This is quite a good thing. This kind of beef looks hard and seems to be frozen before it is packaged in small bags, but in fact, many special spices and medicines are added. Once exposed to air, it will be cooked in ten seconds and eaten in the mouth. It is delicious and juicy, and will never be forgotten.

"Didn’t say I told the east elder brother points a big bag you a person have a big bag? Hey, hey, Aaron, what’s wrong with you today? " Lin Zhi expressed dissatisfaction.
Li Dalong is absent-minded again. It is very strange to look at two packs of beef thoughtfully.
"No problem, no problem!" Li Dalong quickly hit the third gift box with a wave of his hand.
This time, it was Lin Zhi’s turn to laugh at "Yo yo, it seems that your friend outside is still a literate. I actually sent you this. Is this because you are afraid of being lonely in prison? Haha! "
The third gift turned out to be a very uniform paper entity with a yellow cover that said it was some years old.
In fact, it’s easy to understand that the prison authorities can’t allow your friends to bring in virtual images outside. In case you take them apart, it will become a potential unstable factor to get the energy components out.
This time, Li Dalong showed a puzzled look, but Lin Zhi grabbed it and turned it over. "Let me see what this is. The name of the author of" S Border Town Waves "… is also called Border Town Waves. What is this? Why is the first page torn? There is nothing wrong with the third page? "
"Let me see!" Li Dalong grabbed it and flipped through it. It’s true. The whole first page was torn off and the third page was torn off by a small part. Besides, this is also the case on pages 12 and 26. Other pages are neat.
See the mutilated Li Dalong heaved a long sigh of relief and seemed to put a big stone in his heart.
Bald laughed. "Well, forget about the gifts and get ready to go to the restaurant. Everyone can eat good food on Christmas Eve."
Tonight, the restaurant is decorated with lights and a Christmas tree in the corner.
But the black spider restaurant is always so depressing and weird, and tonight the atmosphere is even more depressing and weird. Everyone is still silent because there is a whole circle around the hall with pulse guns in their hands. There are at least forty or fifty of these robots, and every five of them have a patrol team leader in front of them. These people are eyeing up and staring at the table.
The black spider has not been peaceful recently, and it is a festive night tonight. The warden has ordered that if anyone dares to make trouble again tonight, he will take military control for the first time.
Li Dalong found that even the black rose and the arrogant man who were trapped in the dungeon were released, but tonight the two were quite honest and sat motionless at the table.
Li Dalong also saw the eldest brother in the prison in the crowd, and the mysterious old man obviously found him, but the old man’s face passed him like he didn’t know Li Dalong.
The food on Christmas Eve is really good. Everyone has a big bottle of steak, sliced lemon roast chicken, spaghetti, lobster, roasted chicken wings, pizza, seasonal vegetables, salad and Luo Songtang beer.
This time, Li Dalong was swept away in less than a minute, which made the bald head next to it feel that Li Dalong was particularly abnormal today
What surprised him even more was that Li Dalong seemed to be still hungry after returning to his cell after dinner, and he chewed up the big bag of beef in small packets. This time, he ate slowly and tried his best to bite the beef to the ground.
Bare-headed climbed into bed and looked at him. "You seem particularly hungry today?"
Li Dalong is still chewing. "I don’t know when I can eat this meal again."
Bald Huo Ran looked up and stared at him. His eyes were full of indecision.
But Li Dalong suddenly put beef and said solemnly, "Brother Dong, I want to ask you a question."
Bald head nodded and said, "You ask!"
Li Dalong said, "Are you going to get out of prison soon?"
Bald head continued to nod. "It’s almost four months."
Li Dalong said, "What are your plans after you go out?"
The bald man mused, "I want to go back to my hometown if I can. I want to live a quiet life and be an ordinary person and never come back here again."
Li Dalong eyes immediately revealed envy.
"What about you? What are your plans if you go out? " Bald head asks
Li Dalong’s eyes seemed to fall into the distance again. "I want to be a chef and a restaurant if possible."
The bald man couldn’t help laughing. "I believe you can do this day."
The friendlier his smile is, the stronger the imperceptible sadness in Li Dalong’s eyes.
