almost enough." Miss Herona seems to be really laughing. This is an old friend’s simple joke. Aaron doesn’t feel that the strong smell is fake.
"Well, then we’ll go to the city for a date. Let’s go first." Xiaoyi said that and was ready to leave Herona. It was also very polite to bow and follow Xiaoyi.
"Damn it, what a good girl like Miss Herona would be with Xiaoyi!" Kang knelt down! Then he hit the ground and shouted! Speaking of which, I told you this a long time ago! Aaron’s heart says that there are some things that won’t be real until you see them with your own eyes.
"It’s like flowers in pig shit!" Xiaoyong also hit the table, and Aaron wanted to say that you didn’t catch up with Miss Herona, so it was not even worse than pig excrement. But this kind of words will give them a blow, so they can watch the drama for a while instead of turning them into zombies. Aaron decided not to talk first, and then quietly continued to fuck his brain and drink tea.
Then several old friends who Aaron didn’t know Xiaoyong came one after another. Yesterday and the day before yesterday, some people came to Xiaoyong to introduce Aaron and Kang to those people. Then after a long afternoon and a while,
"I’m coming, Xiaoyong!" A familiar voice came and saw that it was Jun, followed by Li Ajun and Li, holding hands …
As if something had been shattered, he hung his arm bravely.
"Hey Xiaoyong, what’s wrong with you?" Because it took one look at Ah Jun and then it became like this, Ah Jun was also very surprised and hurriedly said
"No, it’s nothing. It’s probably a feeling of being betrayed by your most important friend. I don’t care about small things. Although I have suffered a great mental blow before, it may be a bit bad to be hit like this at this time." Aaron said very calmly after drinking tea.
"Betrayed? What does it mean? " Jun has a blank face.
"Ah, that’s it?" Aaron was still very similar, so he got up from his chair and went to Ah Jun’s side and whispered.
"Ah, you said this. Li and I are dating. It’s also hard to say. It was a week ago that Li came to me to confess, because I also liked Li very much, but I didn’t have the courage. I was really touched by dragging Li to confess to me like this." Ah Jun said that Li’s head was as low as it could be, and Aaron was surprised by such a plot. After all, in Aaron’s impression, Li was a timid girl who lacked courage. Although it looked like Li volunteered to confess to me, it was unexpectedly small as the general military. Compared with majesty and everything else, elder sister lacks a lot of hair, and her hair is not like that of miss junsha. But in the final analysis, she is still a policeman. She also has a strong side. Then after listening to the love history of her best friend, Xiaoyong seems to be completely broken.
"Oh, yes, one, two and three are all like this. Come on, God, I will deal with you well!"
By the way, the current personnel are Aaron (accompanied by May), Xiaoyi (accompanied by Herona), Akang Ajun (accompanied by Li), Xiaozhang (accompanied by Du), and there are a large group of Aaron who don’t know each other, but it seems that they are also childhood friends with Xiaoyong, and the four kings are Miss Lihua and Mr. Yishu.
251, fight! Aaron Ajun?
"But is it really okay to make this venue casually?" Along here, everyone came to the stadium where the Chengdu League match was held a few days ago.
"It’s okay, it’s okay to come to this kind of venue. In addition to large-scale competitions, it can also be a private venue at ordinary times, but you need to pay part of it." Mr. Du said that this time Xiaoyong saw off the competition, and Mr. Du did not intend to participate. It seems that Xiaoyong asked that Xiaoyong planned to fight with Mr. Du after he came back in a few years outside, and also did not intend to participate. Miss Herona said that since the four-day crown military crossing did not participate, the champion of the same four heavenly kings himself would not join the competition. When we got together to draw lots for the audience, some relatives and friends from the Imperial Dragon Family came to watch the game in this big family house in Yanmo City, and some unscrupulous citizens also came in to draw lots for the game. There were 16 people in total, and the first opponent’s words were Jun No.1.
"Oh, oh, this is really hard to chew bones." Ah Jun sighed after knowing that his opponent was Aaron.
