"Everybody, hold on. Victory is coming. Keep consuming them. They won’t be bleeding for long!" Du Lingxiao said to his teammates

The imperial secretary of the Big Dipper has no impulse, so he firmly shows his posture and fights with the other side to consume the club. It’s really a dilemma. Everyone is complaining, and Thomas is impatient at this time. He just flashes out and kills the other side’s Star Star directly, and Tianxuan Star naturally doesn’t let him take it away with the same shot.
This time, the situation changed dramatically as soon as the turn of the round came. Without the sniper’s deterrent, there is no need for them to keep their posture. The best way to win is to rush closer and fight the other side.
Ye Qing is also capable now. Although he gave his life for shooting, he also shot one of the gunners in the other side, and then Du Lingxiao gave him some death in the middle of running. Ye Qing died, and the I club immediately disintegrated. Du Lingxiao washed away the I club defense line like Tiger Mountain.
The annihilation of club I failed to stop this wave of attacks. They lost the last round, and finally the total score was 1-2 to the fledgling Big Dipper Palace team. This was their first defeat in fdl. Because of this defeat, they fell to the second place and kept winning record. The Big Dipper Palace took the first place in one fell swoop.
"Ha ha ha ha … the winner is still us!" Du Lingxiao burst out laughing. Although he felt a little arrogant, his laughter made the players feel more grounded. Because this guy was too tall and cold before, unlike the people in this world, now he can laugh so impudently, which makes people feel a lot of scenes.
"Tian Shu well done! I will treat everyone tonight! " The young boss was very happy to get up, and people such as Tianxing cheered immediately when they heard the news. They knew that the boss said that the reward was definitely not low or low, and he also went to eat in a five-star hotel. Moreover, the boss was generous and often gave everyone a red envelope after eating, which made them excited every time.
The transformation of Tian Shu star Du Lingxiao is the biggest gain of the Big Dipper Palace. It is self-evident that he played in this game. Without him, even talented players in the Big Dipper Palace may not be able to beat the I club. After all, the I club is much older than them.
Du Lingxiao was happy at this time, not because he won the game, nor because his boss rewarded him, but because he defeated Ye Qing. If Ye Qing was a professional player with average strength and was easily defeated by him, it is estimated that he would not even remember his opponent’s id, but Ye Qing gave him too much pressure today.
In many cases, Du Lingxiao felt that he was facing a god-like player. Although he remained confident at last, he didn’t take advantage of it at all. Instead, he completely lost to his opponent Ye Qing on the first map. His strength was much stronger than he expected, which exceeded his expectation. He could easily defeat Ye Qing himself, but it turned out to be a narrow victory.
It is precisely because of a narrow victory over a powerful opponent that Du Lingxiao was so excited and defeated that the opponent felt a sense of accomplishment.
Everyone in club I feels very sorry that they all won this game, but they couldn’t win it. Since Ye Qing experienced the integration of man and gun, there have been few opponents. even the God-level ak machine gunner didn’t take advantage of it when Even became so famous, and K himself admitted that it was even with Ye Qing.
Ye Qing should be a broad road in front of him. Not many people can stop him from rising and not many people can hide his light, but this time in fdl, he met the biggest enemy in his life.
This ak machine gunner named Tian Shu Star is much more powerful than those of Ouyang Yu and Lin Qiuye. This is a real ak genius. This genius is super powerful and has potential for promotion. He will definitely grow into a quite powerful ak machine gunner in the future.
After K retires, Tian Shu Star will definitely become the most dazzling ak machine gunner in the professional circle. He feels that he will compete with Tian Shu Star for his whole career, and the Big Dipper Palace will also become his main opponent.
When I think about it, I can often play against Tian Shu Star, and I can’t help but feel excited in my heart. Life is most afraid of being lonely without an opponent. It’s so boring. Although I lost this game, Ye Qing feels that it is a compensation to meet an opponent. Once he burns up, he will definitely beat Tian Shu Star. He secretly swears in his heart.
