The skeleton ladder is already half the height of the city wall, which can make some arms with strong vertical jump ability rush to Chengtou.

Sure enough, the red figure appeared in the snow-white skeleton. The lowest level of the ghoul chaos corps is second only to the skeleton. The cost performance is very high. They can be transformed into all humanoid creatures. The attack power is equivalent to two ordinary human soldiers who can’t fight and crawl on all fours and are good at climbing and jumping.
In this situation, the ghouls need to climb a few meters to get to the wall. A large number of ghouls have emerged from the sea of skeletons and rushed to the wall. Naturally, the defenders of the wall will not let these disgusting guys who look like skinned frogs come.
Guarding city soldiers can be considered elite. Generally speaking, one-on-one can win the ghouls completely. This kind of commanding defense is even worse than the former skeleton sea, but the number of ghouls is too huge.
And even if the ghouls die, it doesn’t mean the end of those who don’t know where to hide. Every once in a while, the necromancer will make the magic turn the ghouls into skeleton soldiers and join the attack again. This is the most annoying part of the necromancy.
The pressure on the head of the city also increases with the increase of the skeleton steps again, but the temporary problem is not very big. With the participation of high-ranking soldiers, even ghouls will be destroyed at the first time.
This year’s city guard comes from Cardinal Paul of the Vatican. He and Entos have been magic towers for a long time.
"If you attack that root like this, you have to worry that ghouls will never get on the wall."
"You can’t take it lightly. Since the gates are blocked, let the gatekeepers and patrol troops leave a few people. He will go to the sorcerer’s side of the wall and ask for your heart. I feel that the enemy attack will not have these hands."
Listen to the heavy head and shout to kill Richard. Everyone at the door is sent to Chengtou by him except the two bodyguards beside him. He also got a lot of human ghouls and skeletons, which can be said to be the safest opponent. Naturally, no one wants to leave Richard voluntarily, and others will remember him, but this is no longer important.
Richard seems that these people have no chance to see the sun, because he opened the city gate, and when others found it, Richard had already hit the second city gate, where a huge beetle-like head protruded from the ground. This is the current head of the crypt clan-Espara.
It moved its bulky body to reveal a huge mouth behind it, where the knights of hell and the knights of destruction were all ready to go
"no!" Two words
Success made the witch god who had been depressed for a long time completely furious. However, at last, a little reason made him not kill immediately. He just imprisoned Hao Ren again and put pressure on his body.
"Tell me the seal method and I will let your soul go!"
The witch god threatened further, but not at all.
"You are stupid! Just because I’m a star doesn’t mean I can seal her, and these bandages and my arm root are not seals but shields! Shielding the fluctuation of life divine power and my body energy. "
"What did you do that for?" The witch god has something to ask about this seal.
However, Hao Ren did not answer its meaning, but said to himself, "There is a kind of flame that is black. I named it Hellfire. This is a force that breaks the order. He comes from hell. Everything is the end and the starting point. Nothing in this world is Hellfire. Whether it is burning or not!"
"Order destroys order, so it is!"
"It seems that you realize but it’s a pity that it’s late! Let me guess what you think? "
"I know what you think. It’s a pity that you are wrong if you want to make the stars understand the meaning of order! You shouldn’t let me discover your secret, and you shouldn’t let me enter this holy mountain. Believe me, you will remember today frequently in the next few years. "
The power of imprisoning Hao Ren suddenly became stronger, and the sorcerer god has already killed his heart. The amazing attack appeared from the virtual and pointed at Hao Ren’s body.
But it was destroyed by a black flame halfway. This is the power of black inflammation in hell!
"This flame is very strong, but it’s impossible to sacrifice your soul, so it’s offensive to the gods." Everything in heaven and earth seems to be squeezing towards Hao Ren, and even if the ingot is realized, it will be pressed into thin slices by this force
Poof … Hao Ren suppressed the injury and broke out together. This mouthful of blood is full of blood, and the fog is filled with blood … Hell’s black inflammation is ignited, and Hao Ren’s body is also lifted.
Hao Ren’s left arm pressed several machines! A machine bounced up, and a strong breath of life came against my face, stars!
Hao Ren has no scruples about grasping the stars with his right hand. The Antagonist crusher can also prevent the stars from hurting Hao Ren’s body, but Hao Ren doesn’t care that the stars are the embodiment of snow for him.
Hao Ren looked at the stars tenderly just like looking at snow.
Hao Ren has a star-shaped dent in his left chest, and the stars are strikingly similar.
"Witch God, guess what happens when the artifact representing order represents the black inflammation of hell that destroys order?"
"What are you doing? Stop it! " For the first time, the wizard was frightened in his tone. He should have guessed what Hao Ren was going to do. However, his divine power broke through the black inflammation of hell and he could watch Hao Ren holding the stars and saying something.
"Snow, you have to forgive me for coming to you for so long. I dragged on for so long to fulfill your wish. The chaotic legion horse disappeared from the mainland and will never come back."
Hao Ren took one last look at the stars in his hand. He closed his eyes and the stars pressed slowly and firmly against his chest.
"no! !” The witch god roars at a god who can look at the black inflammation in hell. It is such a flame that destroys order, and even the god is helpless.
What will happen when the order is destroyed?
Back to square one!
Hundreds of millions of times more powerful than the forbidden spell. The explosion swallowed everything. If it were allowed to explode directly in this plane, it would be possible to directly blow up this plane. The wizard tried his best to control the explosion. Although he succeeded in keeping the plane, he made his strength weak to the extreme.
He immediately ordered all lords to lead their troops back to this plane to protect it. He was too weak to recover his roots after more than 100 thousand years of cultivation. At this time, any god could kill him.
At this time, another plane, the castle in the famous life city, was ablaze and fighting around was close to the end of chaos. The legion arms surpassed the mainland Coalition forces from the single combat effectiveness, and this time it took advantage of the sneak attack, which was naturally devastating.
Entos saw that the tide was running out and led the mage to evacuate earlier, but Cardinal Paul was seriously injured by several fallen elf assassins.
The purple emperor led his hand into the duke’s mansion, where he saw the hero Richard.
Before the purple emperor smiled, he froze there because someone was casting a spell on his head!
The demigod Munirio is known as a fire demigod, but few people know that the real identity of Munirio is a spiritual demigod. He holds a white staff in his hand and has a magic crystal the size of a fist at the top, from which the great power comes out.
This is what the Holy Dragon Crystal Muniliofa refused.