Cao told everyone what to do according to the previous rules when he was away. These laws must not be destroyed. Also, after he left, the military commander here gave it to Zhong Qi for the time being. After all, Cao Xing can now take away two generals who stayed. There are two generals, Zhong Qi and Hu Cheer Hu Cheer. Cao Xing is not at ease. This force eventually falls on the clock, and it also makes Cao Xing feel at ease.

After arranging all this, Cao Xing took a mighty road with his military forces. Chen Hu and Zhou Cang were very excited all the way, especially Chen Hu. Although he is now a military coach, this is also the first time he has walked out of Bianyun County and Jiuyuan County to see the outside world.
Maybe there is still a battle to be fought. I’m excited to think about these things. However, compared with Chen Hu, I’m very excited. Cao Cao’s performance is more negative than indifference.
Anyway, it took Cao Cao a month to walk half the way out of Bingzhou, because all the other horses stopped and went, and they could go around the road and never copy the path.
At the moment, Cao Caozhao’s 10-route governors have arrived one after another, and they have been gone for almost a month. When Cao Xing finally entered the Sili border, he came back according to the front whistle. Now the 10-route governors seem to have gathered in Zizyphus jujube city.
Zizyphus jujube city is close to Chen Liujing, and Cao Cao did not hesitate to take people to continue walking in that direction.
It is very close to entering Ziziphus jujuba City and coming into contact with the mighty army. However, Cao Xing waved his hand and ordered the troops to stay here for a night before entering the city.
Deeply in the tent, Chen Hu showed abnormal anxiety and kept asking Cao Xing that he was not in the city now. He couldn’t wait for the 10-route princes to meet at an early date. His heart had already been eager to wait, because he heard that the 10-route princes had gathered in the total force, and there were hundreds of thousands of places that had fought vigorously. Chen Hu was certainly unable to hold back when he heard these news.
However, regardless of these, Cao Xing waved his hand and let Chen Hu behave and sit there
Chen Hunai sighed and just wanted to ask Cao Xing to do this. However, at this moment, Che Wu ran into the big account and glanced at it. It seems that there are Cao Xing people in the big account. Chen Hu and Zhou Cang are all owned by their own people. Che Wu did not hesitate. He took out a big piece of paper from his arms and spread it out in front of everyone.
"Master, I sneaked into Ziziphus jujuba City with a spy before, and I have already asked the information department to find out!"
Looking at the dense words on this piece of paper, Chen Hu was embarrassed and touched his head. He was quite embarrassed to ask Che Wu, "I don’t have a good look in my eyes and I don’t know what it is. Why don’t you read it to me?"
All the people heard the words with a smile, and Che Wu did not hesitate to directly tell them about the information he had heard. Cao Cao issued a petition for Dong Haowen to invite Tian Yinghao to Luoyang to crusade against Dong Zhuo.
There are not a few people who responded to Cao Cao’s call, but they led troops here in person. It is said that there are ten forces to say things like Jingzhou shepherd Liu Biao Yizhou shepherd Liu Yan. This department is also a Han clan, and none of them moved. They all stayed in their own territory like wolves and would not lead troops here to rescue them.
The vassals who took the No.10 Road were the post-generals Nanyang satrap Yuan Shu, Jizhou animal husbandry Han Fu, Yuzhou secretariat Kong Zhou, Yanzhou secretariat Liu Dai, Hejun satrap Wang Kuang, Chen Liu satrap Zhang Miao, Dongjun satrap Qiao Xun, Shanyang satrap Yuan Yi, Jibei phase Bao Xin, Beihai satrap Kong Rong, Guangling satrap Juck Zhang, Peiping satrap Sun Zan and Party satrap Zhang Yang.
Hearing the names of these people, although neither Zhou Cang nor Chen Hu seems to have heard of them, these people are all armed with 12,000 troops. It seems that they are all heroes and heroes. It is really a blessing that they can meet. Chen Hu and Zhou Cang’s eyes are full of hope.
Cao Xing, on the other hand, smiled and didn’t pay much attention to these ten passers-by, but he still looked at Che Wu with his burning eyes and asked, "Besides these things, have you found anything else?"
Hearing this, Che Wu was stunned at first, but then he quickly reacted. Cao Xing told him before that everything was in appearance and in two aspects. Now what he inquired about is just some appearance things. The real value should be in
Che Wu hesitated for a moment and then said, "The leader elected by the ten-route warlord turned out to be in Luoyang. Although Yuan Shao has now become the leader of the ten-route warlord, then again, it seems that many people still don’t take him as the leader. After all, everyone has soldiers in their hands. Why should they listen to his orders!"
Hearing this, Cao Cao clapped his hands and nodded approvingly at Chewu. This information is also very good. Looking at the names of the ten people with Cao Cao’s dribbling eyes, he finally flashed a different color in his eyes, as if he had made any decision.
Ten-way governors gathered in Zizyphus jujube city to March into Luoyang. It seems that the road ahead has not been leveled yet. At this moment, everyone is still gathered in Zizyphus jujube city, and Cao Xing stayed outside for two days before slowly entering the city.
