JiLan hurriedly explain aside Sudan followed nodded.

It was only when Su Fang woke up that Qi Lan thought of moving that it was really necessary to find someone to watch the sun, and Mr. Wang gave him that the best day was the day. In fact, if the house can’t be completed today, Qi Lan probably will try to live in it first, and besides, his small and shabby thatched cottage is really enough, but he doesn’t want to wait a month for a good day when the new house has been completed.
Now that JiLan has said this, the village chief will not say anything more. "That line, while it’s still early today, you should go and prepare the purchase and purchase, and get it up first. I’ll inform the villagers to come and help them early in the morning."
"Then I’ll trouble grandpa, the village head. By the way, those uncles who helped me cook fish, please call me. I’ll get two more fish every time I see those uncles like to eat fish. I’ll go to town with Xiaofang to buy some meat now."
"Ok, you are busy. Just leave it to me here." Grandpa, the village head, was in a good mood, ate well, slept well and earned some money at home. He felt that the whole person seemed to be younger and his body was much more agile.
And these are all brought by Jilan. For Jilan, things are naturally heart.
With the help of the village chief, Jilan’s side is much easier. He borrowed a big, strong and uncle ox cart and went to town with Su Fang. During this period, he hardly went to town except to buy some necessities, just taking advantage of today’s big shopping to buy back what his new home needs.
"Husband, it’s not cost-effective to buy meat. Why don’t we just buy a pig and kill the banquet ourselves, and there will still be a lot left?"
During this period, my husband kept it, and he especially liked to give him the money he earned.
Although in the end, Su Fang was afraid of losing it and let her husband put it in the house, Su Fang still knew how much money he had.
Now Su Fang is not the one who can’t bear to make a person even a penny. Now he can’t bear to buy a big fat pig without a rich man!
And these are all because I have such a good husband. Su Fang feels that when Dad Armin sold himself, it was definitely the luckiest thing in his life.
"Ok, then buy a pig." Qi Lan also thinks it’s good. "I remember that there are many pig farmers in our village. I heard a few days ago that there are pigs that can be sold. Go back later and ask us to buy something else now."
"Zhang Shuyao Zhang Shuyao’s domestic pigs can be sold. I heard him say yesterday that he wanted to sell them and buy a new piglet."
Although Su Fang is young, he can’t stand it. Those uncles in the village like him very much. He is hard-working and sweet-mouthed. Su Fang knows a lot more than Qi Lan.
"Zhang Shu? Just let’s go back and tell Zhang Shuyao that he hasn’t sold it yet, right? "
Qi Lan was worried that it would be embarrassing if they were told that the pig had been sold when they went back.
"No, no, I heard Zhang Shuyao talk about it early, saying that he would wait until he was busy these days to find a pig butcher." Su Fang shook his head repeatedly, and he was very sure about it.
"Well, let’s go and buy Uncle Zhang’s big fat pig."
Since Sudan is so sure that JiLan will not insist on it.
I had the experience of inviting people to eat fish this time. This time, Jilan’s shopping will be much more convenient. When I walked along the street, I bought almost all the things I should buy. When I passed by the restaurant, I went in and told the shopkeeper that they were a little friendly now. It is natural to inform me of this big event of moving.
Yuelai Restaurant is particularly famous in their town, but it is also the only restaurant in the whole town. On the second day, when the shopkeeper of the restaurant personally came to deliver the wedding gift, the village suddenly boiled and aligned with Lan, a young man with a different view.
It’s amazing to be able to let the restaurant shopkeeper personally deliver the wedding gift.
This was almost everyone’s mind at that time.
But JiLan is no longer in the mood to care what others think. He is busy entertaining guests at the moment. He greets those uncles and uncles, and Zhang Shuyao helps greet the Soviet side. The main purpose is to entertain some unmarried boys and children, and take them to the courtyard to visit them to satisfy the curiosity of those little guys.
Wang Zhanggui was welcomed into the village, where there were several old people in the village, such as the village head. It was not a neglect to have them to help greet Wang Zhanggui.
When Wang Zhanggui heard that JiLan came to Qijia Village penniless only two months ago, and then there was such a big news in just two months.
Although I know that this silver source can be aligned with Lan, this teenager is still surprised.
After all, whether it’s jam or many ways to cook fish.
Even after I knew it, I felt simple, but before that, others couldn’t think of it.
Chapter 38 Settle down
In fact, the greenhouse meal is just eating housewarming wine before Qi Lan’s work. After that, Qi Lan can finally move into a new home with her family.
"Husband, our new home is so beautiful. I never dreamed that I could live in such a beautiful room."
Their shabby thatched cottage has long been moved into the new house by enthusiastic villagers, so clean that not even a leaf was left.
Su Fang and Qi Lan are holding hands at the moment and holding Qi Yue and Qi Feng’s family of four respectively. They are all looking at the newly completed home in front of them in high spirits.
This is where they will live for decades to come.
"This is not a dream, Xiaofang. This is our home. We have lived in such a beautiful place ever since."
Qi Lan’s eyes are also full of love that everyone lived in a cold high-rise building before the end of his life. He was an orphan and had no family since he was a child. Later, he finally bought a house and had a home to rely on.
After the advent of the last days, he also wandered alone, but he still didn’t feel the warmth of home, even though he later joined the forces for reasons.
Now JiLan looked at the people around him, big and small, and suddenly felt that he had honed it so that he could get such warmth now.
"Come on, let’s go in." JiLan shook her head and threw those messy ideas out, pulling people around her to step into this new house step by step and finally landed in the yard, and a sense of stability came to her.
Qi Lan knew that from this moment on, he really took root in this land. From now on, there will be no owners, and now there will be no past lives.
From now on, Qi Lan is just an ordinary farmer in Qijia Village. He has a husband and two lovely nephews, which is his responsibility and will be the biggest motivation for his efforts!
Long sigh of relief JiLan feel like there is a pressure instantaneous released out all relaxed a lot.
"Husband, what’s the matter with you?" Su Fang worried and looked at Jilan. Although he didn’t know what was going on with her husband, he felt something but couldn’t say what it was like.
Qi Lan laughed. "Nothing. Let’s go, Xiaoyue Xiaofeng. I’ll show you your new house!"
Their new home has two courtyards outside the courtyard, and they are all going to live in the courtyard. Xiaoyue Xiaofeng Room is just in the left and right wing of the courtyard, and there are two rooms here.
But JiLan let people get through and then screen off.
In addition to their bedroom, Xiaofeng’s side is Fang Xiaoyue’s side, which can be called Xiuge, which is specially for them to entertain friends.
Although in JiLan’s eyes, there is not much difference in appearance between boys and men here.
However, he still has to do as the Romans do. This little boy can be raised as a daughter. It’s a big deal to teach them to learn boxing later, but he can’t really be a good family who knows nothing, can he?
Few shelves have been bought by Qi Lan these days. The enlightenment table is also newly made, and a pair of smaller bows and arrows are hung on the wall. More decorations will be arranged slowly after waiting, but even so, Qi Feng’s cheeks are still red with excitement.