Pearl Krabs and he were both a little depressed. They didn’t expect to lose, but they took the lead in taking the first map. The original situation was a good result, but even lost two maps. Pearl Krabs turned her head and glanced at Ye Qing. She was worried that Ye Qing would be frustrated by the defeat of the game and was disappointed with the players, but she saw that Ye Qing’s expression was nothing strange and there was a blazing look in her eyes.
Ye Qing also felt that Pearl Krabs’s eyes quickly turned to look at Zhenzhen’s eyes. Pearl Krabs couldn’t help but bow his head shyly. Ye Qing said with a smile, "Although we lost this game, we didn’t lose too badly. This result is actually acceptable. After all, it’s not the finals yet. We will probably play against each other in the regular season and just pull back a city. Let’s not lose heart and continue training!"
The players didn’t feel depressed when they saw Ye Qing, so they didn’t worry about it anymore. A defeat in Ye Qing’s training fdl will not affect their entry into the playoffs. After all, in the regular season, other teams are not their opponents except the Big Dipper Palace. It is no problem to stabilize the top three.
At noon after training, Ye Qing received a big honey message. Although she didn’t come to the club, she was still worried about calling to ask about the result of the game this afternoon. She was very surprised when she learned that the team lost the game, but she immediately comforted Ye Qing and said that it was just a loss. Don’t take it to heart. It is the most important thing to win the final championship.
Chapter 51 Lin Qiuye team
Club I lost a game in fdl and fell to the second place. After the game, the players stepped up their training. Through this game, they all realized how far the overall strength is from their opponents. Everyone wants to improve their ability face to face.
At noon, I ate rice noodles and had another fdl game. The team members didn’t rest until half an hour before the game ended. At noon, my opponent was closely related to Ye Qing. Team Lin Qiuye!
Ye Qing doesn’t know that this team is Lin Qiuye’s team, but Lin Qiuye knows the details of Club I. After all, he was driven out from this team, and he will never forget Ye Qing’s humiliation. He is always thinking about giving Ye Qing some color to see see.
Although seeing Ye Qing’s strength in Qi Lele has made him far away, he almost gave up the idea of revenge, but now he has met Ye Qing’s team in fdl, and his mentality has changed again. Even if he can’t beat the other side, he must make some trouble for the other side.
He doesn’t want to be looked down upon by Ye Qing. He will do his best to win this game. It’s not so easy for Ye Qing to dare to look down on him and his team. The overall strength of his team is still good. He won several games in a row and his morale is booming.
When forming a team, recruiting several professional players still has a certain potential. After training, the degree of mutual understanding can still be achieved. Lin Qiuye’s original strength is second only to Ye Qing’s in the I club. After leaving the I club, he has practiced his marksmanship and posture hard, and he has also improved a lot. He is confident that the I club will not win so easily.
Ye Qing is a complete stranger to Lin Qiuye’s team. He has never heard of it, and Lin Qiuye’s id is not the previous id. He has taken a new id, which means that he has re-started his career.
Although I am not familiar with Lin Qiuye’s team at all, Ye Qing dare not relax his vigilance because he is not familiar with the Big Dipper Palace, but he is worse than losing to the other side in the end. This is a lesson from the past. You can’t underestimate an opponent. Maybe the other party is pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger, but you will regret not coming.
Ye Qing attached great importance to this team and made great efforts as soon as the game was played. The first map was too familiar with the blasting mode to be familiar with another map. At half-time, Club I was the first The Infiltrator Ye Qing, but it was not at all polite. In the first round, the central troops stormed Point A, lost the flash and broke the double card, and then five men arrived at the middle.
Then smoke bombs blocked the view of the intersection, and four machine gunners rushed in directly from the right. Nalan and Pearl Krabs rushed in the front and immediately attracted the other side’s firepower. Ye Ye and Zhao Xiayang followed behind, and when Pearl Krabs and Nalan were in the firepower, they very easily fired and pulled out each other’s firepower.
