Fortunately, it won’t be too ugly to have that miracle-creating Fat Duanmu Ming Competition. However, it disappointed everyone again, and it brought many surprises to people the day before the competition. The magical Fat Duanmu Ming was also injured, and the reason for the injury was very strange. It was an accident that fell while taking a shower. It was really strange, but it was not impossible.

Many people believe that there is something fishy in it, but all the players and workers in the 10th Middle School vowed that there is absolutely no problem during the training. This is of course a legal proof, and it is even more legal to prove that Duanmu Ming fell in the bathroom. No one but Duanmu Ming himself can know the truth. Anyway, Duanmu Ming was pushed around the hall by Wu Yueer, and everyone with long eyes could see it. All the people who came to express their condolences at present were sent away by Beigong Snow outside their homes and let them guess.
This play is, of course, directed by Xue Frost, Duan Muming and Ma Lin, starring Xue Frost, who intends to give up the final of bj Division. Anyway, Xue Frost has already qualified for the first place and the second place. Because there is no greater ambition, Xue Frost has set a goal for the national champion this time, and naturally he has shrugged off the champion of Little bj Division. This is a boundary difference.
Moreover, the champion of bj Division is still quite eye-catching. Let others go out and get benefits themselves.
So I fully prepared the coach of No.9 Middle School, Hu Weiguo, who was tricked by the snow and frost, and suppressed his anger. He planned to have a good fight with No.10 Middle School. three musketeers was also very depressed. They vented their anger on the substitutes of No.10 Middle School. Although there were Zhou Chong, monkey and Xiao brothers who re-qualified for the competition, their strength was not worse than them. After all, they stubbornly resisted a lot of No.9 Middle School. After three quarters, the fourth quarter finally collapsed and was pulled by No.1 Middle School for twenty minutes. Finally, the gap was nearly thirty.
The defeat in this battle is recognized by most people as the embodiment of normal strength. After all, the four main players in the ten schools have no games. If they are the four main players, there is no chance of winning in the nine schools.
However, this is speculation after all, and the two schools are still secretly competing to support the nine middle school students to admit the fact. Even if there is no chance to play again, they can still get a higher score.
The day before No.9 Middle School won the championship in bj Division, No.15 Middle School also successfully won three qualifying places in bj Division.
The schedule of the semi-finals in the Northern Division is like this. A total of 12 teams are divided into two groups in a single cycle, and then the top four teams will cross the finals to decide four qualifying places. Because the schedule of the semi-finals is a tournament system, six games will occupy half a month, which will save the energy of traveling back and forth. Of course, if the teams participating in the competition in the host city are not far from their own cities, they can go back to rest, but don’t say anything that will affect their physical strength.
Because the semi-final will be held nearly a month later, although it has not won the championship, there is no pressure for the time being. Although the training still maintains a certain intensity, the players are not in the mood to train in the New Year holiday, so they should simply give the players a holiday, but it was agreed in advance that they should strengthen training after the holiday.
Duan Muming wanted to say something to Xue Frost, but she still didn’t open her mouth. She has been a coach for three years and reached the national finals in two years. If it weren’t for a good array, she would probably go to the national championship and lead the team. Of course, she is much richer than herself.
In the end, she still has to walk on her own, so it’s not because of the rain. Duanmu Ming can’t tell. Anyway, even the snow, the plum and the fat have kept a certain distance, depending on her strange eyes
Speaking of Yu Pei-yu, his injury is the snow and frost, and Liu Yuqing is only banned. Moreover, he can play in the most crucial semi-final promotion, but if Yu Pei-yu doesn’t recover well, it will affect the national final.
To tell the truth, Xue Frost is very satisfied with her team’s strength this year. It is not a problem to enter the national finals. The key is to have a complete, healthy and high morale team when entering the national finals. Now she has done everything for this purpose.
The strategy of balancing the forces of all parties has formed a wonderful problem of balancing the blood evil spirits, which has once again been put on the agenda. bj, all major forces, regardless of the white underworld, have issued arrest warrants to encircle the blood evil spirits!
"Where on earth is Yu Pei’s home?" Duan Muming looked at the surrounding buildings with the address in his hand. Some people were dizzy because Yu Peiyu was visited by friends. He should also come to Sharla Cheung and Wu Yueer insisted on coming, but this absurd discussion about visiting classmates with women was rejected by Duan Muming on the spot.
But look at the forest of buildings. Duanmu Ming regrets that he decided to bring them here. He won’t let himself get lost. He also blames Yu Peiyu for not knowing that he didn’t bring his mobile phone. His habit is to bump around.
Dizzy … Let yourself pass through a small door. There are several small doors in this alley. Which one should I go in from? Let’s ask someone.
It’s more than ten o’clock now, and most people have gone to work, and the old people rarely pass by here. As soon as Duanmu Ming turned around, a familiar figure flashed in front of him, and it turned out to be snow and frost.
She won’t also come to visit Yu Peiyu, will she? That’s a coincidence
Duanmu Ming hesitated for a moment, and finally didn’t go to see Yu Pei-yu alone with the snow and frost. Wait and say, anyway, Duanmu Ming already knew the location of Yu Pei-yu’s home.
Sitting in a doorway facing the stone pier next to Duanmu Ming, he felt sleepy and dozed lazily to get familiar with it, but the cold wind blew with some chill, which made him shudder involuntarily.
Mo Miao Duan Muming’s thoughts returned to the carefree time of childhood ten years ago and the topics that his friends could never finish talking about; You can laugh for a long time after a little thing; The friends even sent out all kinds of small games. Although it looks very boring now, it was really fun at that time.
It was the most relaxing and enjoyable time. Even compared with now, Duanmu Ming prefers the age of worrying about childhood innocence …
Bang! The back door suddenly rang, and a man came out with a bicycle. He took a strange look at Duanmu Ming and closed the door again.
Duan Muming patted his head and slept for how long? Look at the watch. It has been 40 minutes. Snow frost should be coming out soon. I don’t know if Yu Peiyu’s parents will keep her for lunch, but Xue Frost’s personality will never agree.
I’m considering whether to go now, only to see the snow and frost coming out from the door just now. Duanmu Ming quickly hid aside and waited until the snow and frost passed before reappearing. I waited to make sure that the snow and frost had gone far before building Lvses (;
Chapter 35 Encirclement and suppression of blood evil spirit ()
When he met Yu Pei-yu, he looked calm and didn’t see any surprise or frustration. It seems that they haven’t changed much-maybe they are too worried.
Yu Peiyu was very happy to see Duan Muming, so he quickly called and sat down. Let Fat tell him about the details of the two games. He was still very concerned about the games. It seems that the snow and frost didn’t say anything to him. Duan Muming was also happy to play the fool. When the clouds and mountains covered the terrain, Yu Peiyu laughed as if listening to each other. If you believe Duan Muming, Fat will already be a superman.
After a brief talk with him, I found that he insisted on doing some recovery training now. Now he has no problem walking, but it still hurts a little if he is too strong. He is doing some limb exercises more.
Yu Peiyu is a man whose actions speak louder than words. He will prove his heart by his own actions.
After chatting with him for a while, I left. Although Yu Peiyu’s parents are not at home and he can cook by himself, Duanmu Ming still doesn’t want to disturb him because he suddenly realizes something more important.