Then Li Dalong suddenly raised his hand and picked up the shabby old "East Brother, I will give it to you!"
His tone is getting more and more dignified and his look is getting more and more serious. The bald head always feels that something is wrong, but he still took it and flipped through it. "What? Is this important to you? "
Li Dalong nodded. "Many years ago, I was wandering in my hometown planet and picked this up. I was deeply attracted by it."
"Oh?" The bald head is also interested. "What is it like?"
Li Dalong said, "The hero in it has suffered a lot, but no matter how hard it is, there are always a group of good brothers around him who share the same pains with him. He has almost nothing in that world, but he has friends. I envy the hero!"
Bald head stroking the cover. "Have you kept this until today?"
Li Dalong smiled. "I’ll give it to you today!"
Bald immediately understood what he meant. Li Dalong Bao is not just one, but a belief in his heart. People who believe in friends and yearn for friendship will keep it for so long. Now it will be handed over to their own hands, which proves that Li Dalong has regarded him as a friend in his heart.
Bald head looked up and stared at Li Dalong. "Don’t worry, I will take good care of this in the same way as you."
Having said that, it seems that I can’t say it again. The bald head dropped the light source in the room and the room immediately fell into darkness.
"Go to sleep, Aaron. I don’t think you look well tonight. Maybe you will recover after sleeping." His words are very obscure. Are you very abnormal tonight? What happened again?
Of course, he never imagined how amazing what would happen next.
In the dark, Li Dalong didn’t sleep immediately. He stared at his bald head silently, and some words could never be said. He could say in his heart, "Brother Dong, thank you for taking care of me in the face of the black spider. I hope that after I leave here, if all of us can meet again, we will still be friends rather than enemies." To be continued.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Prison Break ()
The black spider control center is also located in the ground, but not as deep as the prison area.
This is the most important core hub of the whole black spider. It is responsible for the whole prison operation, including unified operation, issuing instructions, commanding prison guards, external liaison, etc. The warden and the chief executive have mobilized all resources and personnel here.
At the moment, the night is already deep, but Alex is not sleeping. She is still patrolling the command hall of the main control center.
She is an experienced warden. Whenever a grand festival comes, the prison is the most nervous. It is very simple that prisoners are also people. They also have festivals, and many people get together to have a carnival, which is prone to accidents.
In the command hall, hundreds of virtual screens are lit up, and the display is the specific picture of each cell. Dozens of information projectors are constantly generating various simulated objects and virtual maps, which are all beneficial to light perception perspective, satellite positioning, heat source tracking, thermal imaging, temperature analysis and other functions to automatically detect the external situation of black spiders and prevent all dangerous factors.
There is a total of one worker transferred from the federal government, six of whom are prison guards, two of whom are responsible for the overall operation, and two people, including logistics, doctors and chefs, form a team
In addition, the Black Spider also has two intelligent robot prison guards, who are scattered in all major areas of the Black Spider Department at the moment and are constantly conducting strict inspections and patrols 24 hours a day.
All the pictures show normal, people in all areas are making trouble, and everything is running in an orderly way. Usually it is not different.
"Good night, sir. Merry Christmas!" The workers in Taiwan and Taiwan greeted each other.
"Merry Christmas!" Alex waved back, too. She was really tired today and needed a good sleep.
But just as her high-heeled shoes were about to step out of the gate of the command hall, the "click" sounded, and the lights in the whole hall instantly extinguished hundreds of sets of lights and screens, and the hall immediately stopped running and fell into darkness.
Alex’s heart was suddenly shocked and something happened!
Three seconds later, the emergency lights on the four corners of the hall were faint, and dozens of workers were not flustered, but they all whispered and suddenly stopped. This is the first time that black spiders have happened.
"What’s the matter?" Alex walked quickly to the central desk.
A blonde who is starting the intelligent brain processor quickly replied, "Sir, the reason is still being searched. I have already started the crystal source system."
Sure enough, in less than a minute, all the lights in the hall were back on, and all of them started quickly.
However, although the virtual screen is bright or not, the problem lies in the fact that the picture displayed by the method is full of blue luster
The blonde’s face showed a look of horror. "Sir, the central system is restarting. It is expected to restart in 3 seconds."