Even when I am in love with a beautiful woman, I never collapse, and I am full of energy and arrogance at once.

It’s like being attacked by a red-haired man just now, and the injury is definitely not light, but now he immediately jumps up and down, and you can’t see the appearance of being injured just now.
It’s just that the feeling of being hit by a red-haired man’s iron arm on his arm is really bad. Without weapons, it’s hard to do it. Li She cried out in pain all the way, beat and retreated, and slowly walked towards Lejin.
Lejin’s situation is also uncomfortable. The flying corpse has been jumping up and down, and its claws are very sharp and firm. Lejin’s full-scale knife cut on its claws has no effect, mainly to resist.
"Stop struggling and surrender to me quickly, or I will really kill you." The red-haired man smiled with evil spirits, his patience was running out, and there was murder in his eyes.
Li She took a knife with her fist, and she was also aggressive. The only awkwardness was that Li She kept making a painful whine. Every time she fought with a red-haired man, her arm would be bruised, but she instantly recovered, and then there was a bruise.
The pain made Li She keep grinning, eager to find a weapon in her heart, and her eyes were wandering. The nearest broadsword was also ten meters away.
Ten meters away, next to a small peach tree, a dismembered body was lying there, and a solitary tiger-headed broadsword was lying on the ground.
Suddenly, Li She appeared empty, and was keenly noticed by the red-haired man. With a heavy blow, Li She ran with blood and flew upside down, but Li She’s face was full of smiles that succeeded in scheming.
"It’s a disaster!" The red-haired man had a sudden heart.
Flying corpses are flying in the air, their claws are waving, and the music they play is losing ground. There is cold sweat on their forehead: This monster is too powerful. Am I going to die in the hands of this monster?
Suddenly shot, Li appeared, and sat down on the body of the flying corpse, directly smashing the flying corpse to the ground and smashing the flying corpse into dizziness.
Delighted, he took advantage of the opportunity to cut the flying corpse’s head with a knife, and bang! After the flying corpse reacted, it blocked Le Jin with its claws, and immediately went into the ground, where Le Jin, who was suffering from hand disease, was blocked with a big knife.
"Filial piety! Stab this monster with a peach tree! " Li She drinks heavily, yes, Li She’s goal is not the broadsword, but the peach tree next to the broadsword. This is the method that Li She immediately thought of after seeing the peach tree. What zombie movies she watched on TV before, those Taoist priests always hold peach wooden swords, and I don’t know if it is really effective.
Whatever, anyway, there is no other way now, so we can only fight.
Guo Jia’s reaction was not unpleasant. Immediately, he scanned the peach tree, and the branches grew rapidly, and quickly rushed to the flying corpse in the ear. The sound of "scratching" sounded, and the branches poked on the flying corpse were broken. Li was desperate. (To be continued. . )
Chapter three hundred and eleven Chrysanthemum residue
Li She wanted to cry without tears, and the movie was so boring.
"I le a wipe! I still don’t believe it, put it in its eyes! " Li She refused to admit defeat, and tried her best to hold down the flying corpse’s head. Just for a moment, Guo Jia took the time to pull this mahogany branch into the flying corpse’s eyes.
"scratch!" The same scene appeared, and the mahogany branch was broken again. The original flying corpse closed his eyes and blocked the attack of the mahogany branch with hard eyelids.
Li She was not discouraged, but her face lit up. The flying corpse closed his eyes, indicating that he was still afraid of peach branches and shouted, "Wen Qian, open its eyelids."
The voice just fell, and the claws of the flying corpse have already caught Li She. "Be careful!" Let out a cry of joy.
The flying corpse is extremely fast, and it doesn’t allow Li to have time to react. Seeing that Li is about to be caught by a flying corpse, suddenly the claws of the flying corpse are stunned. This is a metal gray face, and it looks quite strange.
Li She felt a little movement below and turned to look. "This is too exciting!"