"It’s a coincidence that I also want to say this." Aaron also said that although I haven’t played with Ah Jun for a long time, the former Ah Jun’s strength still left a very deep impression on Aaron. Now Ah Jun’s strongest police in Chengdu can be said to be quite active and has become a representative of the police. Although Ah Jun’s goal of killing his beloved girl before his arrest has not been achieved yet, now that he is in contact with Li, it may be understandable that his heart disease has faded. To be honest, of course, compared with himself. Long feels Xiaoyong is more suitable for this kind of speech. Compared with the success of revenge, A Jun A Long feels that it is better to let the wound heal slowly, even if it leaves a scar.
"Let’s start then" and then the lottery has been completed. Mr. Du also immediately said that the body is a private competition. Maybe even the competition is not a game. Aaron and Jun also immediately came to both ends of the venue.
"By the way, we haven’t decided how many to how many?" Then it seems that this important problem has not been solved, Aaron said
"Well, what do you decide for yourself?" Because it’s just a game, Mr. Du, the referee, also seems very casual
""then one to one! " "Then Aaron and Ah Jun suddenly said together, and then both of them couldn’t help laughing because the other side said the same thing as themselves.
"Although Ah Jun and I call each other best friends, I found that Aaron and Ah Jun are unexpectedly similar in character and action long before the hegemony in that area." Xiaoyong also said when he looked at this situation.
"Then let me see how strong you have become as a training genius! Flame chicken! " Aaron directly handed over the flaming chicken, but Ah Jun still called out the big steel snake when he saw it!
"This is really good. I like it!" Aaron talked about it, and how should I put it? In this long period of time after the tournament, Aaron put aside being stared at by his master on the brain screen, and spent the training outside. It is Aaron’s favorite ordinary day to be woken up by Xiaomei for breakfast every morning, and then go to the competition center to say hello to everyone. Before the early appointment, May personally cooked the afternoon training, put aside the evening to go home for dinner, and then watch the internet for a while before going to bed, thinking about things and then go to sleep. This ordinary day is Aaron’s favorite, and then it often turns black during this period. Mantle Rock Suo Luoya Burning Worm has successfully evolved into a black Pang Yan monster, Suo Luoya Vulcan, and Lily Root doll has successfully evolved into Lilligant through the sun stone. After it has evolved into Lilligant, it has finally improved a lot in terms of being too timid. Perhaps it has accumulated more experience and confidence with a lot of Taoist competitions.
"It’s not that I want to decide the outcome head-on, but that I know very well that I can’t compete with Aaron now." Ah Jun said this. Although Aaron wanted to say "You are coming again" with a smile, this time Aaron didn’t say it because he felt that Ah Jun might be serious.
"Come on, let’s get started anyway! The flaming chicken sprays flames! " Along ling
"dragon breath!"
The flaming chicken took a deep breath and then sprayed it out. The flaming fire went straight for the big steel snake! The big steel snake opened its mouth and spewed out a green airflow, but the resistance of the airflow to the flame was broken! The flame instantly wrapped the big steel snake, and the big steel snake also began to rotate all the joints of its body, creating a whirlwind to disperse the flame! However, it is also in this short period that the flaming chicken has come to a place close to the big steel snake. If the big steel snake had not turned itself just now, the flaming chicken would have been here by this time, right?
"Give your life to attack!"
"Kick with fire!"
Although Aaron didn’t make an order to avoid it, naturally, it can’t be called a flaming chicken. Of course, in that situation where a showdown is needed, the flaming chicken will definitely take the initiative to understand it. But at the beginning, it is obviously not necessary. The big steel snake ran into the flaming chicken at a very fast speed, but it felt quite normal to avoid the attack. How should I put it? Aaron was very white. The big steel snake was very fast, but it was also very white. Did the flaming chicken manage to cope with it because of too many high-level confrontations? The flaming chicken jumped up and then took the initiative to turn Although it is a flame kick, it is also a lot of flames! The big steel snake screamed in pain and shook its head at first, and the flaming chicken took a step back.
"Ale?" Aaron likes to analyze problems from an objective point of view. Aaron often comes to the conclusion that he is too impulsive or doesn’t handle it well through one thing. Because of the importance of self-criticism, Aaron thinks it is worthwhile to do this. Then, through the confrontation with Aaron just now, he is also habitually led to a theory that Ah Jun is actually weak. No, no, it shouldn’t be said that it can’t be like this in any case. Jun is very strong and Aaron is very white, or that everyone in the place is white