"The enemy of God of War!"

"It’s awesome! One person kills the team!"
"This ak marksmanship is really no one … always practice ak!"
"I’m so handsome! I’m so handsome! This marksmanship has blown up three headshots plus the first two headshots. This round, his headshot rate turned out to be 100% too bad! "
The audience couldn’t hide their excitement, and they screamed in an exaggerated way.
Loli, who is explaining, is even more excited, just like Italy played against Huang Jianxiang in that year’s World Cup. She praised Ye Qing’s performance and all kinds of compliments emerged one after another.
Her explanation is almost completely biased towards the nb team, but it is not because of Ye Qing and Da Mi, nor because of Ye Qing and her, but because of appreciation and worship.
She thought Ye Qing was really terrible. She still remembered when she first met Ye Qing. At that time, Ye Qing was not as terrible as it is now, but it was already showing its edge.
At that time, she felt that Ye Qing would become a very powerful machine gunner in the future, and that I Club would lead a great team. But now she didn’t expect that Ye Qing would leave I Club and join nb Team, and his achievements would of course be higher.
Ye Qing’s strength now is beyond her imagination, and Ye Qing has gone further and higher than she expected.
She is really a die-hard fan of Ye Qing now. After seeing the image of an idol playing handsome, she can’t wait to lick the screen and keep waking her up. This is a live broadcast.
Yan Yue and others were also stunned. They just picked up the gun and ran to both sides. I didn’t expect a person to kill the middle road directly, and then a series of headshots directly killed the other team!
Pay attention to the team! This means that this round, Yanyue, they worked in vain for a while and ended without a shot. They all became a foil.
Yanyue shook her head very politely. "Wipe me, your sister is so abnormal!"
"I think I can sleep and see the results later." Shining is also very authentic
"That’s awesome. How is this marksmanship practiced?" Yu Youhe has always been the younger brother of the team, and his marksmanship is slightly inferior to that of several other machine gunners. Ye Qing’s marksmanship simply makes him feel incredible. What is the concept of killing five people by one person and the other five people have not appeared one by one, except for the first two and the last three people, but they appear at the same time!
In fact, many people think that it is very shocking to explode three heads behind the leaf tilt, but in fact, the two heads in front of the leaf tilt are also very technical because they are all shot in the head! The sniper was shot in the head even before the gun came, and then flashed out, and the gunner didn’t come. As soon as the gun appeared, he hung up, and probably got a clear view of the position of the leaf tilt.
Jiang Yuhan smiled and said, "Look, I made a very correct decision. Ye Qing’s joining has made our team’s strength rise by a big margin. If we want it, we will definitely get it. There will be no accidents!"
Ye listened to his teammates’ comments and touched his head a little embarrassedly. "It’s just luck. I didn’t expect them to come to the middle of the road. I came to sneak attack."
"Good luck? You’re lucky to meet five people? If I meet five people, I turn around and run. That’s bad luck! " He month is very annoyed tunnel
"Is to meet each other five people you incredibly still can kill you how to practice this marksmanship? K that guy didn’t see so great at the time! " Shining is very admire tunnel
Ye Qing had a wonderful feeling at that time, that is, the feeling was so urgent that the other three people suddenly flashed out. If he didn’t turn around and run in any other way, he would leave his back to the other side and die faster. He decided to fight with the other side.
When shooting, he was worried that he would not be able to bear the rhythm of the shooting first, so he consciously accelerated, hoping to kill the three men quickly. If it took a long time, the other party would die even if he could not blow his head off.
This consciously accelerated the rhythm of some shots, and suddenly he found a feeling, a feeling of quick head shots. Three shots were shot in a row, but the other person only shot a few times, and his posture was very flexible. Although the other party hit him but missed the key, he was beaten into red blood.
This amazing performance is also to make the other side face five people go to the middle to kill Ye Qing, and it will be quite humiliating to be killed by the other side.
Everyone in club I who didn’t take part in the competition was also watching the competition in the training room. When they saw Ye Qing being so fierce, they couldn’t help but applaud the former captain.
This amazing performance often happens when the front leaf leans in the I club. At that time, the team can rely on him to win the victory. He has to face several people on his own, and he often gets caught in the fire against Renye Fang, so he has to kill him.