For example, this morning, the situation was a little weird. There were no guards outside, but the tinker in the center of Ziziphus jujuba City had become a huge military camp.
It can be seen that many commanders are rooted here, but although these accounts are extended, if you look closely, you can see that their division is still very obvious. Every force has its flag inserted and will never easily cross the border.
Cao Xing directly asked one of his own people to find a piece of land to erect their own power there, and then Cao Xing slowly walked in the direction of the central military camp. When he got here, he was questioned by guards
A soldier came to Cao Xing and said that this is a military stronghold, and other people are not allowed to enter. If Cao Xing must enter, please also explain the reasons.
Cao Xing directly took out the letter from his arms to beg Dong. As soon as the soldier saw it in his heart, he immediately knew that he had punched Cao Xing and asked Cao Xing to wait here for a moment. Then he took the letter to beg Dong, and entered the barracks.
Cao Xing was waiting outside with Chen Hu and Zhou Cang for almost half an hour when the foot soldier finally came back, but it was strange that the foot soldier didn’t say anything to Cao Xing after he came back and went back to his original position directly. Seeing Cao Xing behind him, Chen Hu was a little upset. Why didn’t the foot soldier even know the most basic manners and how to give Cao Xing a message? Now he is there without saying anything. What does this mean?
Just as Chen Hu took a step forward and was just about to ask, suddenly a high voice came from the camp gate to listen to the sound and shouted.
"Jiuyuan County Chief Cao Xing came late and delayed the military situation. Now he is reporting to the door!"
When they heard the last four words, Cao Xing, Zhou Cang and Chen Hu all looked at each other and entered the door. To put it bluntly, they had to say their names at every step from here until they reached the army tent.
It’s silly to say one’s name and still say it out loud if it seems that outsiders take a step. Of course, it’s also a shame to those disobedient generals
Now Cao Xing wants to go in and meet other ten-way governors, but he has to sign up and enter Cao Xing and others’ hearts naturally.
See Chen Hu directly in the previous step. His Shuang Hu stared at these soldiers and shouted, "What do you mean? My master has come a long way to cooperate with you in your action to ask for Dong, but here he is still insulted by you. Who gave you the order? "
These soldiers took a glance at Chen Hu without saying anything, and continued to work in their posts. Seeing here, Chen Hu was completely fired, without saying anything, and took out his waist sword, while the soldiers around him watched Chen Hu make such a move, one by one holding his spear in his hand and preparing for the battle.
Seeing that the war was on the verge, suddenly another big drink rang out from behind Cao Xing and others. Cao Xing and others looked back and saw more than a dozen fast horses rushing here. The horsemen were angry and kept beating their horses.
When they arrived at the gate of the camp, the men flew quickly. At this moment, Cao Xing didn’t see clearly that the leader was a man of about thirty-five. When people saw this man, he was tall and heavy, and he was even more angry and arrogant.
Now, in this face, the word ShaQi has been written all over. This man seems to want to break into the barracks without saying anything, and he was immediately intercepted by the guards. The guards sank and shouted, "What are you doing here? Do you know that this is a military stronghold! "
However, upon hearing this, the man with a Chinese face flew into a rage. He did not say anything but raised his whip and slapped it in the soldier’s face. The soldier’s face was suddenly covered with a blood stain.
"You dare to hit me!"
At the moment, the soldier and the people around him also reacted. One by one, they raised their spears and seemed to want to make this man. However, this man took out his sword without saying anything. Seeing that his sabre was very strange in length, there were probably five or six blades with a little blue light. At first glance, you would know that this knife is definitely a peerless good one.
In the rear, Cao Xing had a flash of light when he saw the knife. He seemed to have a guess about the identity of this middle-aged man.
As the middle-aged man drew his sword and saw more than ten people behind him, he also pulled out his waist weapon and looked angrily at the guards around him. Among them, a teenager about the same age and Cao Cao roared with his pike.
"The native tile dog generation dares to block our way. Today we are here to collect debts!"
Seeing that this group of people is taking the lead in this middle-aged man, those guards at the door are all a little panicked because they obviously feel the murderous look of this middle-aged man, and they have just come from the battlefield.
All these guards also know that if the middle-aged man is upset, he is likely to draw out his sword and kill people.
Seeing that the middle-aged man waved his hand and was ready to forcibly rush into the barracks, however, at this moment Cao Xing stepped forward to the middle-aged man. He took a look at the middle-aged man and then looked at the guards.
Chapter two hundred and thirteen The 19th route governors
"I said you this group of people is what to eat? This general obviously just came from the front, and others are fighting in front and bleeding. Now there must be something important to go in and report, but you are here to stop it. If the military situation is delayed, don’t let it go quickly! "
Cao Xing’s words can be said to have arranged a step for both sides. Those guards also reacted immediately. Men didn’t eat immediate losses. One by one, they hurriedly let the road pass. The middle-aged man nodded to Cao Xing as a gratitude, and then he killed the main account in the army without saying anything with his own anger.
With the middle-aged humanitarian in front of them, the guards have been scared out of their wits, and Cao Cao also took Chen Hu and Zhou Cangtang into the military camp to say something about the newspaper door.