Chrysanthemum residue, ground injury …
Peach branches stretched out from the mouth of the flying corpse, and the branches and leaves could not be stirred in the body of the flying corpse. The pain kept the flying corpse rolling, and Li She had to leave the flying corpse, so as to avoid the painful flying corpse from being mad and hurting herself.
Flying corpses are different from ordinary zombies. They already have their own perception and can detect pain. If they go further, they will be no different from people.
Finally, the flying corpse stopped rolling, and everything calmed down. The mouth, ear, nose and eyes of the flying corpse all stretched out peach branches, and the whole body was hung in the air by lush peach branches.
Time seems to have gone through a long time, but it is actually very short, so short that the red-haired man didn’t react. Until the red-haired man noticed something bad, the flying corpse really became a corpse.
"ding! Congratulations to the player, your pet Feimo died, please check it out. "
"I congratulate you, uncle!" The red-haired man was furious. I don’t know how much strength I lost to catch this flying corpse red-haired man, but I didn’t expect to hang up before it came in handy.
The red-haired man looked sullenly at Li She. "The Duke of Li was so clever that he killed all my pets."
"Red hairy monster, what nonsense are you talking about? Come on." Li She once again set up the battle position. Now Li She is full of confidence. Although she is no match for the Red Hairy Monster, it will be different if she is happy.
The red-haired man seems to be happy with palpitations, and he took a deep look at Li She. Gradually retreat to the side of the jungle. "Duke Li, I have given you a chance, but you are not sure. I will not let you go when I meet you later."
When he retired, Lejin was going to catch up and was stopped by Li She. "Get rid of these zombies quickly, we are not afraid of them. But the people are no match for them. If they bite them, I’m afraid they will infect ptomaine. "
These zombies seem to be under the command of the flying corpse, and now the flying corpse is dead. They didn’t have a purpose either, so they just went to Li She and others by instinct and wanted to eat flesh and blood.
Li Xie Le Jin and Li Qi Qi made moves, and soon solved this group of zombies. Looking at the flying corpse still hanging in the sky, Chrysanthemum couldn’t help a tight, and her eyes looked weird at Guo Jia. Open your mouth and sing: "Chrysanthemum is broken, and the ground is hurt …"
Step back to the original road, now that all the horses are dead, it is impossible to walk to Zhijiang County on two legs, so we have to go back to Xuedan Town first and change horses before going to Zhijiang County.
"What is the master singing? Why is the style so strange? And how is the word so strange? Chrysanthemum withers, not like other flowers, but depends on dead branches. How can there be injuries all over the ground? And that your smile has turned yellow. I have only seen red faces and white faces. What is the situation of this yellow face? " Le Jin asked before catching up.
Li She glanced at it. "What do you know? I’m touching the scene. Besides, art is something that a clown like you can understand."
"Well, I don’t understand the literary world of those sour Confucianism, so I’d better play with my knife."
Three people with only six foot soldiers returned to the town of blood gall, Ren Qiu and others were frightened to disgrace to meet up and asked what had happened. Li explained at will, and then let Ren Qiu prepare the horse again, and went back to Zhijiang County with hundreds of foot soldiers arranged by Zhang Han.
This time, I didn’t encounter any obstacles. I came to the city gate with a close call. The security at the city gate was tight, and the foot soldiers were like frightened birds. They pulled up their bows and arrows one after another. The gate guard shouted, "Who’s coming? Name up!"
"Nanyang Taishou Guannei Hou Li is involved here again, so open the city gate soon!" Le Jin shouted.
Shoujiang heard that it was Hou Li involved in Shanhaiguan pass that immediately became respectful. The 19th-route warlord who begged Dong had already become famous all over the world. Shoujiang naturally knew Li’s name, but he couldn’t open the city gate. It was not peaceful around these days. The magistrate had ordered that the city gate should not be opened without authorization, unless it was ordered by the magistrate himself, so Shoujiang dared not make a good claim.