"The captain is really strong. I think this star champion must be the captain of their team!" Chaonan is very authentic.
Tian Peng is now the captain of the I club, but everyone still regards Ye Qing as the captain. Even if Ye Qing is no longer in the I club, Tian Peng understands it very well, and so does he. He always feels that the captain or Ye Qing has Ye Qing to support this team. Others have left, but he has given this team too much spiritual strength.
"Yes, the nb team is very strong, but the captain alone can beat each other like this and win the championship. There is definitely no suspense." Tian Wei is very much in favor of the tunnel
"That’s for sure. Even if the ag team or the captain of the sunny team is restricted by the other party, there are still snipers. They are also quite powerful players." The south road
"Bullshit! How could the captain be restricted by the other person? In which game do you think the captain was restricted? He’s such a good marksman. What’s the limit? Today’s game is a good example. The captain killed five opponents by one person, and five people took five people without restraining the captain. Then what else can be done? " Wu zhedao
Chapter 135 NB war IG
The performance of Ye Qing’s team surprised four shock fields and created a miracle. His position as an ak gun god has been as stable as Mount Tai, and people can shake it.
He not only enlisted the live audience and commentary, but also enlisted his teammates, even Yan Yue, who was full of his heart.
It is precisely because of this team defeat that the confidence of the other team collapsed, and the nb team lost the game more quickly and quickly on the third map, and won another game.
Jiang Yuhan feels very much that the game is getting easier and easier now. They just play the game without any effort, and Ye Qing has done most of the things alone. They just need to help from the side.
This is called "whoever needs help", and I can’t resist that kind of attack. Of course, I can’t play too conservative and I must remain strong.
Just when the nb team successfully won the game, Su Yanbing, who was far away from Chengdu, was a little in a hurry because her parents came to Chengdu! It’s not much when she comes home with Ye, but it’s only two or three months. Her parents can’t help but want to come out and see what kind of life she leads, and at the same time, they should also examine the financial strength of the prospective son-in-law
Although I was satisfied with Ye Qing, I thought Ye Qing was a club manager and could earn money, but it was all Ye Qing who said it himself. Who knows if it is true or not? An old couple went directly to Chengdu, but Ye Qing was not in Chengdu.
Su Yanbing explained that Ye Qing was on a business trip, not playing a game. Although her parents were not pedantic, they still had some prejudice against strangers who played games. She didn’t dare to point out Ye Qing’s identity.
The old couple unanimously asked to go to Yeqing House to see Su Yanbing. It is said that Yeqing House is still under renovation. It is dusty or not. But the old couple insisted on taking a look before they could rest assured that Su Yanbing had to take them to Yeqing, which is renovating the big house.
After seeing the big house, the old couple immediately put their hearts at ease and could afford such a big suite, saying that Ye Qing was still quite capable and had little economic strength, and she was sure to live well after her daughter.
Su Yanbing took them to visit a coffee shop and a restaurant with big honey, which made the old couple feel more at ease. After their daughter got married with her own career, she wouldn’t be a housewife, and she couldn’t finish talking and depended on men.
After a day of tossing, Su Yanbing took the old couple back to her current place of residence and arranged for them to stay in the room in Pearl Krabs, while Pearl Krabs took the initiative to stay in the hotel and went home to live with Dami.
Pearl Krabs saw Su Yanbing in such a hurry that she was also worried about when her parents would suddenly visit.
The Star Invitational Tournament will be finished in one day, and the schedule is very tight. The nb team has played the third game in the afternoon, and the opponent is getting stronger and stronger. The third opponent is directly the ig team whose strength has been improved after the array change. This team once almost disappeared, but it is eye-catching in lol. Recently, it has returned to the audience’s field of vision in the F project, and it is threatening.
In the first two games, the ig team won and lost. This game met the nb team, and they lost their temper as soon as they knew that the game was quite difficult to play, and they were sure to lose.
Su Yanbing also knows that the nb team will be finished in one day after the Star Game, that is, she will return to Chengdu in about two days, so she tries her best to send her parents away.
However, the old couple said that they would stay in Chengdu for a week, and they would go around places of interest, such as Wuhou Temple, Jinli and Du Fu Cottage, and they all wanted to see Su Yanbing. There was nothing they could do, so why not let others see it?