The underworld wanted the SS-level lost demon’ Black Song’ to make the demon visit the banquet, so no one would have thought of it.

After the Jimongli soldiers were captured when they contacted the black song, the other two members of the’ disaster group’ were later repelled and escaped.
Although the situation ended with minimal damage-but the venue was infiltrated by the enemy for other forces, it will definitely question the demon’s vigilance
As can be seen now, Shemhasa, a degenerate angel camp, and blazing angels, an angel camp, are all very angry.
Shemhasa continued to report.
"The opponents were Sun Wu, the Monkey, the Wali Team, the independent unit of the’ Disaster Group’, and the Cat’s Monkey, the Black Song, and the angel Cllbrande of St. Wang Jian was also involved. Three players, each with great strength, came … Let’s not talk about the external alert. Fortunately, it was found that it would have serious consequences at ten o’clock. Anyway, the alert of the demon camp was too loose!"
Ye Yuyou knocked on the table along Azazeru with a look of impatience. Shem Hassa and Azazeru’s adjutant talked about everything very well, but there was a little too much nonsense.
Just as Ye Yu was about to fall asleep, Shemhasa suddenly read his name.
"This is the more detailed information I know about this matter. I hope that Mr. Ye Yu, a soldier of Jimongli family, can tell us all in vain."
"ha? Specific situation? "
Listen, Shemhasa said that Ye Yu was slightly one leng and immediately found that the line of sight in the hall fell on him.
"Well, there’s nothing to say. Is this an attack or not? It’s just that an idiot sister missed her sister and came to see her. I believe all adults know that the cat’ black song’ Elias is a family and a kitten is a sister?"
Ye Yu said this, and all the people present nodded. At the beginning, it was Sasek who saved the kitten, and the degenerate angel had already got this part of the information. This is not a secret.
"What I said this time is actually that Sister Cat’s visit to Sister Cat actually has no attack purpose."
"There is no attack? As far as I know, there was a battle there, right? Besides, the scale of the battle was not small, and there was a strong isolation atmosphere, so that neither of the two demon lords found the intruder at the demon side. "
Shemhasa, deputy governor of degenerate angel, pointed this out seriously after Ye Yu finished.
"Um … the scale of the battle?"
Ye Yu touched himself. It seems that they didn’t leave any traces of black songs except the ice wall they made, right?
It seems that the range of the last ice wall does seem a bit exaggerated.
"It’s just a little adjustment to a sister. I haven’t seen her for such a long time and I miss my sister very much, but I just have to put on a show of indifference. I’m also very resistant to this."
"Please note that Mr. Ye Yu’s black songs are ss-level lost demons and extremely dangerous!"
"Oh, so what?"
Ye Yu raised his eyebrows slightly without weakness and asked himself a face of serious degenerate angel deputy governor.
The atmosphere of the meeting suddenly became awkward. Azazeru looked at his deputy with a funny face and a beaten expression. On the other side, Sussex and Seraph’s face were all nai-like.
Obviously, Ye Yu has expressed his attitude to shelter Black Song. After all, it is impossible for the other party to treat Black Song as a prisoner so directly. If you do this, the kitten will be very sad.
Sasakes and Serafur tacitly let Ye Yu do it, but the degenerate angel didn’t know it.
Azazeru did listen to the meaning in Ye Yu’s words, but some brain-dead Shemhasa has not responded.
Just as Azazeru was going to open his mouth to tease his deputy, an old and powerful voice rang outside the door.
"Hum, young people can’t even meet old people?"
Suddenly, an old man with an old hat and one eye appeared. His white beard was almost on the floor, wearing a simple robe and holding a stick.
Odin?’ Azazeru shouted out the old man’s name in front of him, and Yuzryha Royal couldn’t help but look at this plain old man.
Odin, the Nordic God, the external God of the Three Powers of the Bible, came in with Valkyria.
"Oh, oh, it’s been a long time, old bastard from the North Country," Azazeru said with a bad attitude, and then Odin touched his beard.
"It’s been a long time. Bad kids and fallen angels have been enemies for many years … Are you going to play with Xiaocong again?"
"Hum! I’m different from the protoss bound by ancient dogma. Young people like me are very soft in thinking. They pay more attention to their own development direction than annoying hostile consciousness. "
"Isn’t this the spirit that the weak get together and lose their homes? In the final analysis, it’s just a group of kids who have lost their gods and demons."
"This old guy called Odin is really unusual."
Listening to the old man’s words, Ye Yu shook his head slightly, which was funny and muttered, but it seems that the old man’s ears are very clever. Although Ye Yu’s voice is not big, he still heard it.
"Where are you from kid haven’t seen you at a time? Is it possible that an elder guy like you can attend such a high-level meeting now? What a ridiculous group of kids’ games! Have you lost the devil’s leadership and become so sad? "
Looking at Ye Yu Odin a face of hate iron not to produce appearance sighed.
Chapter 3 Meeting
Ye Yu some uncomfortable touched his nose, but looking at the rest of the people in the hall seems to be a normal appearance. It seems that this old man has always been such a jerk.
"Long time no see, Odin Hall, the Nordic God"
When Ye Yu didn’t know how to answer the old man, Sasakes came out and said with a smile.
"Sussex? I came to watch the game at your invitation, but it’s really not easy for you. The original Lucifer is actually the White Dragon Emperor and has become a terrorist demon. The future is really at a loss. "
Despite Odin’s irony, Sasakes was still smiling, and then the old man’s eyes moved to Seraph beside Sasakes.
"Seraph, what is that dress you wear from time to time?"
"Ah Odin’s adult! Don’t you know? This is the magic girl yo ~ "
Probably know that the Lord God, the old man, is interested in the devil’s girl, and she has not blinked her eyes to be cute.
"Well, this kind of thing is popular among young people recently ….." Odin said, touching the bar while staring at the outer thigh of Seraphore miniskirt.
But the beautiful scenery didn’t see Ye Yu take a step slightly, which just stood in front of Seraph and blocked Odin’s sight.
"Old and disrespectful"
Ye Yu picked his eyebrows and spit out four words, but Odin was caught without any sense of shame. Instead, he plausibly refuted it.
"What old disrespect! I didn’t do anything! "
"Odin adults don’t do things! Varhala’s name is going to cry! " Valkyria said with a face of distress.
"It’s true that you are so rigid that you can’t even make one and a half brave men." Odin made Valkyria cry in a word. Everyone looked at each other and wondered what happened to her.
"Against, anyway, I am equal to the age when I don’t have a boyfriend Valkyria! I also really want to have a boyfriend! Oh ~ ~! "
Odin also sighed in the strange expression of everyone in the room.
"I’m sorry, this guy is my escort now. Although he has good manners, he is too rigid to even get a man."
Guard words … Is it necessary to find a boyfriend?
"I heard about it. Oh, Sussex, Serafur, your loved ones seem to be playing, right? It’s really important that my sisters are close friends and let them fight. It’s really bad of you to be a devil. "
"If this level is broken, there is no hope for the devil’s future," Sasakes asserted.
"It must be my Cangna sauce that won ☆!"
I didn’t know that the crisis had just gone away, and Seraph continued to be cute.