Lin Qiuye’s team didn’t have a machine gunner to limit Ye Qing’s position. Ye Qing was like a duck to water. Lin Qiuye’s team was savage and abandoned. He even exploded a few heads. The A-point defense instantly disintegrated the I club and easily occupied the A-point and won the package.
Lin Qiuye is very depressed. He tries his best to create a little trouble for the other side, but he can’t do it at all. The attack power of the other side is too strong. The main reason is that no one can limit the leaf tilting, which is the biggest trick of the I club. If no one limits him, he will kill the enemy.
The Big Dipper Palace finally won the game because there was a peerless genius in their team, Du Lingxiao, who could limit Ye Qing, even if he couldn’t kill Ye Qing in an instant, but Yuzryha Qing felt the pressure of poverty and forced Ye Qing to fight with him, which was equivalent to limiting Ye Qing and Yuzryha Qing, who had no time to kill others.
Lin Qiuye’s team can’t find out if a person is a leaf tilt, and even he himself will be the same. A face-to-face encounter will be threatened by Ye Tile’s head, so that Ye Tile can be controlled by people and exert great lethality, which makes Lin Qiuye’s team miserable.
After the occupation of point A, Lin Qiuye was placed at point B to defend himself, but only one person came running to make trouble, but Zhao Xiayang was shot and killed, which didn’t play a role in the I club, so he took the first round more easily.
Lin Qiuye felt very strong. Club I was much more powerful than the one he knew before. Now Club I is too strong, which makes him feel suffocated. Especially, Ye Qing arranged his defense in an instant. You know, in the first round, he desperately arranged four people at point A to defend, which can be said to be heavily guarded. Unfortunately, he still can’t resist even delaying for a moment.
"mom! I don’t believe this. Is there really such a big gap between our team and them? Impossible! " Lin Qiuye is very angry with this team, but he built it in front of fdl and performed well in several games. At one time, he felt complacent, but when he met the I club, he was beaten into this shape. He did not believe that there was such a big gap between his team and the I club.
His teammates felt a little ashamed. In the face of the opponent’s attack, they tried their best but still failed to stop it. This is a strength gap tactic. In fact, Lin Qiuye has judged very correctly that the main direction of the opponent is indeed point A. He only arranged four people to defend and failed to defend, which can be said to be a strength gap.
The players usually train very hard. To be fair, Lin Qiuye didn’t give them a high salary, but after all, he gave them a way to become professional players, which made them grateful for Lin Qiuye’s orders.
During the game, the players also worked very hard, and no one dared to slack off. However, they still felt very ashamed when they heard Lin Qiuye’s words, and secretly vowed to hold on to a round and not let the other side break the defense line so easily again.
"Kill the other ak machine gunner first. That’s their core figure. Only by killing that guy can we keep it!" Lin Qiuye said to his teammates
After he woke up, the players immediately realized that the crux of the problem was indeed like this. In the first round, the other ak machine gunner shot several of their heads, which was really sharp. Without that ak machine gunner, their defense line could not have collapsed so quickly.
"good! Let’s kill their ak machine gunners first and see if they have any other way to break through our defense. Let’s all concentrate our firepower! " One of the players shouted excitedly that the others responded in succession.
Ye Qing didn’t know that he had become the target of the opponent’s fire. Even if he did, he felt that it was the so-called goal. Anyway, it was not the first time that he had become such a target. Anyone who realized that he was powerful would do this to him, but he still won so many games and was not restricted by it.
It is impossible to limit the number of Ye lean unless there is a machine gunner who is evenly matched with him. It would be better if there is a machine gunner who is more powerful than him. Naturally, Lin Qiuye’s team can be easily limited, but there is no such person who wants to rely on the number and firepower. It seems that it is difficult to limit Ye lean.
Ye Qing, after all, won’t be stupid enough to let you hit him with fire. His posture is so flexible that he will definitely avoid it. Moreover, he won’t rush to the front, he will consciously hide behind, and he will try his best to live longer. This is what Jiang Yuhan once ordered him.